WBFF Diva Bikini & Fitness Model Sonya Renea Roemisch 

Age 36



San Antonio, Texas

Owner Younique Physique Personal Training Studio &

  Younique Fitness & Wellness L.L.C.

Personal Trainer-Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, Wellness Coach,

Choreographer & Dancer


What are your athletic achievements and competition history?


I was always athletic when I was younger and wanted to choose a career where I could stay active and fit.  I have been a Personal Trainer, Fitness & Dance Instructor and Coach for the past 12 years.  I started competing in NPC Figure in 2002-2008 before I took a 3 year layoff to focus on my health and my business expansion.  2011 was my comeback and I competed last year in Kansas City with the WBFF in Figure +35 placing 3rd & +35 Diva Fitness Model placing in the top 10.  I was so impressed with the experience, professionalism and quality of the WBFF shows I was sold! I competed in 2 more local shows with the NPC to keep on target placing 5th in + 35 Bikini however my sights were set on 2012 & the WBFF Organization.  I am on a mission to ultimately win my ProCard with the WBFF but mostly to open doors and gain exposure so I can continue helping people and setting an example for others to  Believe in themselves, Set Goals, Work Hard & Always Strive for Greatness!


What inspires you to compete?


It continues to challenge me to be better and knowing that what I do can help make a difference by setting an example motivates and inspires me to compete.  I received so many messages last year how they have followed my on facebook and I inspired them to go out and do something they hadn’t had the courage to do before or thanking me for sharing how hard work and commitment can encouraged them when they were down to create change.

I feel that there is no better way to set an example than to be the Example!!!  My passion is to help others Change their Lives and find their Potential Greatness.  It challenges you to set a goal and commit yourself to doing whatever it takes to bring your best at that moment


What excited you about competing with the WBFF?


Last year was such a great experience for me competing with the WBFF.  I fell in Love with the organization and the possibilities the WBFF organization offers.  Being part of the WBFF has already given me more exposure and opened doors for opportunity to reach beyond my home in San Antonio, TX.




What are your future goals? 

My future goals are to continue growing and expanding my brand and training studio so that myself and my team will have the opportunity to change more lives.  I would also like to finish writing and publish my book.  And, of course, I would love to receive my Pro Status with the WBFF to create more opportunities for me to make a difference.  Most importantly, I want to continue on my journey to practice my passion and what I stand for which is to “Aspire to Greatness…Always” and be the BEST ME POSSIBLE!!!


What obstacles have you overcome to achieve your goals?


I have had several obstacles to overcome as most everyone else.  I listened to, too many people in the beginning of my competing history, which, not only messed with my mind; but my body as well.  I took my body on a roller coaster ride of loosing and then gaining which left which left me very discouraged.  I started researching to see what was going on with my body.  I needed to know why I was swollen most and had little energy, and why I would literally fall asleep at the table at times.  I also had body and muscle aches.  My thyroid and hormones were out of whack…  After no real answers from modern medicine, I discovered that I had a gluten allergy and dairy allergy.  As I eliminated everything with gluten and dairy out of my diet it transformed my life.  After over 2 years of a consistent gluten and dairy free diet, I lost over 25 pounds without really trying, and now 5 years later, I have lost over 40 pounds and feel better than ever! Now I so much more knowledge on Nutrition and Gluten Free Living that I am able to take that experience and help educate others in gluten free and dairy free living. But the best part is it made my competition preparation less stressful and taxing on my body and mind and I look and feel my best at 36!


Anyone you would like to thank who has been a part of you fitness journey?


I have so many people to thank for sure!  I would like to thank my Mom who has been there through thick and thin with me during my competition preparations.  My clients and friends for your support and encouragement!!  My 2 Liz’s for being not only my dear friends but my cardio buddies you both helped me to get through some trying times! Thanks to my brother and sister for your support and believing in me. To Meagan, Destiney and Tanner (nieces and nephew)… I Love You So Much… Remember to always Believe in yourself and know anything is possible through Christ…Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it! Transformation Enzymes You changed my life!! The Aussie Bakery and Café…all gluten free…you saved my life with amazing food and desserts and education!!  To Diana Chaloux-LaCerte, who encouraged me to choose the WBFF & coached me last year. Thank you for your help and your guidance and encouragement to choose the WBFF! Most importantly, GOD, I am forever thankful for the opportunites you continue to bless me with so that I can set an example to honor you!!


How can people find out more about you?

Find me in San Antonio, Texas or look on my website at www.youniquepnysique.com.

Email – www.sonya@youniquephysique.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/#!/youniquephysique

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