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Best Way To Build Muscle

College Student from New Zealand Builds Muscle and gets Ripped


College Student from New Zealand Builds Muscle and gets Ripped!!

This college student was juggling going to classes not having access to a full kitchen and traveling and still had an amazing transformation

Oscar Started at 143.5 lbs and 13.3% bodyfat

He finished at 149 lbs and 7% Bodyfat for a total gain of  14 lbs of Muscle

I contacted Hitch Fit wanting to gain muscle and build a better, bigger, leaner body. I purchased the Get Big Get Ripped program.

It was a huge undertaking, convincing my close family that the new diet I was on was not in fact crazy, but a diet that would have short and long term benefits. At this stage, at home (holidays from uni) and working in an office, it wasn’t difficult to keep the diet on track and see improvements. While I was mostly 100% with the diet, dinner and weekends were somewhat difficult. I didn’t want to change the family’s diet, and sometimes I would have a few drinks with friends. I wasn’t completely honest with myself or yourself, and I’m sure gains could have been better. Nonetheless, I was gaining size, and feeling better day by day, enjoying the workouts and increased strength, fitness and health.

Christmas came and went, and the workouts changed, the diet stayed fairly strong. I had a two and a half week job in another town where the diet was an absolute struggle, with a schedule that did not really stay the same nor fit in with a normal lifestyle. The quality of the workouts dropped, but people were beginning to notice I was getting bigger, that I had also acquired abs.

male, Get Big Get Ripped, under 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost

This gave me motivation to diet strongly and workout harder for the remaining month before returning to university. These four weeks would have been my best four weeks, and it paid off. Back at the university hall people were complimenting me daily about getting bigger, more ripped, appearing stronger and having abs.


By now, many people were coming to me for advice on diet, exercise, lifting etc, and it was all quite flattering. I had maintained abs and had gotten down to a relatively low body fat percentage (around 7%). More lean bulk was put on and I began to develop a stronger looking physique, which I was really happy with. Earlier in the year I began training for a half marathon, but time constraints meant I could never really finish it off, and had recently begun running a bootcamp style training camp for myself and a few friends which happened 3 times a week. I also achieved goals of benching 1.5 times my bodyweight, with 3 reps at 105 kg, squatting 2 times my body weight with 3 reps at 160 kg, and deadlifting 2.5 times my bodyweight, with 1 rep at 172.5 kg.

I am writing this to let you know that everything I have done this year in terms of health and fitness was borne from your programme, your protocol, your motivation, your expertise and the community spirit you had created through Hitch Fit. It empowered me to makes huge strides in terms of health and fitness, to help out other people getting in shape, try new things (I can do back flips and other fun gymnastics things now, stuff I have always wanted to do), it has given me the confidence to be able to say no to sweets and other foods in front of judgemental friends. All in all, I have changed a lot in the past year, and I can put a lot of it down to the tools Hitch Fit gave me.

male, Get Big Get Ripped, under 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost

I have always been interested in being fit, healthy and strong, but it took Hitch Fit to put me on the right track and be able to go where I wanted to. I now look forward to a summer of putting on some more lean mass and maintaining my 6 – 8 pack.

For this, I want to thank you. I  keep a close eye on the hitch fit transformations facebook page to keep inspired and motivated on my health and fitness journey. I also intend to contact you when I embark on  my next journey.

I want to stress my gratitude to you for your enthusiasm and expertise I have received, and glean from your website and facebook pages.

Oscar Barkle
New Zealand

Oscars Choice of Plan


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male, Get Big Get Ripped, over 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost


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