6 Olympic Hairstyles We LOVE

We’re just as sad as you are to realize that the Olympics are over.  But the spirit of the 2012 Summer Olympics can live on throughout the next four years through memories, athlete tours and…hairstyles!!

What?  Hairstyles!?  You heard right.  This Summer Olympics not only displayed some of the most talented athletes of all time, but also some of the most interesting hairstyles!  It’s time to say goodbye to the basic scrunchie and try one of these awesome, athletic hairstyles!

The High Bun:  Kim Kardashian is not the only celebrity that can rock the high bun…the US women’s Olympic gymnastics team does too!  In fact, gymnasts are highly encouraged to wear their hair off of their necks and out of their eyes—it’s a safety precaution!  The high bun not only works for Olympic gymnasts—it works for anyone ready for a tough workout or a girl’s night out on the town!!

The High Braid:  Kerri Walsh and Misty-May Treanor made the high braid their signature look at the 2012 Summer Olympics.  But this hair style works for more people than just volleyball players—the braid is the perfect ‘do for a run outside, weight lifting or a yoga class.  Embrace the braid!!

Braided Bangs:  Keep flyaways and bangs out of your face with Sanya Richards-Ross‘s look.  A French braid heading from the tip of your forehead  to the top of your ear will help keep stray hairs out of your face and keep you focused on the path ahead of you—even if it’s not London’s Olympic track!

Olympic Pigtails: Don’t be afraid to throw back to 5th grade and rock some fierce pigtails!!  This Great Britain Olympian truly made pigtails a trend again with this playful look.  Keep flyaways out of your face with a neutral headband and let your pigtails do the talking.  This look is perfect for a jog, a game of tennis or even Pilates.

Accessorize!: Many Olympic tennis players opted to accessories their outfits with a visor or headband.  This look is perfect when you need to keep hair out of your face and the sun out of your eyes.  Pair a headband or visor with a high ponytail for this cool Olympic look!

Keep It Short: Perhaps the easiest hairstyle of all is keeping those locks short and sweet!  Many Olympic athletes cut their hair short for the Games and didn’t have to worry about fancy ponytails, braids and flyaways.  This haircut is perfect for any athlete out there (as long as you don’t mind having short hair!).

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