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Lose 50 Pounds

Jeremy Loses over 50lbs of Fat and Shows you how he did it!

50 Pound Weight Loss

Yet another Online Client that lost over 50lbs of Fat!!!  I remember early on Jeremy writing me very skeptical about the whole process.  How could it be possible?  How could he lose weight and never meet with us in person?  How could we make an effective plan without ever actually seeing more then just a few pics? Thats the incredible thing about the Online side of things.  I tell each client that contacts me before buying the same thing, DO not buy this program unless your 100% ready for change and you can follow a plan.  If you are ready and willing for the changes needed it will change your life forever.  Jeremy is living proof of that.  A 50lb fat loss, over 18% body fat loss, huge drops in inches and now in the best health of his life.  Amazing job my friend I am very proud of you.. Now its Time for you to Inspire!!!

My transformation begins much like many others that have found HitchFit and Micah. I was miserable and out of shape, had let myself go and just felt tired all the time. I worked out but never truly got the results that I had hoped for since I still ate whatever I wanted and justified it by telling myself “Hey I just did thirty minutes on the elliptical so I deserve this whole tub of ice cream!” I also had some health issues with high cholesterol that I really did not want to have at forty. I would lose 5 pounds and then gain 10 and would decide once again I am just meant to be this way. I wanted to change but like so many others just wanted a quick fix, something that would not require me to put forth any true effort and would allow me to eat the way that I wanted. I finally came to the conclusion this did not exist and I began to look at my wife and kids and wondered if I would be here to grow old with them if I did not make any changes. I also was living the life of most, eating out of a drive thru bag or ordering pizza to be delivered to me so that I did not have to drive anywhere. I was ready for a change.

“Immediately I began to notice a difference in the amount of energy that I had and wanted to continue to feel that way”. I also noticed that if I followed the eating plan I had additional energy that I had not had in the past because I was eating “poorly” and sometimes not at all. I also followed the work out plan that Micah had sent and discovered that I apparently had muscles that I did not know I had. I was sore but it was a good sore and I wanted to continue. After the first four weeks I noticed that my clothes were starting to fit a little differently not as tight, almost baggie and that was AWESOME and also I was finally seeing the results that I had hoped for in the past but was never able to achieve. After eight weeks the pounds were still coming off and I was more and more ready to go to the gym and could feel a difference on days that I did not make it to the gym. After week twelve I sent Micah updated pics and we decided that I was almost there and he encouraged me to push on for a few more weeks to get to the goal that I had for myself of getting to 150 pounds, I believed in Micah and the program so it was not even a question, I would continue until I was at my goal. When I finally reached my goal Micah asked me to come in and for the first time since I began the transformation we met face to face. For me it was a good day because I met the man who helped me find the tools I need to live a healthy life with my family.


During the transformation I had total support from my family and friends, especially my wife. She pushed me when I would get discouraged and helped me when I was bored or needed a new way to prepare my meals. I also noticed that my kids were pushing me and watching everything that I would eat making sure that on days I would look at a cookie or a slice of cheesecake to remind me that these items were NOT on the diet program. However with all the support I also had people tell me that they felt I was “too skinny” or  that I needed to “put on a few pounds”. But I realized that I needed to be the best me I can be, not the best me that everyone else wanted or thought that I should be. I needed to be happy with the results and I am.

I definitely am thankful for Micah and this program and now have the tools to eat right, work out smart, and be healthy. Speaking of which, the cholesterol that I mentioned is at an all time low since I have been on this program and my doctor is amazed at the transformation. It just proves that HitchFit works if you give it the proper time and commitment.

Believe – Transform – Inspire, these words have taken on a whole new meaning to me!!!



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