WBFF Diva Bikini Model Susan Schafer Quinn

*Name, Bio and Stats

Susan Schafer Quinn

Age 45

B-day  September 3rd 1965



Married, mom of 4 kids (including twins)

*Where do you live?

Resides in Kansas City

Competing in Bikini Division WBFF

*What are your athletic achievements and competition history?

This is my first Bikini Competition. I played fast pitch softball for 9 years and showed Quarter horses. I also played soccer, basketball, swimming and ran track .

*What or who inspires you to compete?

Body Building legend Rachel Mclish was my idol when I was growing up.  I wanted to look like her.  WBFF superstars Micah Lacerte, Diana Chaloux, Monica Brant and Chady Dunmore  are a huge inspiration for me. Tosco Reno is an amazing woman and her eat clean diet books are the real deal.   My dad,Earl, he is 90 yrs young and was a champion  Golden Gloves boxer. He instilled in me from an early age that  working out is essential  for good health and today he still punches the bag.   Shaun, my wonderful husband who is also competing in the WBFF.  We work as a team  and encourage each other along the way.

*What excites you most about competing with the WBFF?

Simple , it’s the best of the best!  I feel so fortunate that  the WBFF is going to be here in Kansas City.  For my very first competition  I wanted to start  with a top notch program. The  WBFF is an elite organization that is  well run, classy  and  offers more to their athletes  than any other.  The opportunities are  endless in the WBFF.

*What are your future goals?

I am in the process of getting my personal training certificate with an emphasis in nutrition so I can help others to be the best they can be.   I have many goals ahead of me  and  one is to keep building up  my body and  to continue competing and also to start doing  some 5k runs.  I look forward to teaching, inspiring and motivating others to reach their fitness goals .  Especially  training moms 40+  years old.

*What obstacles have you overcome to achieve your goals (what’s your story?)

I grew up an only child   I have lived  the country life and city life.  Both are very different . In school I was a skinny kid and could not put on weight no matter how hard I tried.  I was teased a lot because of my size and my long skinny string bean legs.   After high school,  I went to college and then  got   married  at age 21.  In that same year I had identical twin sons.  I also had gestational diabetes and put on a lot of weight, the twins were 5 weeks premature and were born 40 minutes apart!. ( I needed to put that part under athletic achievements) . I did not have a c-section and thankfully they were very healthy.  By age 24 my marriage came to an end.   I moved back with my parents and they had  moved to the city.  That was a totally different life for me and I missed the country life terribly.  I was a outdoor girl hunting, fishing, 3 wheeling,  and riding horses.    I became  concerned in my overall health so I got involved in karate and rejoined a fitness club.  I then began dating Shaun and  we got married.   A year and a half later we had a baby girl and four years later had another girl.  During  the 4th pregnancy, I had stopped going to the gym and my only exercise was walking around the block.  Again I had gestational diabetes.  I did not like the way I looked.  I had no energy  and my clothes size was the largest it had ever been in my life and because of my fat stomach people were always asking me if I was pregnant again.  My self esteem was shot but I kept eating unhealthy . and not exercising.  Then tragedy struck our family .  Several close family members were each killed in separate instant  tragic accidents.  This impacted me so much. I was an emotional wreck for a long time.   I came to realize that we only get one chance in this life and that I have no excuse to not take care of myself.   That was when I decided I needed to get my act together.   First I started  by cutting out all bad foods.   I joined a local gym.   My friend Cisco Guerra, a professional MMA fighter, started working with me  and  is the one who introduced me to Hitchfit and Micah Lacerte and Diana Chaloux.  Around Christmas 2010, I  started training with  Tina Quarles at Hitchfit and go through their transformation .  She has trained me so well!! The results are amazing!!   I have also  added boxing back into my workout  with professional female boxer  Franchesca Alcanter .   It  has not been easy and there were many months of wanting to give up, sore muscles, and sweating buckets.   But it was well worth it!  It truly has been a life changing journey!!  I feel if you do not take care of your health, one day you will have to take care of your illness.  I come into this competition for the first time  with more miles on me than most but don’t underestimate me!  Making it this far is a huge achievement and I feel like a winner no matter what the outcome!

*How can people find out more about you?

Email kiwifitness2@yahoo.com

*Anyone you would like to thank who has been a part of your fitness journey?

My family, husband Shaun, our four children, my parents, cousins Kristi Batchelor Bleich who inspired me from the beginning and Sue Ellen Yeager-Ross for her support, my Hitchfit  trainer  Tina Quarles, Micah Lacerte and Diana Chaloux and the whole  Hitchfit Crew . Boxing friends Cisco, Franchesca and Paul, and  all my wonderful friends new and old. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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