WBFF Male Fitness Model Miles Metschke

Name, Bio and Stats
Miles Metschke
Age 35
190 lbs , 6 ft

I’ve been involved in sports and fitness for most of his life.  From playing football and track in high school to lacrosse and rugby in my early 30’s, I’ve always had a passion for training and athletics.  I grew up in Nebraska and moved to Kansas City after high school to attend college there.  I have continued to live in Kansas City.
In addition to competing in the WBFF, I have become a CrossFit enthusiast over the last year and work out regularly at a local CrossFit gym where I continue to work to my goal of being a serious CrossFit competitor.  When not in gym or playing sports, Miles works full time for GE, as a Business Development Manager, focused on the product strategy of technology solutions for freight and passenger rail systems.  He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Rockhurst University.

*Where do you live?
Kansas City, MO

*What are your athletic achievements and competition history?
I started competing in spring of 2010 by doing my first set of natural bodybuilding competitions in Kansas City and Omaha.  This experience made me realize that anything is possible, both in the gym and the rest of life, and I had completely transformed myself by losing 25 lbs and reducing my body fat from 18 to 5%.
In 2011, I transitioned from bodybuilding into Fitness Modeling and competed in the WBFF Central Championships in Kansas City in May 2011.  I enjoyed the experience so much that I’m training again for my 2nd WBFF competition in May 2012.  Last year was such a great experience in the WBFF, and I’m applying what I learned to my diet and workout plans.  In addition, I’ve been training in Crossfit for about a year, and the explosive combination Olympic and bodyweight movements have been a big part of my progress in the last year, plus I’ve made some great friends while doing it.

*What or who inspires you to compete?
The WBFF is a great experience and I believe it’s achievable by anyone.  I love competing and getting better with every WBFF competition.  My best advice is to consistently follow a solid diet and exercise plan (Consistently is the key), and to build a support network of friends and family.

*What excites you most about competing with the WBFF?
Every time I train and compete, I get better and better.  I love continuing to get better each year and see my body change and grow.  I’m really excited about the WBFF on May 12th, and I plan to bring a better “Miles” to the stage from last year.

*What are your future goals?
Future plans are to continue to grow my professional career at GE and balance my fitness goals at the same time.  After the WBFF, I’ll continue to train and compete.

*What obstacles have you overcome to achieve your goals (what’s your story?)
When I was in college, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (juvenile onset).  Although I don’t consider it a challenge today, initially it took some time to readjust my life to learn how to manage this and still continue to train and excel in fitness.
I’d like to set an example for others that have Type 1 Diabetes to still shoot for their fitness goals and they can be achieved.

*How can people find out more about you?
Facebook at:

*Anyone you would like to thank who has been a part of your fitness journey?
Nick Hasenkamp and Sadie Webb (Hasenkamp) have been great friends through my training this year, and I want to thank them for their support and friendship.


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