4 DIY Skin Treatments

Be Beautiful from Face to Feet
Here at Hitch Fit, we want you to don’t just want you to look good—we want you to feel good too!  Working out and eating healthy is important, but we believe having clear, youthful skin will put you over the top!! Here are a few at-home skin remedies so you can have the whole package (BONUS! You’ll find all of these products around your house! No shopping required!):

See Ya Later, Acne:

Trust us; this sweet tea scrub will leave your face more cleansed than any name-brand face wash out there!  Start out by brewing a pot of green tea.  Drink some if you’re a tea lover (green tea is great for you!), but save enough to wash your face.  Although an excess amount of sugar is not part of a healthy diet, it is an excellent exfoliating scrub for healthy skin. Add some to your tea leftovers and the course crystals will remove dead skin cells on your face.

Bye-bye Cellulite:

If cellulite on your legs is affecting your self esteem, try applying a mixture of coffee grounds, sugar and massage oil.  This combination of ingredients will help reduce cellulite’s appearance.  Rub this mixture in circular motions around the affected area and you’ll redistribute fat cells so that your skin will firm up.

Sayonara, Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks can appear for a number of different reasons including pregnancy and rapid weight gain.  Although stretch marks are nearly impossible to get rid of, using a few simple ingredients around the house can help you reduce its appearance.  To fade your stretch marks, rub moisturizer (like cocoa butter or coconut oil) in circular motions across the area you’re concerned about.  This motion will increase circulation and help new skin cells replace the old ones.  Additionally, drinking more water and using an exfoliating scrub on the marks always helps!

Catch Ya on the Flipside, Calluses:

Feet have it rough—give them some love with a nice foot soak with warm water and body wash.  Next, use an olive oil and sugar mixture to exfoliate away those rough patches so they can become smoother over time.  For the grand finale, moisturize your feet with your favorite lotion…your feet will thank you for it!

You’ve worked hard to be fit—now it’s time to make your skin just as beautiful as your body! Try these 4 do-it-yourself treatments and your skin will not only glow, but it will be healthy too!