WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model Chelcea Davis Gonzales


Photo by Noel Daganta

Chelcea’s Bio: 

Chelcea Lee Davis Gonzales

WBFF Diva Fitness Model

Competition and Life Coach


On stage weight 124 lbs

Off Season weight 135 lbs

Birthdate: November 18th 1983


*Tell us about yourself, where did you grow up, what was life like for you as a kid, when and how did you discover the world of fitness?

I grew up in Northglenn, CO, a suburb of Denver, for most of my life. We moved around a lot when I was younger so this is really where I called home.  I now live in Omaha, Nebraska with my husband and three beautiful dogs.  When I had made the sudden move to Nebraska, I left a modeling past behind me in Denver. There wasn’t much of the high fashion demand out here and my first runway show was on 15 foot wooden box at a club called Nico. I decided to go a different route and joined the corporate world as an Event Coordinator. I enjoyed my job and was pretty good at it too.  I was always at the top with my numbers and quotas and was even promoted to train other coordinators around national locations to become what I had and love that part of my job. But I was missing something, something big.

One New Years eve I was reading one of my fitness magazines enjoying some breakfast and I came across a picture of Alicia Marie. I remembered her because I had seen her before on the cover of a fitness magazine before and remember being so envious of her curve and the greatest booty I had ever seen. Right then I had made up my mind that I wanted to compete. I did some asking around and a little research of starter shows in my area and started there. A friend of mine here actually pointed me in the direction of Diana Chaloux Lacerte and to reach out on face book. When I typed in the name I had another “Whoa!” moment just like the one I did when I bought the magazine with Alicia on it. The picture was one that Miss Diana had done with John Stutz in 2007 on a rock in a black wrapped top that was stunningly feminine but strong. I had a fire in my heart now that I was going to achieve the same greatness and pass it on. I had to put in some hard work.  Learning along the way through others, reading my life away in articles, magazines, websites, and books. Through my own trial and of course error, I came to be in the best shape of my life and holding my own on a stage.  I currently work as a self titled lifestyle coach, and help others make changes and provide support they need in life to hit their own personal goals. Nothing is more rewarding to me than a thank you from someone that has made a difference in their life through achievement, and let me be a part of it.

*Tell us about your journey with the WBFF. You first graced the stage in Kansas City, placing very well at that show, and then went on to earn your Pro status, what has this whole experience been like for you? 

I have said it before and will say it again… The competing with the WBFF has been the best federation I have ever seen or had the chance to be a part of.

It started with reaching out to a friend of mine and fellow competitor, Rachelina Del Moral.  I had seen a video of her on Facebook getting a chance to go to a camp with Diana in KC. Soon followed was an interview of Rachelina and the incredible story I never knew about her fitness journey. I had to reach out. The excitement that lit up in her words as she spoke about it was almost as exciting as the video I had seen of the competitors on a WBFF stage. It made you want to just be a part of it in some way, somehow. My husband surprised me with the chance to go to the next camp and I became so ecstatic for the opportunity that I called a few friends to go as well. I learned so much more than how to walk on stage and present your physique, but how to actually do something with it in your life. After the discussion part of the camp we all had the chance to walk and practice a little bit of what we could do on stage with the critique of Diana Chaloux! You could tell that they were all really pulling it out in hopes to be noticed as if it were a competition in its self. At the time I was only doing the figure category because that is what I had been training for. As my turn came around I was so nervous, but to my excitement Diana walked up to me and told me “You need to do Fitness Model too”.  That’s where it began… My passion for fitness grew even more after that. Videos and support from other athletes through social networking, group discussion and marketing fed my desire to be better than I was before every day with the support of others this time. I soon reached the date of my first chance to grace a WBFF stage and took 1st place in Figure Tall class in the US Central Championships. As Chady Dunmore handed me my award she spoke the words “Welcome to the Team”.   At that very moment I lost all control of my emotions and my heart shined out loud for all to see. Tears and all I hugged Chady with warmest gratitude I could express and then raised that trophy with more pride than I had ever had that I was on my way to something big.

My husband and I decided that we wanted to do one more show before the end of the year and I was so blessed to have been given another shot at a pro title. This time was at the New England Championships in Rhode Island. Not only was I going to get to compete again with amazing competitors but our close friends Tim Gorham and Ashley Katz were right there with us. I once again tried both categories to see where exactly I belonged and took second place in Diva Fitness Model along with a Pro Title, alongside my husband’s 1st place and Pro Title as well. Words could not express the joy of our hard work paying off together.

*What are you most passionate about?

If it hasn’t shown by now my passion for helping others and leading by way of hard work are some of my everyday life achievements. My husband and family come first which in my case come hand in hand.

Photo by Noel Daganta

*What is one big dream that you have for yourself that you haven’t achieved yet?

I have big dreams of someday being looked at as I once looked at my inspirations. I dream of being a columnist someday reaching out to others and helping them with their paths to their own dreams. Not just a “how to” kind of a book because there are a million out there and I may just be one more conflicting opinion, but the real stuff like competing with a spouse or the struggles of overcoming obstacles in health and fitness.

*Do you have any “aha” moments that were instrumental in change that you made in your life?

I did have an ‘aha’ moment and actually it was my husband that lead me to this realization. I was a model and in definition would have been considered a ‘hanger model’. The kind of model that you could hang anything on and tell them to walk down the run way. I was actually not given a spot in one of the biggest shows in Denver because I was too skinny. After a comfortable time of my husband and me dating he had expressed how gross it was when I lifted my arms to put a shirt on that he could see my ribs. I will never forget that moment… I had always joked about me being so skinny and sometimes even loved the attention of people telling me to eat something because I thought that’s what models were supposed to look like. Michael, my husband, helped me see what was really appealing to men was strong, confident, fit women. I realized that he was so right because I had looked up to those women too in the magazines I was reading, but I never realized I could actually be one.

*You were recently married (congratulations by the way!) and your hubby Michael is also a new WBFF Pro, what is it like being able to compete and be involved with this industry, side by side with the man that you love? 

It is the most gratifying feeling in the world to know that the biggest joy of my life is shared with the biggest love of my life. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not easy. Pre contest dieting and training is hard and just gets harder because you have to keep improving with each prep. Sometime we fight over mirror space for posing, or the last chicken breast in the fridge because we don’t want to cook. But in the long run I usually let him win the mirror space, and I always eat the last chicken breast.  Why? Because the man never has his shirt on for posing or cooking and I like to watch both hehehe. We are each other’s biggest fans and in turn, biggest support system because we know what it’s like.

*What or who inspires you to compete or be an athlete?

Some of my own personal inspirations as athletes are of course, previously mentioned, Alicia Marie, Diana Chaloux Lacerte, Chady Dunmore, Ava Cowan, Kia Greene, and the one and only Emily Stirling. Like everyone does at the gym, I do a bit of body shopping. It’s kind of like window shopping but for physiques. My wish list is as follows:-

Alicia’s Glutes,

Diana’s Legs and Beauty,

Chady’s Beautiful Smile and Poise,

Ava’s Abs and Sass,

Kia’s Wisdom and Determination,

Emily’s Shoulders and well whole dang package that one, geez.

Beside the Physical attributes to each of these inspirations I follow the attitudes and examples of each individual because they stand out as true leaders.

*Give a brief overview of your diet and training.

Pretty basic really. I stick to a 5 day split for 4 weeks then confuse the muscle with a double team of muscles groups for a 3 day split for 2 weeks.

Here is an example of my back workout:

Pull Ups 5 sets of 5Wide grip

Shoulder width

Close Grip


Lat Pull Down 4 Sets of 10

Heavy weightTriangle Pull Down 3 sets of 15T-Bar Row

Overhand 2 sets of 25

Underhand 2 sets of 25


Single arm Bent over Row

3Sets of 10 Heavy weight


My diet consists of predictable foods every day about 6-7 meals a day to keep my body fueled. Every week I allow myself one cheat meal or, depending on my next show or shoot date, one full cheat day. I try and stick to higher carb meals, moderate fats and avoid sugar as much as possible. I find it to be more beneficial to my results during training anyway because it confuses my lepton levels and keeps my metabolism from plateauing.

I always eat 40 grams of carbs and super greens before and after workout to fuel me with the energy I need for my pump and to restore glycogen storage after to help grow.  Usually it’s rice or potato, both white.


*What are you afraid of? How do you deal with or overcome your fears in life?

I am afraid of letting others down. I have quite a few people that depend on me for advice and training. My biggest fear is not being able to help or make time. That includes family as well. I have learned everything I know through my own personal experience and can only offer what I have learned on my path. I thrive off of encouragement and live to hear the words thank you, so I push myself to be there for others as much as possible. I honestly sometimes lose sight of myself when I do this and my husband has to bring me back in. At least I know one thing for sure is that I give my all to my clients.

*What are your future goals?

I am in the process of creating my own name in many different areas of fitness and competition. I am striving for placing in the top 5 at WBFF Worlds in 2012, and stand on stage with the best. Right now I work with men and women nationwide that compete or just want to get into great shape. I like to call them Show Stoppers. I help answer any questions they may have, help with contest prep and also hold classes and seminars for posing, fitness and proper nutrition.  I hope to expand that and create my Iconic dream of health and fitness as a role model. I’d like to have inspired a following of youth and adult lives to have changed for the better in ways of living a fit lifestyle

*Tell us a funny story about you, not necessarily related to fitness  :-) 

Ooooh Maaaan. There are a lot of stories that come to mind but some more embarrassing to me that are funny to my family. One in which I will never live down. It was back in high school when I was more excited about the week after graduation than I was about the diploma it’s self. A friend of mine and I were planning our very own senior vacation. I received a gift of cash from my parents for graduating and decided to spend it on a trip to California. Now I wasn’t always the easiest daughter in the world but I listened to my father. He has this look that will make you want to sit up straight and say ‘Yes sir’ with the slightest squint of his eye. When I told him about my trip I was planning, he wasn’t too happy about it but wanted to make sure I had everything I needed to be safe. I had left his smoking room in a hurry with the relief of his approval and the words “make sure you have everything you need, and don’t forget your passport”.  I ran out to call my friend Stephanie and the next few days organized the most fail proof best senior trip ever. I thought about the words my father had said and wanted to make sure everything was in order. Night club outfits check, bikini’s for the beach check, Money for fun check, Passport che… Wait. I have never had a passport, what did he mean? Ok, don’t panic just go get one so that I can go. So being an anxious senior about to miss the chance at total freedom for 6 days, I went to the DMV to get a passport. After about a 30 min wait I was informed I would need a passport picture which I had the get from a photo store. Well at that time printing a picture meant a 30 min developing time so I spent an hour and a half getting that done before I headed back to the DMV to wait in another 2 hour line to receive my passport. About 6 people from my turn up I got a call from my father on my cell to ask when I was going to be home. A frustrated me almost in tears replied.. “I am just not sure because I had to wait all day to get my passport picture taken, then they had to develop it, then I came back to the DMV and the line is so long that it has been 2 hours already and I don’t know if I am going to have time to get everything done before I leave for California and if I don’t get this I can’t go and Daddy I just wanna go so bad!” After hysterical laughter from the other line of my cell and a couple people around me in line with the giggles… I realized I didn’t need a passport to travel to California.  Told ya, I’ll never live it down.

*How can people find out more about you?

You can check me out at:



Or check out my fan page at



*Anyone you would like to thank who has been a part of your fitness journey?

My family, and our close friends the Action Jacksons, Boswells, and Tim and Ashley who are so important to me and taking this journey with my husband that has allowed both of us to lead by example for couples and other families to be Fit Together.

Complete Nutrition powering my workouts and lifestyle

JR Kingery for starting me out on the right foot towards greatness and all of my clients and Showstoppers for making me want to be better every day.

Last But not least Ingrid and Joe for taking the time to give advice and be amazing friends even at a distance.