WBFF Diva Bikini Model Pro World Champion Chady Dunmore

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WBFF Pro Diva Bikini World Champion 2010 Chady Dunmore!

WBFF Diva Bikini Model World Champion Chady Dunmore

Fitness RX Cover Model Chady Dunmore


Raised in Miami Fl. Chady Dunmore has had a love of sports and fitness since she was a child, while battling a Kidney disease from an early age being just 4 , so by the age of 8 she began her training in taekwondo, and at the age of 12 she earned her black belt. Immediately after she transitioned to cheerleading and gymnastics, and was able to find time to model professionally at the age of 16. Modeling and cheering her way through college, staying fit became a passion. After college and a successful modeling career Chady decided to move to California and tune her skills as an actress. By this time being a mother of a 4year old, she put her fitness skills to the ultimate test; having gained 70 pounds during her high risk pregnancy due to her continued battle with her kidney disease she re-sculpted her body into a bikini fitness model. She is currently gracing fitness magazine covers (Fitness RX & Oxygen), various video and print product endorsements, while still competing internationally and is the 2010 Arnold Classic Bikini Champion and the 2010 WBFF Pro Bikini World Champion. With a diverse fitness background, incredible beauty, combined with her acting ability and being bilingual creates a vertically and horizontally integrated marketing machine for a wide range of products. Her future goals are to continue to compete as a pro in bikini and defend her WBFF World Title in 2011, create a fitness/active wear line, publish her new book, complete her new album off the success of her current single “Work it Out”,  and develop her career in hosting shows/events, with her  trademark phrase “get excited” it seems like there will be a lot more to get excited about.


My Weight Loss Story:
-I had gained OVER 70lbs with my pregnancy 4years ago and LOST MYSELF!!!:-(  (weighing 206lbs)
Decided I need to take charge and get the weight off with lots of hard work and dedication and VIOLA….a bikini champ was born! LOL

“Aha” Moment:

– LOSING!!! haha   Losing and being confused, what did I do wrong? I sat in the audience to watch how and why did the top 10 get to be the top 10…..and “Aha”….there it was.  I then saw what I needed to do….it wasnt about the best body or swimsuit.:-)

What sparked my decision to compete:

-I needed a goal to work towards to. I remember seeing my 1st natural figure show and thinking, NO WAY would I EVER compete or have the discipline to get on stage that lean and tan. Friends of mine at the show were all telling me I should be on stage and I just laughed and shook my head thinking that I love food too much.
I had Finally reached my weight goal to what I weighed before I had my daughter but was too comfortable…. I fell in love with the gym and how it made me feel…IN control.  I can recall exactly, walking into the gym and protesting to the trainers and fellow gym members I was going to compete in a bikini show 2months from that day.

How has competing changed my life:

-Competing has brought me back to my good ol’ days training as an athlete,  I have been athletic my whole life, I think it plays a major role in how strong my disclipline is and how hard I can train in the gym….eating is a different story (laughing). I think competing has changed my schedule as a mother, I now have a tight schedule when it comes to eating meals and scheduling play dates around them.

What/Who inspires me to compete to be an athlete:

-I can think of countless women who have be inspirations to me but an inspiration to compete was myself.  I have always had stage fright (as odd as that sounds), so getting on stage on a particular day…in a bikini as a new mother…with stretchmarks was INSANE!!! I challenged myself, I had nothing to lose but more to gain….I believed in myself!


-I keep it simple….. lean meat  4-6oz, sweet potato.brown rice (4-6oz), and a ton of veggies!!! Water, water, WATER!!! I drink half a gallon to a gallon a day:-)


-Singing career: I have been working on finishing up my album within the next few months.
-Book: working on a book that can elaborate how I REALLY lost all that weight, what was going on in my life, and so on….
-Defend my WBFF 2011 PRO Bikini ChampionTitle
-My Bucket List can go on and on….. There will be MORE of me to come .

Anything I am afraid of? if so, why?:

-Losing my any family members or becoming unhealthy.  My family defines the person I am today, strong and well grounded. I could not be the person I am with them and their faith in me.

Top Tips for aspiring fitness girls looking to take charge on health/fitness to shed weight:

-My Biggest Tip for Fitness Women OR Men is to write down what your goals or have a vision board.  Place this list of goal or vision board right by your toothbrush or on your refrigerator so it reminds you why you going to the gym everyday, why you sore, why you want to stay on track!!!!

How can people find more about you:

– www.chadydunmore.com
twitter: chadydunmore
Facebook: Chady Dunmore

I want to give a Special Thank you for being a part of my Fitness Journey:
Thank you Hitch Fit (Diana & Micah) for giving me this opportunity to share my story….
-I want to Thank Marquis Phillips, for being the incredible trainer and friend to help me lose ALL that baby weight!!!
-MY Current Coach/Trainer Doug Casebier, for making me better and better through all these competitions because I know it hasn’t been easy….BUT WE are a TEAM.   I couldn’t have done it without you and you can do it without me doing the work…that is what makes a champion.
-Last but certainly not least, Mr. PAUL DILLETT….you have taken me into this wonderful family of the WBFF and your constant support has been endless….I THANK YOU for pushing me to become the BEST and you will get nothing less from me.

Height: 5’7.5″
Weight: Off Season Weight: 135 lbs, Competition Weight: 127 lbs
Body Fat: 12-14% body fat off season, Bikini: 10-% Body Fat On Season
Contest Experience
2008 Fitness America – Bikini Tall 14th place
2009 NPC Contra Costa – Bikini Tall 2nd place
2009 Fitness Universe – Bikini Tall 14th place
2009 Fitness Universe – Figure Tall 12th place
2009 INBA Figure – Pro Qualifier Figure Tall 1st place, Overall, Best Poser, & Best Symmetry
2009 NPC Sacramento Show – Pro Qualifier Bikini Tall 1st place & Overall
2010 Arnold Classic Bikini Championships – 1st Place Tall & First Place Overall
2010 Fitness Universe – Pro Qualifier Bikini Tall 2nd Place
2010 WBFF World Championships – Pro Bikini 1st Place Overall Winner

2010 FMI Fitness Model of the Year Award

Youtube Channel:


Facebook Page:

A big thank you to Chady Dunmore for taking the time for an interview with Hitch Fit. We love sharing inspiring stories that will motivate others to make positive change in their lives, and we feel that this is a prime example of one! Congratulations on your journey to date, and continued success to you in the future. – Diana & Micah

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