Scale Weight or Body Fat Percentage

Hitch Fit Body and Health Confessions: What’s More Important?

Hitch Fit clients have been asking the question for years—what should I focus on more: scale weight or body fat percentage?  In today’s society, people trying to lose weight seem to focus so much on what the scale says.  But just because your body weight drops doesn’t mean that you are losing fat.  In fact, you could be gaining fat and losing muscle!!!

It is way more important to look at your body fat percentage than you actual scale weight when weighing in.  The goal of Hitch Fit is to help you look and feel better…and the way you’ll do so is by dropping your body fat percentage.

Learn more about scale weight vs. body fat percentage in our Hitch Fit Body and Health Confessions Episode 4 video below.  You will learn about what “skinny fat” means, what to eat to drop body fat percentage and other secrets!!!