WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model Shannon Leroux

Shannon Leroux has achieved much in the fitness industry, but her success doesn’t end there! This multi talented beauty is also a successful actress, voice talent, and TV host! Hitch Fit is delighted to share our interview with Shannon, and grateful for her taking the time to chat with us!

Shannon Leroux

Height: 6’ tall

Weight: 158 off season; 148 competition ready

You have achieved so many great things, not just on the competitive fitness scene, but you have branched out into  many other elements of the commercial, television and movie industry. Can you take us back to the beginning of your success and tell us how you got started and how your career evolved into what it is today?

I have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in so many different facets of the media.   From the time I was 5 years old I knew I wanted to be in the “Biz”, to me it was magical.  Growing up in “Small town Ontario” it really was never “clear” how I was going to accomplish it, but darn, I knew I wanted to be a part of it…..  It never changes, the “magic time” in front of the lens, on stage or in a voice studio……Now, the climb to get there, hmmmm sometimes less than magical.  A series of steps completely steeped in raw tenacity.   I have learned that I have to get up more quickly from each mistake and more importantly I must embrace my errors as endless opportunities for growth…….Television gives such immediate and wonderful feedback……When something works – it is intensely obvious, when something really doesn’t work – it is intensely obvious.    I can absolutely attribute my success to my “Never.Give.Up.” attitude and my best skill –networking.  My “Wins” are certainly not because I have ever been the most talented or the most beautiful (in fact, I grew up the ugly duckling….there are so many more who far exceed my gifts in those departments, but because I consistently have faith that if I dream it, I can achieve it, things just always seem to work out.  In this business, networking is key – meet people, put them in your rolodex and then always keep in touch.  Stay memorable, stay interested in their business and do your best to help someone every time you are able.


Do you have any “aha” moments that you could share, moments that inspired you to make change in your own life?

I had a major health issue four years ago that reminded me that truly, every day is a gift.

Have you ever experienced any major disappointments? If so, how did you pick yourself back up and re direct your energy to a new path of success?

The single biggest disappointment I have experienced in my career was my lack of follow-up when Robert Kennedy approached me after my very first Figure Championship and offered me an opportunity with Oxygen Mag.   I just didn’t believe I was “Good enough” or that I was in the same category as “his girls”.  I had never had a photo-shoot and was terrified.….. What I learned was that I needed to always listen to those who were encouraging me and to Never, listen to the negative “stuff”.  This time the negative came from my own “Recorded Tapes”.  Thankfully, I was able to turn that mistake into the “Fuel” that propelled my current career.  I knew that when I allowed my own “self-talk” turn my back on a wonderful opportunity it was time to redirect.  I will be forever grateful for that “mistake” it in fact, changed my life.

Give a brief overview of your diet and training.

I am in the gym 6 days a week, depending on the time in the season I use a 2 days on, one off, then 3 on with one off, strength training approach.  This rotation allows me to train each muscle group once a week.  Legs on day one, Chest and Abs on Day two, Back on Day three, Delts and Calves on day 4 and Arms and Abs on day 5.  This Formula helps me stay in the proverbial game.  It keeps me accountable and reminds me that if I were to only work on the days I felt like it, I really would never get much done……I do an hour of cardio on all 6 days.   More to that – One of my favorite quotes is “Winners do what is Goal achieving while losers do what stress is relieving.” Author – Dennis Wakley.

I always do a cardio session on the “Off Days” those days are fun and usually mean a 10KM run, step class, spin class, Mauy Thai class.

Diet consists of 5 meals per day – each meal with a 30 gr lean protein (egg white, chicken breast, tilapia, filet), 30 to 50 gr. Carb (long grain rice, sweet potato, oatmeal) – 150 grams of green leafy veg. (spinach, kale, bok choy)

P.S.  Diana – I followed your leg day workout video two weeks ago……no, seriously, I had late onset muscle “Agony” for a WEEK……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was KILLER.

What obstacles have you overcome to achieve your goals (what’s your story?)

My biggest obstacles have always been navigating my own “self talk”…….changing my personal tapes have made such an incredible difference in my life and the lives of my children.  Approaching EVERYTHING with a positive outlook is my key.   I have to sometimes remind myself that happiness is ALWAYS a choice…..really, once I got good at that, life became a pretty cool gig.    Now, there is no such thing as a “Bad day”……

As a single mom it can be a challenge when organizing children and family schedules. Sometimes a job is booked with under 12 hours’ notice, maybe even to be in a different city shooting at 6:00am. It requires careful planning ahead and some really fantastic infrastructure.  The only thing I count on in my days is that it will most likely change….:-)

What are your top tips for athletes/models/actors aspiring to follow in your footsteps and work towards achieving similar success as you?

I believe the most important of my philosophies is having a positive “Can Do” attitude…….I visualize my end, create a plan, execute the plan, stick it out even when it is tough, never let a challenge become bigger than my goal and usually I  achieve it -.  In my mind’s eye I capture and retain the image of what I believe is the perfect scenario/career choice for me.  Then I  seek out those who already have what I want –I  ASK them how they did it……. Then utilize “MY” image in order to develop the plan consistently.  I am sorry I don’t know who said it before me but – Do the thing you love every single day without fail.    Make a commitment to verbalizing positive outcomes regarding your path.  “I am a fit, healthy, lean person.” Repeat it often enough and it WILL become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  For it to work, it has to be a complete application……..negativity can never have a seat at the table!

Grow to appreciate and believe in the law of attraction. Forecast success in your mind and continuously practice believing that your life is all that you wish it to be, and always trust in your ability  accomplish everything you desire! You are in charge.
Gosh, I just re-read what I wrote above and I sound like a drill sergeant – but really and truly, I believe the above is the key to my success…….LOL, do I fall off my own path sometimes……..absolutely, but what I have become better at over time is getting up really quickly.

What are some new goals that you are currently working towards?

Our production team is shopping our Never.Give.Up. Documentary.

I have just finished shooting 2 DVD titles.

Currently Producing Content for Wellness based Television

Tell us a funny story about you, not necessarily related to fitness

We once had to change an entire script on the spot because I couldn’t pronounce monotonous.

Where can people find out more about you?




Anyone you would like to thank who has been a part of your fitness journey?

Absolutely – My parents…..Judy and Shawn Tobin.  They have always been my biggest cheerleaders, encouraging me through  challenges and celebrating the successes.  Without their constant support in the pursuit of my dreams my story would be very different.  I am so fortunate in so many  more ways than I could ever have hoped for.   My great thanks  to two of the world’s best!

I would be remiss to not thank my children Troy and Kamryn, my biggest accomplishments shine in the light of their eyes……I am so blessed.

Out and about with Shannon!