On July 27th, The Games of the XXX Olympiad will take place in London. This always-historic event will feature athletes in the pursuit of eternal glory in their respective sports. But one of the highlights of the Olympics this year, as with every year, will be on the track—and its brand new 80,000 seat Olympic stadium!!

The 100m men’s sprint, often known as the fastest race on Earth, will feature the likes of current world record holder Usain Bolt who will take on fellow Jamaican Yohan Blake (who bested bolt at the Jamaican trials) along with American hopeful Tyson Gay.  This year’s race looks to be the best ever.

Here at Hitch Fit, we have been lucky enough to work with athletes of every level!  One of our coolest clients is Tania Archer, former track Olympian and motivational speaker.   A few days ago, Tania was featured on Fox 4 News and discussed exactly how athletes prepare for the Olympics.  Watch the video here: Fox 4 Segment with Tania Archer.

Take a look at any track sprinter in the Olympics and you will see the lowest percentage of body fat than any other athlete at the Games.  Why?  Sprinting is an amazing workout.  In its simplest form, sprinting is just a speed training exercise, but it offers more than just calorie burning. Certain enzymes become abundant within the body during every sprint.  These enzymes, along with normal cell functions, help the body store more calories and energy within the muscle tissue rather than the fat storages within the body. Through this process, the body steadily depletes all of its fat storages that normally account for weight gain. That’s why Olympic sprinters are able to consume massive amounts of calories a day and still look absolutely shredded.

So for your next workout, we recommend you finish it off strong by getting a couple sprints in instead of 10 minutes on the treadmill. It’s this quick burst interval training that will help ignite your metabolism and help burn calories throughout the day!!