Pro athletes have trained using plyometrics for years to increase agility, speed, and strength (not to mention to prevent major injuries).  Although these plyo moves may not automatically make you dunk like LeBron James, they will be helpful when added to your workout routine twice a week.  We guarantee that you’ll see a difference in muscle definition and agility in no time at all with these 10 quick plyo moves!

1.  Depth Drops

Stand on a raised surface (such as a large box) and drop – don’t jump – down onto the balls of your feet.  The higher the surface you drop from, the stronger you’ll be.

2.  Lateral Jumps

Find an object you can jump over, like a cone or even a rolled up towel.  Stand on one side and jump sideways over it and then quickly back to the starting side. Repeat 30-60 seconds.

3.  Squat Jump

Begin in a standard squat position then jump as high as you can with your arms outstretched over head.

4.  Squat Throws

Squat throws are very similar to the squat jump, but you’ll need a medicine ball for this workout.  Get into a squat position while holding onto a medicine ball in front of you.  Perform a squat jump, but this time, throw the medicine ball above your head as high as you can.  Let the ball fall in front of you when you are finished (and make sure it doesn’t hit you on the way down!).

5.  Long Jumps

Stand with your feet together, then jump as far forward as you can while landing on both feet.

6.  Medicine Ball Power Drops

Step one: find a training buddy! Have this buddy stand on a raised surface behind your head while lying face-up. Your buddy will drop the medicine ball and you will catch it, immediately throwing it back to him or her.

7.  Jump Lunges 

Go down into a lunge position, and when you come back up, switch mid-jump into a lunge on the other foot.

8.  Tuck Jump

Stand straight up, then jump, bringing your knees up to your chest as high as you can.

9.  Ladder Drills    

The infamous ladder will help increase your speed.  You can do several kinds of exercises with a ladder, including hopscotch, different shuffle varieties and in and outs.  Check out this great YouTube video on the various drills you can perform.

10.  Plyometric Pushup

This last one may be a bit more challenging—but that’s what we’re all about at Hitch Fit!! Get in the pushup position.  Go down for a regular pushup, but as you push yourself back up push off the ground so your hands are off the floor and then come back down (instead of pausing in the starting position).

We promise that incorporating these plyometric moves into your weekly workout routine will help you build muscle, improve agility and increase speed.  But don’t take our word for it—give it a try!  You’ll be Hitch Fit in no time.