5 Tips for Ordering Healthy Food at a Restaurant

Going out to eat is always a fun experience—you get to dress up, get out of the house and enjoy time with friends and family for a few hours. What’s not to love about going to your favorite restaurant?

But the restaurant experience is very different for those on a diet. In fact, many dieters forgo going out to eat because they’re afraid they’ll order something high in fat or give in to that always-tempting bread basket.
At Hitch Fit, we want you to enjoy your life, but be healthy at the same time!!! That’s why we’ve narrowed down 5 great tips to remember when ordering at a restaurant. Use these 5 tips every time you go out to eat and you’ll not only enjoy your restaurant experience, but you’ll also stay lean in the process!!

1. Order water
Many times, the liquids that we consume at restaurants are just extra calories we don’t need! You can forgo consuming an extra 300 calories just because you decide to drink water at dinner instead. We especially recommend skipping the diet soda. Do your body some good and order water when you go out to eat. Plus, it’ll save you a few bucks!

2. Chew gum, not the bread
Many of us can’t help but give into the bread basket. It’s warm, it’s free and most of all, it arrives at the table when we are usually quite hungry! The bread basket is hard to give up—but with the right amount of will power, it can be done.

We recommend chewing a piece of gum or a mint as soon as the bread basket arrives. Allowing your taste buds to enjoy something will help keep your mind off of the bread and butter. It will keep your mouth busy until your entrée arrives.

If you must eat bread, opt for wheat bread with no butter.

3. Order first
There is nothing worse than deciding on a healthy garden salad for dinner and then hearing everyone order the fattening meals ahead of you. Hearing other orders first may make you rethink your healthy decision, so it’s usually best to be the first to order.

4. On the side, please
Always order dressings and condiments on the side. This can help you portion control how much of the sugary or salty substances you really need. By asking for dressing on the side you can save yourself over 400 calories!!!

5. Portion control
The portions at restaurants are absolutely unbelievable—it’s no wonder America has an obesity problem!! Most portions are enough to feed two or three people, so keep this in mind. We recommend sharing a dish with a friend or immediately asking for a box with your meal so you can place half of it to-go for the following day. We promise you’ll still feel full with portion control—it’s the restaurants that are crazy!!!

Keep these 5 simple tips in mind the next time you and your friends or family decide to head out to your favorite restaurant. It’s these little changes that can help you go from unhealthy to Hitch Fit!!!