WBFF Muscle Model Perry Merlotti

Name: Perry Merlotti


Age: 24 years old

Height: 5’ 9”

Weight: Contest-192 lbs.

Off-Season-212 lbs.

Arm Size: 18 ¾ inches

Work: Strength & Conditioning Coach at Central Institute for Human Performance

From: St. Louis, MO

Athletic Achievements ( Personal Bests):

Back Squat: 502 lbs.

Front Squat: 427 lbs.

Bench Press: 407 lbs.

Scott Bicep Curl: 187 lbs.

Competition History:

2007 Show Me Naturals: 1st Place Middle-Weight Men’s Bodybuilding

2nd Place Overall Men’s Bodybuilding


My inner beast is what drives me to compete.  I have always been a very competitive person, whether it is in sports or in the weight lifting realm.


The WBFF is bringing opportunities to the table that no other organization has done.  I am excited for what the WBFF can do for my future success both as a trainer and a fitness/muscle model.  Anyone can have a trophy but a cover of a magazine….that’s a totally different story!


My future goals for a fitness/muscle model have been defined ever since I started working out.  That goal is to land a cover of a nationally published fitness magazine and to be more specific, Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

As a Trainer my goals are pretty simple, help people achieve a level of health and fitness that they have never thought was possible.  Oh yeah, I also enjoy getting people ridiculously strong!




It was Monday morning May 17th, 2010 and I just woken up from my new place I moved into in downtown St. Louis.  Figured I’d start the day off right with an early morning workout, but little did I know that I would end up starting the day off left…..yes, I said off left.  I ended up tearing my left biceps tendon completely off from my elbow, forearm muscles.  On May 20th, 2010 I ended up having surgery to reattach my biceps tendon back to the muscles in the forearm.  Six months later in November after a bunch of rehab and treatment, I am given the go ahead to start slowly training again.  It was an extremely tough process not only physically but also mentally.  When working out is a part of your life and that is taken away temporarily, it seems as if it has been taken away forever.  After this surgery I hadn’t been doing any type of training for over half a year and the most time I’ve ever taken off from training was a week for a vacation, so you can see why mentally this obstacle was tough.

The WBFF Central Championship show on May 21st, 2011 will be a symbolic day for me since it will be a year and a day since I had the surgery done on my bicep.  So if you are wondering what the two gnarly scars are on my left arm you will now know what they are, and no.…they are not gun shot wounds, although that would be pretty dang sweet!

About Me:

Email: merlotti-p001@mymail.mssu.edu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/plotti22

Website: www.cihp.com

Special Thanks:

I would like to saythanks to all my friends and family who have supported me throughout the years.  You all know who you are.  Love you guys!

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