We are very excited to share with everyone our Latest Addition to Hitch Fit.  The clothing Line is something we have been working on for some time now and we wanted something that was true to us yet still very impacting.  These can be worn with jeans casually or at the gym working out!!!  Its more then a shirt is represents a Lifestyle

The Hitch Fit Lifecycle
“Believe –> Transform–> Inspire”
(The arrows indicates the lifecycle of what Hitch Fit)


It all starts with believing in yourself.  Once you accomplish this you can achieve any goal that your set for yourself.  We believe in you but you are the one that has to look in the mirror each day and believe that you can do it and will do it.


Through hard work, making positive changes, proper nutrition and making positive choices daily you will Transform into a New YOU.  This is a inside out transformation of  Mind, Body and Health.  Its not just about looking good, its about feeling good and living the Hitch Fit Lifestyle for the rest of your life.


After you have Transformed yourself its time for you to pay it forward and inspire others.  Its why we feature so many people.  Their stories are the reason why you may have started with Hitch Fit or why you made the positive changes in your life to make yourself a better person.  We look at the before and After pictures and are always in WOW, but when reading their stories and watching their videos it always seems to hit home with people.  If they can do it so can you.  You have learned the tools to keep yourself healthy forever now its time to give back and help a friend in need

The Hitch Fit Shirts

Female Tank Top- Small, Med, Large

Women’s Hitch Fit Tank Tops

Female Vneck-  Small, Med

Women’s Hitch Fit V-Neck T-Shirts

Male Crew – Med, Large


Men’s Hitch Fit Crew Neck T-Shirts

Male V-Neck  Med, Large








Men’s Hitch Fit V-Neck T-Shirts