During an energetic, high-intensity workout, you may feel like Superman or Superwoman—but did you know you can also feel this same way when eating? That’s right!! There are 10 super foods that we love to eat—and we guarantee that they will make you energized and satisfied! Look out, body fat, we’re about to Pow! and Wham! you out with these 10 yummy superfoods:

1. Eggs
It doesn’t matter if the egg or the chicken came first—we have both to thank!! Eggs are a natural super food that can be cooked in a variety of different ways—from a healthy morning omelet with vegetables to a piping hot egg casserole with lean turkey for dinner.

Eggs are nutritious, versatile, economical and are full of protein. In fact, many studies have shown that consuming eggs at breakfast usually causes people to eat fewer calories throughout the day. In addition to its “filling” quality, the egg is packed with 12 vitamins and minerals.

2. Nuts
Need a quick and easy snack on-the-go? Reach for the nuts (just make sure you practice portion control—certain nuts can be high in fat!). Nuts contain protein, heart-healthy fats, high fiber and antioxidants that place them on the Top 10 Super Foods of all time. Just an ounce of pistachios, almonds, peanuts, walnut or pecans can help fill you up when between meals. Some nuts even come in 100-calorie packs!!

3. Quinoa
Our guess is that many of you have never tried quinoa before—but this whole grain almost always makes it on the list of ultimate super foods. Quinoa is a whole grain extremely high in protein, fiber, iron, zinc, vitamin E and selenium.

We know what you’re thinking: if I don’t know how to pronounce, I certainly won’t know how to make it! You’re wrong!! Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) can be prepared as rice, mixed in with vegetables or eaten with protein. Need more ideas? Check out these easy quinoa recipes!

4. Chicken breast
At Hitch Fit, we love any lean protein source such as chicken or turkey breast. Lean meats are high in protein, but also contain B1 and B6 vitamins too (that helps produce beautiful skin!). Lean meats can be prepared in many different ways, but we recommend trying out some delicious, good-for-you herbs and spices to add flavor to your chicken breast!

5. Oatmeal
Did you know that oatmeal can help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure? Plus, oatmeal has been known to help control weight!! The soluble fiber in oatmeal absorbs a considerable amount of water which can help slow down your digestive process…and that’s what makes you fuller, longer! Start your day with a delicious cup of oatmeal and you’ll feel full until lunch for sure!!

6. Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are not only gorgeous, they’re delicious too! Sweet potatoes have become so popular because they are healthier than their alternative, baked white potatoes, but still contain the same amount of vitamin C, calcium and potassium. Sweet potatoes not your thing? You can get the same benefits from carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash and even orange bell peppers.

7. Blueberries
…or any berry for that matter are loaded with antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber to help control blood sugar and help you feel fuller, longer. Berries are generally low in calories as well and make for a great afternoon or late-morning snack. Got a sweet tooth? Forgo the ice cream or stash of candy and rinse that container of blueberries! Simply delicious.

8. No Sugar Added Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt may be the ultimate super food—it has tons of calcium, protein and potassium, plus it can be enhanced with other super foods (like blueberries for instance!). Greek yogurt provides a healthy amount of good bacteria too (trust us, you need it!). Next time you’re in the dairy aisle, pick up a container of no sugar added Greek yogurt (it’s still very important to limit your sugars when in the transformation process!).

9. Salmon
Just the word “salmon” makes our mouths water. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that help protect heart health, is low in calories and is packed with protein and iron. Salmon is super easy to prepare too—it can be grilled, baked, seared or simply topped on a crispy bed of lettuce. Salmon’s only downside? It can be a bit pricey compared to the other super foods!

10. Broccoli

…or any green fibrous veggie! Broccoli, asparagus and spinach, for instance, contain a lot of fiber, vitamin C, calcium and iron, but at the same time, are very low in calories. There are hundreds of reasons to incorporate green vegetables into your diet—in fact, there are 10 reasons to add broccoli alone!

Don’t take our word for it—there are tons of other super foods out there just waiting to be discovered and consumed. What are your favorite super foods?