Top 10 Tips for Working Out When Traveling

We’re reaching into the mail bag (email inbox) for this post! This is a question we get a lot and we’ve been constantly flooded with questions very similar to this:

“I travel a lot for work.  Depending on where I’m staying, I’m never sure if I’ll be able to get a workout in. Sometimes, I get lucky and my hotel has a great workout facility, so it’s not an issue, but a lot of times the facilities are often subpar or just nonexistent. Do you have any advice?”

 Luckily, we do have some expert advice for this workout issue!  With the recent success of Hitch Fit, we’ve found ourselves traveling more to spread our philosophy of fitness and tell stories about our clients’ achievements. We know what it’s like to travel under a tough weight loss regimen. We know how frustrating it can be when the hotel with a gym that we booked online turns out to only host a few beat-up treadmills and a poor selection of dumbbells.

Worry not my fellow fitness fanatics!  We’ve put together a list of our top 10 tips that we utilize whenever we are traveling.  These tips are super simple and can be done on the road or even at home.

The Top 10 Tips for Working Out When Traveling:

1.      Bring the band(s) with you

Resistance bands are a perfect travel companion because they take up very little room in your luggage. You can do resistance band exercises right from the comfort of your hotel room. Band exercises provide resistance throughout the entirety of a movement, making them super effective for many different muscle groups.

2.      Double Dutch

Okay, you may not have that much room (unless you splurge on the executive suite). But packing along a jump rope will allow you to get in the necessary cardio you need without leaving your hotel room. Just like resistance bands, a jump rope takes up very little space in your suitcase, too!

3.      Float on

If your hotel lacks a fitness facility, but does have a pool, take a dip and swim a couple of laps. Swimming is an amazing total body workout and cardio workout all rolled into one. But a pool’s uses aren’t limited to just swimming, you can also do water aerobics.  Helpful tip: take on the pool in the early morning.  It’s difficult to swim in hotel pools when kids jump in and out of the water!

4.      Lace up

The simplest exercise of all could quite possibly be running!  All you need is your favorite pair of tennis shoes!  Instead of hopping on the treadmill, take it outside and use your jog as a sightseeing opportunity. That’s multitasking I can get behind!

5.      Body weight

Sometimes, your body weight is all you need to get a good workout it. Simple things like air-squats, pushups, sit-ups and planks are highly effective and can be done anywhere.

6.      Find your inner yogi

Space can be limited in hotel rooms, luckily, yoga doesn’t require much space. Take a breather from your stressful day and unwind in your hotel room with some yoga.

7.      Ask a friend

If you’re traveling somewhere where you have friends, ask them if you can join them at the gym. Most gyms offer their clients a few free passes for friends and family! Let your friends know you’d be more than happy to take those free passes off of their hands.  Plus, it’s always better to work out with a friend!!

8.      Don’t forget your diet!!

It may not be exercise-related, but a proper diet is just as essential as exercise (if not MORE!!). Don’t fall victim to the “oh, I’m on vacation” excuse. We know it can be tough.  Sometimes, eating on the road can be harder than fitting in a workout. Be mindful and diligent in sticking to your nutrition plan.

9.      Make the most of delays

The worst part of traveling is the possibility of being stuck in the airport with a delay. However, you could use this time for exercise! Airports are big.  Instead of sitting down and playing on your phone, grab your bag and walk round. Just don’t take the moving walkway—that’s cheating!!

10.   Plan ahead

If you really feel the like you need access to the right equipment when traveling, the best way to do so is to plan your accommodations accordingly. The folks at Athletic-minded Traveler have done the research so you don’t have to—it’s a like Zagat ratings but for fitness!!

Don’t use the “I’m on vacation” excuse! In fact, vacation or business trips are great times to work out.

All it takes is a little preplanning.  Just make sure when you’re packing to remember your toothbrush, PJ’s and of course…your tennis shoes!