Wbff Pro Fitness Model David Kimmerle

I met David at the 2010 Wbff World Championships for the first time but had followed his successful for months on Facebook. I remembering seeing one of his Muscle and Fitness covers thinking that was one of the coolest covers I had ever seen. I had instant respect for him. Before meeting him I took some time to research what he was about and his background. I was floored with his amazing and inspiring story and had to share it here on Hitch Fit He shares his ups and downs and how he ended up finding his true passion.  I want to introduce you to my good friend David Kimmerle.

David give the viewers a little bit of background about yourself-

Who is David Kimmerle?

I am a simple Utah boy who is trying to do something with his life that is bigger than himself. I am a family man, old fashioned, religious, a republican and I love my dog! I have lived a life of extremes, here are some examples. I drove to Costa Rica with my dog Beef looking for adventure and found myself at the wrong side of a gun in a bad situation having found it. I have had the never ending lack of feeling and numbness in my heart and have loved so much my heart felt like it was bleeding. My best friend and others have committed suicide and I have seen the beautiful birth of a baby and watched it grow. I can’t use a computer to save my life but I can build a house from below the ground up with my hands. I have abused all sorts of substances legal and non and have experienced the clear mind of a sober contributing citizen guilt free. I have been fat and out of shape hating my appearance and I have appeared on the cover of a Fitness magazine. I have been broke owing the next three years wages to my debtors and I have had thousands of dollars in my hand that were mine. My first parents were a crack junkie/prostitute mother and a prison happy Biker father, my second set of parents are a religious couple, father a Contractor/miner and mother is about the sweetest thing in the world that cooks and loves me. My life has been full of ups and downs and many many lessons but through the journey I have found what makes me happy; “owning my reality, trying to make it better and sharing my passion for a healthy lifestyle with all who will listen”.

What are the biggest obstacles or setbacks have you had to overcome in your life?

My biggest obstacle was at a much younger age, the set-back lasted for twenty years. When I was little the parents I had sucked. I had abandonment issues, fear of loss issues, Adhd crazy style, and a head full of terrible images and memories. I was forced to live in a loony bin at the Primary Children’s Hospital for months and pumped full of all kinds of pills and excuses, I was 7. Later I moved to a boy’s home behind the state Capitol where I had a year or so to get adopted or it was off to the boy’s ranch till I was 18 years old. I got lucky and a family picked me to come and live with them, that was the huge obstacle in my life “finding someone to love and take care of me”. I got that at 9 years old, but the set back would soon come when I brought my reality with me to this new home. I was literally kind of crazy; I had no social skills and needed attention in the worst way. I tested everyone’s patience, everyone’s! I would find myself dealing with my set back of “being socially inept” for years, basically negating my happiness. Eventually I turned to substance abuse to kill the internal pain while I was struggling to be what I so desired, normal. Over many years I was able to overcome these obstacles and set-backs and I am proud to say they are not issues anymore.

What are your biggest accomplishments within the fitness industry so far?

I am proud to say that I am a Sponsored Athlete placing 2nd at the WBFF Worlds, Pro- Fitness Cover Model, CPT and Actor/host. I am humbled to even think that my picture is in or on a book or magazine ever! I think my biggest accomplishment of all however is helping people feel the way I do; better. By default appearances will change and that is cool but for someone to feel a difference in quality of their life from any inspiration coming from me, well that is way cooler and definitely my biggest accomplishment!

How did you get into fitness modeling and stepping on stage with the Wbff? I always loved the idea of building the body, I was a fan of the 80’s bodybuilding movement growing up and it never left my heart. When I started training I was ignorant to my potential, I eventually had to take a picture out of a magazine to see if I compared. How presumptuous does a guy have to be entering a pay your bills with your body lifestyle having spent the last ten years fat and addicted to ………  But I kept training and eventually could not discount the fact that I looked like I might be able to stand next to these guys and compete for revenue and glory.  By this time I was working as a fitness model full time but I could not quite pay all my bills and did not want to get a job because I felt so far behind; I had only been training 7 months.  I needed to get sponsored! How does this happen and if it has not already happened being published, how could it happen now? I looked through the magazines and found all the guys I knew that were making money. Those guys and girls were edified in a way that I was not, Pro this, Champion that, I was neither a Pro or a Champion. That is when I decided to compete in the WBFF; I had to know that I tried everything before I gave up. So I decided to try something new and why not try it with the guys I have been staring at and reading about in the Mags; I was going to have to get on stage and compete. I did and took second at the Worlds in September in Toronto, that decision  helped to edify me in a way that covers can not and I know it is one of the main reasons I am sponsored now. Thanks WBFF!

What is your biggest fear? I fear that I will be unable to make up for the mistakes I have made in my life and pay forward the help I have been given. That fear is driving me to be a better person and give of myself as much as I can. It will probably never go away but I do not mind because I face this fear head on each and every day and I am winning!

Who have been inspirations to you in your life? I have had too many to count but I have found a lot of inspiration from my parents. They had such a hard time helping me grow up and understand my new reality. I was basically a broken child and did not show them the love they deserve. However they have showed me endless love and now I know how to feel it and give it back. Love is such a huge part of my life; loving something or someone can lead to endless inspiration! Thanks mom and dad.

What motivates you? My motivation comes from my reality and the understood fact that I can change it for the better daily. There is not enough hours in the day to do what I want to do, but as long as I try I sleep the guiltless sleep.

Who is in your Ipod play list now? I like to listen to anything that brings emotion to my heart, It could be anything from James Blunt to Hollywood Undead. I find it very useful to think about why I am in the gym and train accordingly, a certain song will remind me either positively or negatively about my reality and I train harder.

Give us a typical week in the gym? My typical training schedule is different than the ones I advise on. It consists of a split program working the full body two times per week and smaller muscle groups more. I am trying to pay my bills with my body and playing catch up at that. So I train, eat, work occasionally and sleep. I recently hopped back on this two a day training to put on some size in my problem areas. Workout split #1 Back and Chest #2 Legs #3 Shoulders #4 Arms Calves, Abbs 4 times per week I can take this split and do it how I want, Cardio in the Am with calves and Abbs then do Shoulders that night with or without cardio. I play with it listening to my body and trying not to over train.

What is a typical day of diet for you? I like my ½ cup of Gluten free oats with a couple scoops of Bodylogix vanilla protein, 3 tablespoons of Honey, and Am pills for breakfast before training. Then I take a Bodylogix pre-workout drink to light me up a little and head out for the gym. When I am finished training before I leave the locker room or hit the sauna I take a Post workout shake with 30-60 grams of fast carbs and 25-40 grams of fast protein, also a Bodylogix product. An hour after training or so I have a salad and my mid day pills, I like to mix Balsamic vinegar, Honey mustard, Mustard, ½-1  cup of Brown rice cooked, 4-8 ozs of fish or meat or like 10 egg whites and 2 yolks, Salad mix and maybe a little Borage oil in a bowl and scissor cut it and mix it until it is in small pieces. About two or three hours later I have another salad or I will eat a sandwich with vegetables, Ezekiel bread 2 slices toasted, 2 table spoons of barbeque or some sauce, Mustard, 4-8 ozs of meat, Asparagus 10-15 spears, Strawberries 5 frozen, Salad Mix, Apple cider vinegar. A couple hours later I am preparing for the gym again with a Post Workout shake before and when finished I have another Post Workout shake, Bodylogix. For dinner right when I get home it is 45 grams of some sort of protein, protein shake or meat or eggs and my pm pills.

Do you have any favorite supplements?

I like the Bodylogix line, they have no proprietary blend which means they tell you exactly what and how much of whatever is in it. I am big on Pre and Post workout supplementation, I like to make sure I am getting my fish-oil every day and I am a huge fan of Protein shakes.

What are your lifetime goals? My goals are starting to change as I get older; I have reached so many now that I am looking at the holes in my life. I am kind of lonely and would love to have companionship! My new goals are to find that someone to share my life with and all that I have until we are old, I would like to have a family of little Kimmerle’s running around and ideally them like me for a dad. I am hoping in the selfish worldly part of my heart to be edified in the Fitness industry enough that it allows me to support this main dream forever. I am also trying to take a picture or video that will last forever and inspire long after I am gone others to follow their dreams before it is too late (I got started at 30).

Any big opportunities coming up for you? Where to start, I am lucky even to have a single person want to take a picture or video of me. So having Muscle and Fitness, Inside Fitness, Reps and Maximum Fitness call me this month makes me a very lucky person. I plan on competing at the WBFF Worlds in August and that is a huge opportunity! That is what I can say for now, but watch out, some giant opportunities might be in the works.

What 3 words describe you? HEARTACHE, DETERMINATION, CHANGE!

Anyone you would like to thank or say to inspire others out there that look up to you? There are too many to name but I will try. I am thankful to have God in my life and I thank him daily. I would like to thank my parents for not stopping their out of shape addict son from reaching for such an outrageous dream; acknowledging that when I told them of my plan, I did not look the part, I had never really finished anything I started and I had no idea of how I was going to  break into the business. I would like to thank my good friends Michelle and Lyndon LeSueur for sponsoring me in the beginning and Poop, Beans and P-Diddy for staying my friends even though my decision affected them financially. I have a few dead friends that I think about often– Kent, Adam and Tyler who in their memory I try to live a better life and show to others that there is no bottom, there is death and there is daylight; choose to stop your decent into the hole, stop looking for a rope, look up at that little circle of daylight and start climbing!!!!!   Good to you all and thanks Micah for this opportunity you are one of the good guys in the industry and I want to thank you for your leadership and example.

Where can we find you?

Davids Personal Site: http://davidkimmerle.com/

Facebook:- http://www.facebook.com/david.kimmerle

David I feel truly honored to be able to share your story.  At Hitch Fit we try and help motivate and inspire so many people across the globe and if someone just saw your picture they would never in a million years realize what pain you have gone through.  This gives hope to so many people out there that feel like quitting or ready to give up.  Never Give Up!!!  If you focus on being the best person you can be day in day out you will find your happiness and success!!

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