I cannot tell you the endless amounts of people who contact us asking about weight loss and saying that in the past to lose weight they have ate a restricted calorie diet and did an overload to cardio.  Issue with this is with the calories burned and the not enough calories coming in you do lose scale weight but you also lose a high % of Muscle.  When you drop muscle your body in turn slows down, losing 1 lb. of muscle means you burn 50 calories per day less.

Pretty much every womans goals are to get a lean and fit body as well as being healthy for her family.  When trying to lose weight you need to focus on losing BODYFAT.  The key is a mixture of Diet, Cardio and Weightlifting.  I know many women out there feel uncomfortable doing the weights side of things or feel as if they are going to get bulky.  To put it in perspective I have worked out now for 13 years TRYING to get bulky.  An average year of building muscle for me is 6-8lbs per year; I am eating huge amounts of food and lifting very heavy weight.  The other key component is the fact that Women have 1/5th the amount of testosterone in their bodies so it’s very difficult for you to BULKY.  You will not get bulky if you eating right and training hard!!!

The benefits of a good strength training program

Less disease, happiness and most importantly, showing off your muscles at the beach.

Strength training should be part of everyone’s routine. Even if you are low on time, strength training, according to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), only needs to be done 2-3 times per week with each session lasting no more than one hour. For 2-3 hours per week, huge benefits can be realized.

Regular strength training will:

**help you in day to day activities around the house and in your yard. It will keep you independent which is especially important in the older population. Imagine not being able to lift a 5 pound bag of flour or take the garbage out by yourself.

**lower the risk of osteoporosis, hypertension and diabetes.

**help you avoid lower back pain.

**increase bone density which is important for post-menopausal women.

**increase muscle mass which burns more calories throughout the day than an equal amount of fat.

Even with all these benefits, many people are reluctant to start training with weights. Concerns include injury, incorrect form and for women; not wanting to grow muscles and look like a man.

If you are a beginner and have no idea what you are doing either start with the circuit type machines or take an aerobic class that involves weights so you can become acquainted with how to do the different exercises.  Another great way of feeling more comfortable is bringing a friend to workout with you.  If you are not 100% sure how to do a movement either asks for help of skip it until you figure it out, you want to put yourself out of any sort of injury risk. If you want to stick with the machines, know that they will give you the same benefits as free weights.

Sometimes when we think of being healthy, we think of eating and running. While these are important, strength training should never be left out. Strength training provides benefits to your health that cannot be found with any other mode of exercise and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Next time you’re at the gym head over to the weights side of things and try doing a circuit.  2-3 sets of each exercise 15 reps with a weight that is not too easy but also not so heavy you cannot accomplish the 15 reps.

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