WBFF Figure Athlete Malenna Saunders

*Name, Bio and Stats

Hi. My name is Malenna Saunders. I am 37 years old , 5’6″ and somewhere between 125-130 lbs while competing.  I am from Dallas, Texas but was born in Marquette, MI and now currently reside in New Jersey.   Since I was a teenager at 14, I have loved working out and helping others.    I graduated from college, with a BBA in Real Estate, of all things, but somehow ended up in finance as a stock broker. Decided I wanted a change in scenery and moved with my job to NYC.   About  a year ago, started pursuing my passion for fitness full time. I have my own fitness company and not only and the rest, as they say is HER-story. :)

*Where do you live? New Jersey – Tri State Area

*What Category are you competing in? Figure

*What are your athletic achievements and competition history? 

I have always been an athletic individual, but never participated in athletics growing up. My mother wanted me to concentrate on academics so I was actually an academia and choir ‘nerd’.  My true calling has always been in athletics, and once I was able (in college) I participated in ever sport imaginable within intramurals from volleyball, softball, and my love FOOTBALL.

I started competing a little over a year ago. I have a few titles on my shelf but no firsts yet!

3rd Place Fitness America NY Championships Ms Figure 2011

3rd Place Fitness America NY Championships Ms Bikini 2011
5th Place WBFF New England Championships Diva Fitness Model 2011
Top 10 WBFF New England Championships Figure Model 2011
3rd Place WBFF Fitness Atlantic Figure Open 2012
5th Place WBFF Fitness Atlantic Diva Fitness Model Masters 2012
Top 10 WBFF Fitness Atlantic Diva Fitness Model Open 2012

*What or who inspires you to compete?

I always wanted to compete as a young adult, I used to watch athletes in awe during fitness competitions and admire the determination and commitment I felt was required to complete these routines.  As I got older, I saw it as less and less of a possibility.   But then, different things that I did not consider possible, owning my own fitness company, running and working a business I thoroughly enjoyed day in and day out, helping others, etc. started to become my reality. Someone asked me why I didn’t compete, and the only reason I could think of was that I didn’t think I could. Didn’t seem like a good reason, so I tried it.  What inspires me to continue is the motivation that I give others. My clients, my friends, people close to me or people that see me on my fanpage, through other friends, etc.  And this is not limited to fitness. Pursuing things you didn’t think  were possible. Dreaming big and not accepting the status quo.

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