10 years ago this month I graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Degree in Business Marketing. I started college as a 140 lb. kid with no real passion in life.  I grew up as a semi popular kid that was a decent athlete, I had some very good friends and never really got into trouble. I had insecurities like any other kid, I was skinny and hated it, and I wanted to be badass like my favorite action heroes in movies.   My childhood had some ups and some major downs but I had survived and finally at a point where I could make my own choices and end up where I wanted to.  The issue is I had no idea what it was that I wanted.  What does every person graduating college want?  We want to make money, we want a nice car, we want to buy a house, and we want to find a good partner.  Well it took many years after college for all that to happen.  At that point I had bought a $500 dollar 1987 Honda Civic from my buddy Nolan, Not quite the chick magnet type of car, but it got me from A to B :)

 Looked very Similar to this One But Silver and more rust


I was the first person in my immediate family to graduate college.  Graduation day up to that point of my life was the biggest success of my life and one of the very best days of my life.   I left College with no real idea what I wanted to do other than the fact that I Loved Fitness and in the 5 years I was in school had transformed my body.

After graduating I worked a 9 to 5 management job and within months quit and got back into the gym and personal training.  I had come to the realization that the car I wanted to drive, the house I wanted to buy the other things I wanted in my life I had to put on the back-burner, I had to figure out how to pay my bills, how to put food on the table and how to keep my mind clear and positive. In 2004 I started saving money, week by week, all the change I had, a dollar here a dollar there. I wasn’t even for certain why I was saving other than the fact that one day I may need it.   I started working at a local gym soon realizing that this thing they called “retaining clients” was not for me, so I started bending the rules and eventually got fired.  They did not like this thing I called transformation, it went against the “hit your sales quota approach”.  I found no happiness in sales; I found happiness in helping people change their lives.   I then went to another corp gym within months similar situation happened and I stepped down.  I was not a manageable person; I was an entrepreneur and wanted more.  What in the world was I going to do now?   I started my own little business as a traveling trainer, making enough money to barely get by but I was finally HAPPY because I got to do it the way I always wanted too.

In 2003 I had who is a very close friend of mine now but a complete stranger at that point David Washington come up to me at our local gym and say Bro you have a ton of passion, I see it every day, Why don’t you get into modeling.  Modeling?  I live in Kansas how the heck am I going to make things happen?  I took those words he said to me that day and ran full steam ahead.  I am a 0 or 100% type of person, so if I do something I will go nonstop until the goal is accomplished I just had no idea how difficult it was not knowing anyone, not having a name of any sort and being broke, loll.  It didn’t stop though.  Through all of this I WAS going to become this HUGE FITNESS MODEL from Kansas, ha-ha.  I had no idea how difficult at that point (nearly 9 years ago) it would be I didn’t care though, how would a kid from Kansas get on covers, get featured in magazines, and get on TV reality shows? It was right in front of me, the connection to the world- THE POWER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS.  And I became a guru within a few short years; I built a Name, a Brand and a Business.

For those who have followed me since the beginning, Hitch came from MySpace days after I was given the Nickname from a close friend who said I was the Hitch of Fitness Like Hitch Was For Love match making in the Movie Hitch with Will Smith, I gave people hope and happiness again.  I used it as a screen name little did I know years later it would become a brand.   Myspace days I would blast 50 bulletins per day and all the local haters in Kansas city would talk their trash while they are popping bottle in the clubs, lol. They looked at it as I was conceited or I was obssessed with myself, that couldnt be more from the truth, it was business to me and I was trying to figure out how everything worked.  Maybe just maybe I knew exactly what I was doing regardless of what anyone said, they didn’t slow me down I had been through far more than a few haters, they got brushed off and I continued full steam ahead!!!

In 2005 the car accident happened right after being featured on my first cover Men’s Workout.   That put a halt on everything.  The Dr said I should not workout with weights until I was fully recovered which may take a year, I should not of listened to them honestly.  I knew my body, I could had started working out again about 3 months into it, instead I listened and lost almost 25 lbs. of muscle, this was one of the worst years of my life.   I lost all my personal training clients and to make money I was working the doors of some of the popular night clubs in kansas city and around an environment that I despised.   The environment became a part of my life and I became for a short period of time the guy that was in the club without a care in the world, looking back now I was be trying to cover up the fact that I was not happy with what I was doing, what I was looking like and knew I needed to change my environment regardless of what kind of situation it put me back in finacially.  That was the stage of my life called “Fake it before I make it”.  I was never a drinker or party type of guy, even at that period of time having 3- 4 drinks in the night was a crazy wild night to me but people who know me know that was never my lifestyle.  Yes I was the guy in the club that thought I was cool because I bought a new shirt from Express and had 21 year old girls flirting with me, WOW I WAS COOL, not so much :) My mind was cloudy and I needed something to revamp my confidence.


  I had dropped from a 190lb Ripped Cover Model August 2005 to 165lb Skinny Club Guy in Nov 2006

(whats with the stupid face, lol)

The year had passed and I have saved a good amount of money but was still in a place of UNHAPPY, out of the blue a friend from La had called saying I was on the cover of Muscle and Body with JNL, I said are you sure it’s me, I hadn’t shot any images in over 1.5 years, yes im sure it’s you.  That was the moment I said it’s time to change my life and delete all the negative crap.  I took a long look in the mirror that day and told myself I would come back stronger, more confident and never look back.  That was over 5 years ago I have not had even one sip of alcohol since.  People say, well one won’t hurt, your right one won’t hurt but what’s the point, I live each day trying to make the best choices I can , wasting a choice on that seems pointless and goes against everything I live and teach is not going to happen:)


In 2008 I met Diana which was a huge turning point for me, I had been though a few tough relationships that had took a major toll on me emotionally, and I was just drained and needed to focus on me.   I was at a point that I just did not want to even attempt dating or a possible relationship with anyone. Fate happened though months later she moved to Kansas City and she helped put the final piece together of what we now know as Hitch Fit. A Few years after that we got married!!!


All the money that I had started saving back in 2004 was soon going to be used for good use. I didn’t want to get loans and owe anything, didn’t want to have partners and have every choice have to go through them, I wanted Diana and I to call all the shots because that was the only way I would be certain that it would grow and operate the right way, if it failed it was because of us and by knowing that I knew it was impossible to fail.  We would be willing to work morning, noon and night day by day, year by year until it we become a Global Enterprise that would help millions of people. That reality WILL happen in time.

Hitch Fit Transformation- In 2011 we helped people Lose over 15,000 lbs of Fat


Hitch Fit was about to become a reality.   Being in so many systems that were based around sale quotas, master trainers, used car salesman type trainers, retention and the managers that thought they were cool because they got the special shirt, flirted with the 17 year old girls and had some sort of authority was not what I wanted to be a part of.  I wanted something that put FULL focus on the CLIENT, was 100% positive and 100% legit/professional.  Hitch Fit Transformation Began.  Instead of hitting a sales quota I focused on how many people I could transform, how much healthy fat loss I could get off of an individual and how many lives I could touch.  No magic pills, no crazy diets, no shortcuts, I was going to teach the truth , the right way of doing things for long term success, not build a system that was based on making more money with no care about the client.  I was tired of putting focus on quotas, trying to convince clients they needed me longer than what they really did or how to stretch a nickel into a dime for a company I really had no passion for.

We launched www.hitchfit.com Feb 2009 and in a little over 3 years we have taken it from nonexistent to 1000’s of clients in close to 70 countries.  August 2009 we opened Hitch Fit Gym in Kansas City.  We now have 2 locations and possibly opening a 3rd soon . It started with only Diana and I, now we have 15 trainers and growing rapidly.  Success can become a reality if you want it badly enough and willing to work hard and long enough.


Last year I was finally able to buy one of my dreams cars and we purchased our first home.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!  I lived over 27 years of my life week to week broke with no one to turn to if I could not pay the bills, it was not easy, but making excuses for my situation was not going to help anything



Video of my 15 Year Transformation



The moral of this story is follow your passion, be willing to work very hard because waking up doing what you love everyday does not have a price tag on it.  We all have a story, we have all been through painful times, what helps us grow is how we take those painful times and learn/grow from them.  People who may not know me may think well his life has always been great; he probably always had money or was always ripped.  THAT’S NOT MY STORY. I was not raised in money, I was a skinny kid from Kansas that thrived off the fact that my reality seemed impossible to everyone around me excluding my very close friends and family. Thats what fueled me.  There were periods of time when I was a child that my mother barely had enough money to put food on the table, feeling shame because we had to borrow money or use food stapes to get by but she somehow always figured out a way, people can look at this as a tough life, I look at it as being appreciative for everything I have, to always give back to those in need and never forget where I came from.  Success changes some people for the worse, for others it gives them an opportunity to touch more people’s lives.  That is what I feel most blessed with.   Growing up I didn’t have a mentor or someone who taught me how to become successful I just had an inner drive to be the best I could be and was willing to work as hard as needed to get there.  I did have a bunch of great friends and a good support system but I was the one who had to work, I was the one who had to make the choices daily.  YOU HAVE TO BE THE ONE WHO MAKES IT HAPPEN.   I refused  to take shortcuts nor was I going to step on people to get there.  Money comes and goes, waking up every day knowing that the success came from doing it the right way is PRICELESS.  We all have our own excuses into why we cannot follow our passion but happiness is the one thing we all thrive to have more of, so take control of the path you choose and be everything you have always wanted to be, cut the negative people, places and things around you and surround yourself with Positive!!  It’s tough at times to let go of negative people but I assure your Life gets much better when you’re not having to carry someone else’s negativity on your shoulders.  It is about helping and loving one another not being the victim of a leach or the toxicity of that so called friend that says they have your best interest.  Take Control of your Choices, use each day to better yourself and put full focus on becoming the Best version of YOU.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it helps to push you towards your goals!!  Please feel free to email me if you would like if you have any questions or comments


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