Hitch Fit Gets Up Close and Personal with Hannah Curley of The Biggest Loser

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To say that the Just For Her Expo was an amazing event would be a total understatement. We interacted with incredible future clients, taught many attendees about the Hitch Fit lifestyle and even showed off some of our biggest transformations in the Hitch Fit Hot Bods Transformation Show! We learned a lot and most importantly, we met a lot of great people…including Hannah Curley from The Biggest Loser Season 11!

Hannah Curley was your typical Biggest Loser contestant: 261 pounds and way out of shape. After participating in The Biggest Loser she dropped over 120lbs and had 49.42% weight loss percentage.  That won her the show’s second place prize (but most importantly, a healthy lifestyle).  Her sister Olivia Ended up winning the show by 2 lbs!!  Talk about a Kick Butt Sisters on a Mission!!!

Hannah is obviously an inspiration to thousands people from around the world. Her weight loss story is truly incredible. But, Hannah, believe it or not, thought that the Hitch Fit’s brand, strategy and history was just as equally impressive. She was so amazed with Hitch Fit that she decided to conduct an interview with me!

Check out this YouTube video of me and Hanna as we talk about The Biggest Loser, Just for Her Expo and of course, getting Hitch Fit!




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