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…And 4 Big Reasons We Need to Kick the High Heel Habit

Every woman has ‘em: Those beautiful heels you adore, but can only wear for an hour or two before they kill your feet.

Many women wear 4 inch (and maybe even 6 inch!) heels throughout the entire day and just repeat the “beauty is pain” mantra in their heads every waking minute.  But is this…”healthy”?  Are uncomfortable shoes actually bad for us?

Dr. Neil J. Cronin, postdoctoral researcher at the Musculoskeletal Research Program at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, suggests wearing high heels only once or twice a week. If that’s not doable, he suggests removing heels whenever possible, such as when sitting at a desk.  After all, uncomfortable shoes not only compromise your health, but they can cause some ugly side effects.

Pointy Toe Problems

Yes, those pointy-toed shoes are adorable and fashionable—but they’re painful, too! Squeezing five toes in a space big enough for two is not only silly, it’s dangerous. Wearing pointy-toed shoes often can cause a condition called Morton’s neuroma. It feels like a sharp shooting pain, usually between the third and fourth toes. You can also experience numbness and burning. You can treat Morton’s neuroma by using arch supports, but in some situations, you may need surgery or injections. Ouch!

Hammer Time

Let’s talk about hammertoes. Hammertoes happen when your toe becomes bent and then stays in that position—like the head of a hammer. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? According to WebMD, “ill-fitting shoes are the main culprits” of hammertoes—especially shoes that are too tight or too pointy. Avoid this problem all together by limiting your heel-wearing tendencies!

It’s a Cornfield

If your shoes are uncomfortable, your feet may develop corns or calluses. These are the results of thickening skin around areas of friction or pressure points. Not only are they unsightly, they can be painful to walk on. The number one way to prevent corns or calluses from forming is to wear well-fitting shoes.  Seems like a simple fix to us!

On the Catwalk

We know high heels can be painful and cause unsightly effects, but you also run the risk of falling off your platform heels or twisting your ankle. Runway models for every major designer are required to wear massively high heels during shows—and many fall on their faces! If professional walkers can’t stay vertical in their stilettos, how are we expected to?

Yes, we all want to have that sexy stance that stilettos supply. And we can, in moderation! Cut high heels from your daily routine and save them for special occasions. You’ll be sure to avoid those high heeled ailments. And remember, beauty is not pain. Beauty is being healthy! Maybe someone should fill in Lady Gaga!