WBFF Diva Fitness Model Aundrea Annin

Name, Bio and Stats

Aundrea Annin 5’3 115lbs

*Where do you live?

Omaha, Nebraska

*What are your athletic achievements and competition history?

NCAA All-Star Cheerleader in high school

National Champion Dance Team in 2001

Wilhelmina Hot Body Contestant in 2010

*What or who inspires you to compete?

The #1 thing that inspires me to compete would be my clients and the people who are following me through YouTube, my website, and Facebook! I hear and watch these people day in and day out work their butt off not only in the gym, but also at home, trying to turn their old habits around and making that lifestyle change in order to reach their own personal goals. There is nothing more inspiring than that! Now for me, I made the lifestyle change years back, so it’s now time for me to push myself a little farther and reach for something else. After talking with Diana Chaloux and meeting Jamie Eason at the Arnold this year was a great inspiration for me and gave me that extra little nudge to make the decision to compete. I have never been the person who wants to be like everyone else and do what everyone else does. So my thought process was that I was going to reach my goal without competing and that was that. But after talking with Jamie and learning that she has only done 1 show and it boosted her to where she is now, and talking with Diana about the WBFF and what they stand for, it got me motivated and kick started to do the show!

*What excites you most about competing with the WBFF?

What excites me the most about competing with the WBFF would be being able to one day stand up on stage with the best of the best and say…I am here! I made it! Going Pro baby!

*What are your future goals?

One of my main goals for the future is to keep building up my website and making it the best it can be. I want to inspire and motivate as many people as possible through my hard work and dedication. I also want to keep training the fabulous clients I have been blessed with. They mean the world to me and there is no better satisfaction than to know that you have helped someone to be the best they can be and have changed their life in a way nobody else can. But besides all of this, my #1 goal for the future above all would be to land a cover on a major magazine and work with some of the best of the best in the fitness industry. My life would be complete J

*What obstacles have you overcome to achieve your goals (what’s your story?)

As far as road blocks along the way to reaching my goals, I have been pretty blessed with not having to overcome any outside obstacles. The internal obstacles are more of what I have to battle with from time to time. Being active has always been a staple in my life, so maintaining a fit body hasn’t been too much of a struggle for me. But it’s because of constantly putting in the hard work and beating myself up at the gym to be in the best shape that I can, that  I have a hard time understanding why I have not reached my #1 goal thus far. I have had many people within this past year say, “Aundrea you have the body and the look we are looking for.” Or, “You are in phenomenal shape”, but then I never hear back from them, It could and can start to put a damper on my self esteem and if I let it, could get me down and out. BUT…I am not that person, I am a strong individual and hearing this only makes me want to push harder and keep kicking ass and finally getting what I work so hard for. My dreams and goals! No obstacle internal or external is going to keep me from being the star I want to be!

*How can people find out more about you?


*Anyone you would like to thank who has been a part of your fitness journey?

There are many people in my life who have helped me along my the path as far as my fitness journey goes, but there is one person in particular who has really been there for me through thick and thin and has always lifted me up when I felt down..This being God. There has been many times where I could have given up on my dreams as far as the fitness industry goes, but somehow I always keep pushing ahead and moving on. I do believe it’s because of my love for fitness, but also because God keeps pushing this girl forward and up! I won’t stop until I reach the top! I also have to give credit where credit is due to my amazing sponsor Elite Nutrition, my friends and family, as well as all the great clients and co-workers I have worked with in the gyms over the past 5 years. They have been great with always pumping me up and encouraging me to reach my goals through their own actions.

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