WBFF Figure & Diva Fitness Model Tionna Kuhnhoff

*Name, Bio and Stats

Tionna Michelle Kuhnhoff

WBFF Women’s Figure & Fitness Diva

Personal Trainer~Massage Therapist~Holistic Nutrition Consultant~Instructor34 years old, 5’4″, 120 contest weight, 120-130 normal weight entire life.

HItch Fit Personal Trainer

Kansas City Country Club, Group Class Instructor, Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist

MTTI WellSpring, Professional Massage Therapy Program Instructor, NASM Personal Training Program Instructor

Favorite Fitness/Motivational Quote:  “Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny.”


*Where do you live?

Kansas City, Missouri


*What Category are you competing in?

My roots are in Womens Figure, go with what you are blessed with, right? 😉 I also compete in the Diva Fitness Model category because it’s SO INCREDIBLY FUN and I think it provides a wonderful platform for fit and athletic women to expand their professional careers & dreams….and really just have a BLAST in the PROCESS! The costume treasure hunt is one of my favorite aspects of the experience!  I feel this allows each athlete to show their personality and style in their own unique way!!!

*What are your athletic achievements and competition history?

I started playing summer softball at the age of 9 in my small home town of Lawson Missouri under the coaching of Deanna Wisdom and Tim Newman.  Deanna taught us how to be aggressive in sport, how to ALWAYS have great sportsmanship, how to go about getting good & then better & push to be our BEST!!!  Practice, practice, practice!!! Hard work, dedication, commitment, sacrifices…all of these things go with any thing a person is trying to achieve in LIFE and she showed us the ropes!  She taught us how to relieve Trigger Points from each other’s shoulders in between games so we could keep playing as a small team of 11 girls.  She taught us how to BE as a TEAM, take care of one another and give it all we possibly had on the diamond.  She gave me a GIFT that has been a part of me my ENTIRE LIFE. :-)  And I am EVER so full of GRATITUDE towards this woman, she kinda made me….into the hard working animal that I AM!!!  Here is what I got to experience from those lessons learned…..
I earned full athletic scholarship to play on the FIRST EVER Maple Woods Woman’s FASTpitch TEam, achieved Associate of Arts Degree 1996-1998!!! Full ride baby!! I did that!
Park University signed me in the parking lot of a summer league game in Blue Springs, summer of 1998!! I was playing and after the game this woman came up to me and said, “are you playing anywhere this Fall?”  My response, “I’m thinking of walking on at Southwest Missouri State University, where my boyfriend plays baseball..”  Coach said, “I’d like to offer you a letter, how does FuLL Tuition sound?” Don’t have to ask me twice, DONE!!! Three months later I enroll in the Sports Medicine program at Park…(really the only thing that had ANYTHING to do with SPORTS, lol).  Due to my major, I began working in the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Clinic we had on campus as our Athletic Training Facility for all of our athletic teams.  Around about the same time coach appointed me as Team Strength & Conditioning captain, this meant that I lead all of our conditioning and weight training programs for the season.  She had seen me work, and wanted her team to work in this fashion as well.  Ummm, let’s just say, that not everyone on my team was a fan of me….and let me say back, “ya gotta WORK LADIES!”  I played my remaining two years at Park and then my 5th year I was asked to be Assistant Coach on 5th year scholarship…LoL…who gets a 5th year scholarship after playing up their AVAILABILITY???  GIRLS WHO WORK HARD 😉 I BELIEVE in hard work to ACHIEVE!
Competition History:
April 2010: Southern States Classic, Liberty Missouri-Women’s Open Figure, 4th Place Medium Class
May 2010:  Muscle Mayhem, Kansas City Missouri-Women’s Open Figure, 5th Place Medium Class
April 2011:  Southern States Classic, Liberty Missouri-Women’s Open Figure, 5th Place Medium Class
MAY 2011:  WBFF US CENTRAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, Kansas City Missouri-Women’s Open Figure, 3rd Place Medium Class & Placed in top 10 Fitness Diva
AUGUST 2011: WBFF WORLDS, Toronto Canada-Women’s Open Figure, Top 10 Medium Class as amateur
MAY 2012:  WBFF US CENTRAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, Kansas City Missouri-Women’s Open Figure __________, Medium Class (I know what my fill in the blank answer is 😉
AUGUST 2012:  WBFF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, Toronto Canada-Women’s ____ Figure, (I want to stand next to Emily 😉 Curious what I’d look like next to 3x WORLD FIGURE CHAMP!
*What or Who inspires you to compete?
Gold’s Gym in Merriam Kansas is where this all began for me!  I obtained membership with them in 2006 and that is where all the fun began!  I first give bulging props to Chad Everson (aka Gymnasty) for inspiring me to change my mind on a few of my “boxed up” ideas on lifting and training.  It took me just 4 years of training at the facility and 20 or so people asking…”do you compete”….to FINALLY realize that I needed to open my MIND about some NUTRITIONAL changes and see where this could take me.
I was invited to my first show by friend and mentor, two-time Yorton World Cup Champion of  Women’s Bodybuilding, Patricia Beckman.  After winning her 3rd show in a row, she turned to me and said, “It’s your turn now..” dang I get teared up every time I think of this.  I KNEW that she could see it in me and that was so POWERFULLY ENCOURAGING to me!!! That was in September of 2009.  By November, I had set my commitment and goal to compete in my first women’s Figure Competition!!! WooT WooT…what am I getting myself into???
I have to give a HUGE shout out to my posing coach, Kim Seeley for sharing her amazing expertise with me and BELIEVING IN ME, BEING HONEST WITH ME & encouraging and inspiring me ALL YEAR ROUND to best my BEST and go after my DREAMS!!! Without her, I’d still look like a gym rat on stage!!! :-) I am INTENSELY INSPIRED and have so much respect for all of the MOTHERS that compete!!! I don’t have children and I know what this takes, so this is VERY inspiring to me!
Monica Brant has always been a part of my interest in women’s physique sculpting.  I’ve been collecting fitness magazines since middle school, she has been in the MAJORITY of them! Amen for women who have muscle, this made me believe that my body was right for me, I just had to know how to work it and shape it for my size…I have BIG QUADS so she always made me feel like that was acceptable and beautiful.  

I am also VERY INSPIRED by Jamie Eason of course, her look and what she brings to the table as a Fitness Model is just amazing to me!!! 

And not but not least, MY PERSONAL FAVORITE PHYSIQUE COMPETITOR…Ms. Erin Stern!!! What an ATHLETE!!! This woman is humble and graceful and true to her convictions about health and fitness!!! 

*What excites you most about competing with the WBFF?

What excites me the most about representing my physique to the WBFF is all of the amazing opportunities that are available to the athletes!  I’m ALWAYS game for LIFE opportunities to GROW & EVOLVE in both my personal and professional life and I feel like physique competing is a phenomenal choice for me, considering what I have learned and gained in my 3 years of competitive experience.  I ~G R O W~ each time!!!  Physically, mentally, spiritually, professionally & really in just about every way possible!!! One thing that gets me really pumped is the amount of creativity and “outside the box” thinking they do with the PRESENTATION of each show!   The WBFF knows how to throw a Fitness Party!!! They also understand clearly how to bring people from ALL OVER THE WORLD TOGETHER THAT SHARE THIS PARTICULAR PASSION FOR LIFE AND POSITIVE ENERGY involved with this sport.  The WBFF is SEXY, in a classy and professional way, they unite FITNESS & FASHION, THE WBFF    i~N~s~P~i~R~e~S  people, it brings out the BEST in people and it encourages competing in a very healthy and balanced lifestyle approach.  This, I really like due to the talk I walk 😉


*What are your future goals?

My short term goals are to set a challenging amount of TRANSFORMATIONS through HITCHFIT! I share this MAD PASSION with Micah and Diana in regards to SHAPING UP MY HOME TOWN OF KANSAS CITY.  This is a must!!! The only real GOAL here would be the numbers I’d like to accomplish in a Month…..IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.  I AM GOING TO INSPIRE MORE PEOPLE TO CHANGE THEIR HEALTH.  I can’t leave home without it. :)

And then…..I’d really like to relocate to a warm and sunny climate ;)….I can do my work ANYWHERE & I think it’s time to EXPLORE MORE!!!
I want to train with Quixotic, a local live art performance group, I’d like to master the Lyra…just stay tuned, I’ll post progress piX 😉 
My BIG HUGE GINORMOUS BEEF-CAKE goal is to see the year 2077.  I just gave you my age 😉 And I want to be healthy, I want to be co-herent, I want to be walking, moving, dancing and communicating with others, I want to look back and be PROUD about all that I had experienced…all the people I have met, all the lives I have touched with inspiration for health & fitness, be proud of my decisions and relationships with people & nature….I want to look back and say to myself, “I gave it my best, at everything I did”… not going to lie, I still want to be able to run a mile, do 50 pushups and 10 pullups all the way to THE END. 
*What obstacles have you overcome to achieve your goals (what’s your story?)
I have always been into sports and fitness, it’s always been a part of me.  I’m MOTIVATED TO MOVE!! My mom says that I was walking at 6 months…on the move already!!  My first sport/hobby was BMX Bike racing (my Mom really wanted a boy)!  I was SO embarrassed when I beat them all in the second race, I said I never want to come back, they all looked at me mean! LoL.  So then I got started with gymnastics…Oh my first crush on sports!!! I say crush because our family moved and the gym was going to be too far to drive.  But I LOVED gymnastics…I still practice 😉 certain things 😉 😉 I also ran the 100 meter hurdles, the 1/4 mile sprint, threw discuss and shot, 4x100meter relay….played Varsity basketball 3 of 4 years, and started Varsity my freshman year on the Softball team…kill, mame, destroy is what we used to say!
Then in the 5th grade, I met my first LOVE!!  FAST PITCH softball!!! Diamonds ARE a girls BEST FRIEND! THis girl anyway.  it was my LIFE!!! I played from the age of 9 and all the way through 4 years of college.  Playing college sports is a commitment like no other, this prepared me for so many things that I have experienced in my life.   About the time that I was graduating from Park University in 2002, I started feeling this sharp, unforgiving pain in my right lower quadrant of my abdomen.  It literally felt as if I was being stabbed by something very sharp.  The pain would resonate for about 25-40 minutes and intuitively, I never took anything for the pain because I wasn’t sure what it was or what was going on.  In 2003, I became more and more concerned about this pain.  I began seeking medical assessment to try and get it resolved.  It started with ultrasound of my reproductive organs and all was good there so they referred me to a GastroIntestinal doctor.  I had my first colonoscopy at the age of 23.  EEEEKKKKK!!! What the heck?  Well first sign that my body is a machine because they said that they had never seen the Barium go through someone so fast!!! LoL (I do try to find the positive in EVERYTHING)!!! So my GI tested out clear and the Doc couldn’t identify any outstanding condition or real problem anywhere.  She didn’t think that anything was wrong but she said, “Let’s just say you have…..IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. And here is a prescription for an anti-depressant’.   HUH? What? “I’m not depressed, why would I take that?” Her response was that it would help relax the lining of the digestive system which would somehow relieve this pain. I somehow got the naive’ gene from somewhere but not when It comes to my body and health. I said “no thank you”, and asked for some pamphlets that list high fiber foods that she suggested.  It took the Doctor and her 2 assistants 10 minutes of going through every drawer of the office looking for info.  I automatically didn’t feel comfortable with this experience and began seeking information and solutions in alternative ways.  The pain continued and I noticed one of the triggers was climbing in Arizona.  I moved there in 2003 after graduating from Park to go to massage school at The Arizona School of Massage Therapy.  This experience changed.my.life. !!! I enrolled in a 7 month, 850 hour program that was the icing on the cake after Sports Med.  I learned so much about the human body and the several ways of assessing and correcting posture and movement patterns.  I learned how to feel “issues in the tissues” and how to relieve them by way of certain massage techniques.  In this program I was introduced to a variety of new people from across the country, amazing Instructors with real world experiences and a new and healthier lifestyle.  It was in 2004 that I began learning more about my digestive system and how I could possibly change the experience with the pain.  I began eliminating certain foods from my usual eating patterns one by one.  The first thing I eliminated was dairy, wow….eliminated some fluff around my midsection too…hmmmm?? The pain was still present at times so then I moved on to red meat.  It wasn’t red meat, it wasn’t fruit, it can be from corn chips from time to time I have observed.  Long story short, I spent 10 years trying to figure it out and never was presented the solution until November of 2011.  I was invited to a demonstration by a Healer/Massage Therapist from Australia! I went, hungry me…got to learn!  Long story short, Peter the Aussie healed me!!! My right side psoas muscle or hip flexor, was twisted and had 6 golf ball sized trigger points in it!!! Oh my!!! It was twisted and bubbled up and so blocked for YEARS!!!! Peter asked me, “what happened when you were 12 or 13?” Shocked and interested, I recalled that I fell when running hurdles in the 8th grade.  My dad was watching practice and came over to peel me off the chet track and said…”if you want to play college ball, you better stop this hurdle s_iT!” So I quit track. The only thing I ever quit.  So Peter was able to feel this….and he fixed my psoas and healed my pain that I had dealt with for 10 years!!! I thought maybe I would feel the pain my entire life.
To sum this up….I believe I have a gift, to help people heal themselves.  I believe I can empower people to live their best life and get the MOST out of everyday!!! When we let go and free up that in which we hold onto, we are not able to get to our highest potential.  I want to be a lifelong promoter of health and fitness!! I want to lead by example and teach people about their bodies.  This is my purpose, this is why I breathe!!!


*How can people find out more about you?

On Facebook at HitchFit Tionna Kuhnhoff 


*Anyone you would like to thank who has been a part of your fitness journey?

I’d like to thank EVERYONE! My family and close friends are always my biggest strength through anything I do in life.  :-)

I like lists!!! :-)
Patricia Beckman
Scott Heffner
Kim Seeley
Gold’s Gym in Merriam 2006-2011
Gold’s Gym in Westport 2011-current
(All the members who were so supportive and encouraging as they witnessed my transformation) I’ve made many new gym friends!! We don’t ever have to plan anything, we see each other most days of the week 😉
I really think a TON about the day that Keith Jackson at Gold’s in Merriam told me about the first WBFF show last May!! I remember thinking how it sounded PERFECT FOR ME AND WHAT I WANTED TO DO WITH COMPETING :)
Keith lead me to Micah LaCerte at HitchFit.  He asked me to start at the beginning of 2011 but I wanted to wait until after the WBFF show so I could give it a fair approach.  This May 2012, marks my ONE YEAR WITH HITCH FIT!!! 

I couldn’t beeee more excited about the opportunities at HitchFit.  I get to do EXACTLY what my purpose is::::SHOW PEOPLE THE BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES. I see the BEST IN PEOPLE, first off…(sometimes a curse, but working on that;)…..I aim to inspire by way of opening the mind through body movement, realignment, opening movement patterns, freeing up restricted tissues…all the things I’ve learned and experienced as an Athletic Trainer, then personal trainer, added massage therapy, indulged in nutrition classes…all of it!!! I seek these things then I share them with others.  I am good at it and I feel confident in all of the work that I do!  HITCH FIT provides me with the widest exposure I’ve had in my career to this point.   I see what it is and how it works and I would like to see it grow, evolve and expand….just like life does! 

So a UNIVERSAL GRATITUDE towards Micah and Diana!!! These two could probably go and do anything they want in the world!!! But they are here in KANSAS CITY, INSPIRING AND TRANSFORMING lives!!! This is UBER COOL to me!  This has commitment written all over it and that’s what I’m about when it comes to being healthy and living a healthy & balanced lifestyle.  I want to share with others, how easy it really is.  You don’t have to compete, but you can fight effortless for your LIFE, and I BELIEVE that ANYONE  can change their life!!! 

Would like to send a very warm THANK YOU to Paul and Allison Dillett for all of their passion, hard work and dedication to the sport as well as providing such a wonderful and unique experience with physique competing!!! All year around and all around the Globe!!!! Making it Happen!!! 

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