Is Your Past Controlling Your Future?

In times things that happen in the past shape our future and who we are but negative things happening can also keep you from being who you are. I always explain things by saying road A or road B. When something negative happens do you run to make another negative choice such as drinking or eating a carton of ice cream? How about you go to the gym and punch away on a boxing bag cook yourself some good healthy food and focus on the positive things in your life. The negatives always have a way of working themselves out by YOU CUTTING THEM OUT.

I got in a very bad car accident at the High of my career in 2005. I had just been on the Reality TV Manhunt with Carmen Electra, I had landed the cover of Men’s workout and was planning on moving to La to further my career and in a glimpse of a second BOOM my dreams were taken away. Everything I had worked so hard for was taken away. I couldn’t workout; I started making bad choices with my diet and my lifestyle. The snowball of negativity leads to the feeling of Rock Bottom. In this instance I choice Road B the road that leads to nothing but more negative. About 9 months later I finally started feeling up to working out again but what was my reasoning, I had fallen off the planet, I had lost my body and was no longer getting booked for jobs. That was the day I looked in the mirror and said enough is enough, I knew all along that was not me; this lifestyle was not me it was a waste of life and would only lead to negativity. I wanted growth and positive again so I made the choices that would help get me there. I cut every single negative person, place and changed my lifestyle. Slowly I was getting myself, my body and my life back. Out of nowhere the cover of Muscle and Body came out with Jennifer Nicole Lee (ab circle pro girl) and I on it. This got me back in the mix and really helped me see that at any moment it can be taken away so never take it for granted.

Are you that person that maybe went through a tough divorce and feels like they could never trust again? Are you the person that had a baby 3 years ago and still make the excuse that you are overweight because women’s bodies never get back to where they were post pregnancy? Are you the main provider in the house and you lost your job through the tough economical times? Each situation is unique in its own but each one can be taken care of to help make your life more positive again
If you are still holding on to things that you know are keeping you from reaching your goals or making your life better you need to sit down and ask yourself a question, Ready.. AM I WORTH IT? Ask yourself that, the answer should always be the same YES. So what can you do to get that negative past out of your life. Here are a few things

  1. Accept the fact of what has happened
  2. Forgive yet never forget
  3. Start eliminating the negatives
  4. Surround yourself around positive people
  5. Start taking care of your body, mind and spirit
  6. Tell yourself you can do this

I BELIEVE IN YOU. What is most important though is that you believe in yourself. Tell yourself you can accomplish anything and in time you will. Hope you have a great upcoming weekend

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