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Bikini Model Plan - Hitch Fit




 12 and 16 Week Programs Available

Do you want to look like a Bikini Model? Do you have a fairly fit physique, eat fairly healthy, but want to take your fitness to another level? Do you want to achieve that lean and sexy look of the beauties that you see gracing the covers of the magazines? If your answer is yes, then our Bikini Model Plan is for you! This is an intense program including a Bikini Model Diet and Bikini Model WOrkout which includes strength training routines and cardio progression to get you to where you want to be. This program also includes instructions on how to prepare for a Bikini Model photo shoot, as well as a guide for maintaining your lean and fit physique year round! The 12 week program is suitable for girls who are starting at no more than 18-20% body fat. The 16 week program is suitable girls who are starting at 22-25% body fat. (NOTE: If your body fat is higher than these numbers, you will want to start your journey off with the Lose Weight/Feel Great program). All fitness levels are welcome!

Custom workout

This Program Includes

  • Custom designed Bikini Model Diet with additional leaning techniques
  • Supplementation Guidance
  • Custom Bikini Model Workout with Strength Training and Conditioning Routines
  • Photo Shoot Prep Guide
  • Hitch Fit Book and DVD
  • Maintenance Guide – What to do AFTER you have achieved your transformation
  • Email support from Micah and Diana

Direct communitation with Micah & Diana

Get The Bikini Body You've Always Wanted

Bikini Model Plan - Hitch Fit

"I stand here today a better mommy, wife, business owner, and friend.  I am strong inside and out. I have the ability to control my life. My marriage is stronger than it has ever been. I love running around playing baseball with my son. I can organize my life better because I have energy, direction, and will-power. I want to inspire other moms out there who are stuck in a rut like I was. There is hope. I promise diet and exercise will change your life."


bikini model

This whole process was a learning experience. I learned so much about myself and about my body in a short amount of time!


Bikini Modeling

I am appreciative of all the love and support I have seen throughout my journey from family, friends, coaches, acquaintances and strangers and I am happy to know that I inspired others to live a healthy lifestyle. I hope that I can continue to inspire and help others as my journey continues

Look Like A Bikini Model



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