Losing Weight To Gain

When You Lose, What Do You Gain?

When You Lose, What Do You Gain?

Lose inches, gain confidence.

Lose body fat, gain opportunity.

Lose self consciousness, gain a new lifestyle.

Sure, losing weight produces an incredible feeling. But it’s just as important to pay attention to what you gain during a weight loss journey, too. Here is a list of the top 5 things you will gain when you lose weight…and hopefully all of them will truly make you smile:

1. Confidence
The number one thing that most people gain during a weight loss journey is confidence—confidence in themselves, in their bodies, in their overall lives. Losing weight doesn’t just make you look great—it makes you feel great too. Ask any of our Hitch Fit transformations and we guarantee that every single one of them gained confidence.

2. Abs!
Need we say more? When you lose weight, your body will shed the fat that covers up that six pack we all want! Just take a look at one of our transformations, Burt. After only 4 months, Burt achieved that rock hard six pack that he had always wanted. Burt lost weight and gained a six pack.

3. Athletic Ability
Hitch Fit client Allison had always been a runner. In fact, she had competed in marathons before! But no matter how much she ran, she still didn’t achieve the body that she wanted. Her transformation not only gave her the incredible body that she has today, but it also improved her athletic abilities tenfold! Want to get in athlete-shape? A weight loss transformation will definitely do the trick!

4. Opportunity
When you drop a significant amount of weight and get the rockin’ body you’ve always wanted, new and interesting opportunities will start coming your way that could open amazing doors. Just look at Elizabeth, one of our many successful transformations (and a mother of two!). When she achieved a new amazing body with Hitch Fit, she was able to compete as a WBFF Fitness model!

5. A Healthy Lifestyle
A weight loss transformation isn’t about a quick fix—it’s about a lifestyle change. Losing weight (and learning how to do it properly) can truly teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. The perfect example of this comes from Hitch Fit client (and bikini model) Chloe. After a few weeks, Chloe felt as if eating and exercising just became part of her lifestyle. “It just becomes something you do,” she said in her transformation story. “Like always watching your favorite show on Thursday nights or brushing your teeth before you go to bed. At first, it seems like it involves so much planning, preparation and sacrifice, but after 12 weeks, it’s just part of your normal routine.”

What do you think? When you lose weight, what will you gain?