Many People ask Where the Name HITCH came from?  Some of you know it from the Old Myspace days. It was a nickname given to me that I used on there . A few years later people didnt even know my real name, I would travel and if i met anyone they called me HITCH, haha. The Nickname was given to me from a close friend who got it from the Movie Hitch, I was the Hitch of Fitness, the guy that gave hope back to someone and helped transform their life. Once I started figuring out that the social networks could be used for more then just making friends or communicating with existing friends I started focusing on how I could use it for business. In 2005 I started trying to figure the ins and outs of how it worked, little did I know then that Same name Hitch would years later become a Global Brand.. I didnt have someone there guiding me, no mentors, I made mistakes throughout but stayed true to who I was and always focused on the end goal. What I had in my corner was a willingness to work harder then anyone else I knew, I didnt care about partying (although I went through a small period of time that I did) or doing what many others around me were doing, I focused on growth and succeeding, that meant cutting all the negatives out of my life, being as fit and healthy as possible so I had the strength and energy to work the amount of time needed. 7 days a week 365 for over 7 years now. I USED the fitness industry to help legitimize who I was , never allowing the fitness industry to use ME. This is a mistake I see happen too often but always open with new fitness models who think they will become Rich and Famous. Build your own brand, build your own business, learn to make money while you sleep. More importantly then money I wanted to wake up everyday doing exactly what I wanted in life and helping as many people as I could in life. Finding a woman that had the same deep passion as I did as well as a heart of gold which Diana Chaloux LaCerte is inside out.. Just to mention of few of your qualities. This is what I wanted. We found each other when we both least expected it Myspace and IN VEGAS, haha. The whole “what happens in vegas stays in vegas” thing, that didnt really apply to us.

I didnt have a specific skill, nor was I overly Talented, didnt have a rich upbringing, had many hard times growing up, did not have a mentor or someone teaching me what I needed to do. I was the first person in my immediate family that graduated from college. I had many hardships. I was a kid from Kansas that had a deep desire to succeed and would do whatever it took to make things happen. I wanted to be more, i wanted to give more. I am still the hardheaded ,only child that would not take No for an answer. If something cant happen then I figure out another route to make sure it does:) So no matter what anyone tells you about yourself or your goals, just understand that anything is possible. Live each day striving for what you love most. We do not know how many days we have left on this planet but you should spend them doing what you love not what you feel you have to do.  I spent a big part of my life in Survival Mode.  Living week to week on very little, I get it, I understand it, I have been there.  Driving a beat up car , stressed if I was going to be able to pay the bills.  It sucks and its stressful. Transition is hard, change can be scary but take the risk step by step and be that person you have always wanted to be waking up doing exactly what it is you wanted to do. I challenge you to try :) Cut the negatives from your life, focus on the positives, eat healthy, train hard and allow yourself to grow without fear.  Make every controllable choice you have a good one, one that helps you grow..  I wish you all the very best. Always remember Smiling has no cost but can be priceless to those around you!!!  Many people think that having money will make you happier, this is not the case, it can take some stress off your shoulders but it can also add some stress.  Money does not make you happy doing what you love each day is what makes you happy.  Growth, succeeding at the core and helping others is what makes me happy not money itself. Yeah we all want to make more money but it needs to be deeper then just money.

Never give up and never let the unhappy people in this world that we call HATERS pull you down, say a little prayer for them and eliminate them from your life.  Its time you become the Best Version of Yourself.    I share my story in hopes that it inspires you to be more. In time you will then share your story and inspire those around you.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish nothing but the best for you!!!  We all strive for Happiness, Love and Success in our Lives.  You deserve all these things!!!

Micah LaCerte




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