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Lose 10 Pounds

How Anita lost that stubborn last 10 lbs at 47

10 Pound Weight Loss Before and After Stats

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Anita has been trying to get her perfect body for over 15 years. At age 47 she had got to the point where she was becoming content with never reaching her goals. Day 1 she sit down with me and explained what she wanted. I gave her the estimated time and went into her life and changed it in a way where she would reach her goal. 12 weeks later she is in the best shape of her life, this lady has a rocking body and now much healthier. I could not be more happy for her and I loved being apart of that journey.

Take the time to read and share her story.

How Anita Lost “The Last 10 Lbs”

Watch how Anita lost 10 pounds

10 lb Weight Loss

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For all of you that are struggling to lose those last few stubborn pounds, listen to this testimonial!

As a gift to myself for my 47th birthday, I started working with Micah at Hitch Fit after witnessing the awesome transformation of Carol, one of his recent former clients.

Sure I was hesitant in hiring a personal trainer, i.e., the cost, the time, the challenge, as well as my own self-doubt. But knowing that I didn’t lack the motivation to exercise and have a fairly decent diet, I was still eating the wrong stuff, at the wrong time, and needed to make some adjustments; consistency was the key to my success.

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It’s so true: diet is most of almost 80% of it! From Day 1, Micah taught me what to eat, when to eat, how to eat and especially a new approach when you look at food: food is simply fuel for this vehicle in life that we call our body. We need to honor and nurture our bodies, by only ingesting “clean” foods and visualizing what we want to achieve. Clean eating has given me a whole new perspective, so much that I recently cleaned out my entire pantry, eliminating white foods and any processed foods that offer no real nutrition value.

As I progressed through transformation of my body, I had myriad anxieties when it came to weighing in, getting measured, and getting my body fat measured, but every week there was always some type of loss to celebrate: sometimes a loss of inches, sometimes a loss of body fat. Additionally, my energy level, my confidence, and my outlook improved. By the end of the three month transformation my body fat went from 25% to 16% and I lost a total of 11 pounds. This proved to me that through self-discipline, determination, and accountability, whatever results you are striving for, can be accomplished.

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To be successful, here is just some of what I learned from my one-on-one sessions with Micah:

1. Visual eating; when you look at food, be honest with yourself and ask yourself the question: will I get the results that I want by eating this? If the answer is no, then pass on it!

2. Eat every three (3) hours; alternating meals with whey protein shakes to supplement your diet

3. Having a Casein protein shake, just before bed, helped sustain my hunger pangs the next morning, provided me with a delicious nighttime “treat”, and assisted in the recovery process for hard trained muscles

4. Daily meal planning, including dining out

5. Avoiding white food and limiting alcohol consumption

Here are a couple of my personal accomplishments that I achieved during my three month transformation:

• Finishing my first 10k run and placing third in my age group

• Entering a “plank challenge” at the gym and getting first place in the female category by holding the plank position for 5 minutes and 13 seconds

Anita and Micah

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