Wheatgrass For Weight Loss

A Shot of Wheatgrass A Day Keeps the Pounds Away

While many people turn up their noses at the mere thought of a shot of wheatgrass, fitness enthusiasts everywhere are embracing the healthy green liquid.  We’re one of the fans that will rave about wheatgrass until the day we die.  But why should you drink wheatgrass?  Is it that good for you?  And is it worth the foul taste many believe it to have?

What is wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass looks a lot like the grass in your own backyard…but it has very special qualities.  It’s a nutritionally dense plant that is grown in temperate climates and is often “juiced” into a liquid.  We encourage many of our Hitch Fit clients to take one shot of wheatgrass every day.  Why?  Find out below.

What does wheatgrass taste like (for real)?

We’ll admit it…the first couple shots of wheatgrass is absolutely disgusting.  But after awhile, you get used to the green liquid.  In order to get wheatgrass to taste better, some people add ginger to their shot.  Give this a try if you’re a first-timer.

Wheatgrass and weight loss

We shouldn’t actually thank wheatgrass as a weight loss promoter—we should thank chlorophyll instead.  Chlorophyll, one of the main components of wheatgrass, has the ability to move toxic chemicals from our bloodstream.  With that, chlorophyll increases overall energy, which helps us to work out longer and harder, thus, burning more calories in the process.

Plus, wheatgrass is low in calories and has no fat, sugar or cholesterol.  Its properties has been known to help reduce cravings, since it fills in all of the nutrients that your body needs quickly (this results in lower caloric intake).  According to SoyQuick, just one ounce of wheatgrass juice is equal to 2 pounds of produce nutritionally.

Wheatgrass and your health

Wheatgrass isn’t just great for our waistlines.  It has also been proven to help prevent colon cancer, leukemia, Thalassemia (a genetic form of anemia) and other serious illnesses.  Wheatgrass has an unbelievable amount of antioxidants, and therefore, cleanses any body that it is put into.  The consumption of wheatgrass allows patients to reduce toxic chemical accumulation in bone marrow and in the bloodstream.

There’s nothin’ like waking up in the morning and taking a solid shot of…(not espresso!)…wheatgrass!  Although your tastebuds may hate you for a few minutes, your waistline and body will surely thank you.