Wbff Diva Bikini Model Jenna Webb

Hitch Fit Sponsored Featured Athlete


Jenna Webb

“Wbff Diva Bikini Model and Cover Model”

Who is Jenna Webb?

What do you love most about Fitness? The best part about fitness is looking and feeling good! There is no better feeling than the confidence that a healthy lifestyle can bring you, and the feeling that bathingsuit season can’t come fast enough!!

What keeps you motivated?

There are a number of things that keep me motivated. Constant progression is very motivating for me as well as having a gym buddy or partner so we are constantly pushing one another. I also find motivation through the many girls and guys that look to me for tips to get them started on their fitness journey.

What are your major accomplishments in the industry?

Competing for the first time at the WBFF World Championships in 2010 and placing 4th!, Shooting with Micah at Robert Kennedy’s Studio with Photographer Gregory James and getting my first cover and first ever couples cover of Maximum Fitness! getting the chance to work with Wendi of Satio Photography who has become a great friend and huge part of my career. Wendi has me published in a number of fitness magazines we also have two posters (and a 3rd one on the way) in walmart, fye, spencers and other stores. I had the opportunity to shoot with Inside Fitness Magazine with Arsenik Photography at the IFM studio in Canada. My next major accomplishment will be working the MuscleMag booth at the 2011 Arnold Classic. Last but certainly not least, my first ever sponsorship with Hitch Fit online personal training!

Why did you decide to become apart of Hitch Fit?

I decided to become a part of the Hitch Fit team because they are a result oriented organization that truely focuses on their clients health and transformations. They don’t just talk the talk, Hitch Fit shows results! Their integrity, work ethic, morals, and Micah and Diana’s down to earth personalities were the icing on the cake. For me this was an easy decision!

What can you say to those out there that want to be where you are at now?

If there is something you want bad enough, there is nothing or nobody that can stop you. Set goals and work hard at them every day, reach out to your favorite photographers and schedule photoshoots so you can get your face out there. Picture yourself as a business, you are the product and you’ve got to sell yourself to those magazine publishers, judges, photographers and supplement companies. So let this be your year and get out there on stage or infront of that camera and own what you’ve been working for! Hard work and dedication always pays off. Need help getting started? Thats where Hitch Fit comes in!
What does your Nutrition look like? right now im eating 6 to 8 meals a day with a balance of lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

What Does your Training Look like?

I train 6 days a week, one muscle group per day starting my workout with either abs or calves and do one touch up excercise for one of my weaker muscle groups at the end of my workout. An example of a typical Monday would be: full ab or calf routine, full chest routine, touch up on hammies. I am always switching my workouts up though, gotta keep your body and your muscles guessing!

What are your Future Goals?

To be able to hit my ultimate goal that I set years ago the moment I started working out..and that was to be in oxygen magazine. Robert Kennedy and Tosca Reno don’t know this but Oxygen Magazine and Tosca’s books on eating clean helped me through a really tough time in my life. I’d also LOVE to get my Pro card this year with the WBFF, so I will be going after that in 2011! Besides that, I just hope the great opportunities continue to happen and I can keep pushing forward in this amazing, and rewarding industry.

Where can we find Jenna Webb?

Personal Website: www.JennaReneeFit.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jenna-Renee-Fit-Fan-Page/263494884000?v=wall

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jennareneefit

Bodyspace: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/Jenna_Renee/