5 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated On a Diet
For anyone out there who has gone through a tough weight loss plan, we all know the difficulty of the dieting process—at first, you’re extremely motivated; willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goal. Then after about a week or so, the newness of the diet wears off and you already feel yourself starting to cave.  Within just a few weeks, you go from Mr. or Mrs. Motivated to downright skeptical if the diet is working.  With enough skepticism (or frustration), you could give up on your diet in just a matter of two weeks—before results even have the chance to show themselves!!!

So what can you do to stay motivated to diet on a day-to-day basis?  Here at Hitch Fit, we have some quick and easy tricks up our sleeves to help you stay motivated on a diet.

1.      Take a “Before” Picture of Yourself

We require all of our online personal training clients to take pictures of his- or herself before their body transformation begins.  Why?  It makes our clients face reality!  It’s easy for us to avoid mirrors—but it’s not so easy for us to forget about a picture that may not be so flattering.  Before your diet begins, take a “before” picture of yourself—one facing forward, one to the side, and one of your back.  If you’re a woman, wear a sports bra and shorts.  If you’re a man, just wear your favorite pair of workout shorts.  After your take the “before” picture, take a good look at it (yes, this may be difficult, especially if you’re self conscious).  Take a look at the areas you’d love to change and the ones you may be happy with.  Keeping this image in mind will only help you stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey.

2.      Create Motivational/Goal-oriented Signs

Surround yourself with motivation on a day-to-day basis by creating signs for yourself.  Use three sheets of blank white paper and write one thing on each:  On the first page, write down your goal weight.  Hang this number on your bathroom mirror.  On the second page, write down your ideal body fat percentage. Hang this somewhere visible in your bedroom or closet.  On the third page, write down a fitness goal you may have (like finish a half marathon, squat 250 pounds or run 1 mile under 8 minutes).  Hang this page on your refrigerator.  Having these visible cues motivating you throughout the day will only improve your chances of success.

3.      Find a Diet Buddy

It’s a proven fact—you will be more successful when you’re going through a weight loss journey with someone else (just look at our Couples Bootcamp success stories!!).  Having a diet buddy will help you stay accountable during your new regimen.  Our best advice for you is to choose a diet buddy that you see often—a colleague at work, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a roommate or a best friend.  Motivate one another every day and you’re bound to see results.

4.      Post a “Hopeful” Picture

We all have a different idea of what the “perfect body” looks like.  Some care about a rockin’ 6-pack, some want to be slim and slender, others want to look like a fitness model.  Whatever your idea body is, find a picture of it (you can even print out a picture of one of our famous success stories, like Brandi’s).  Print that picture out and hang it somewhere you often go to (on your bathroom mirror, perhaps).  Having this visual cue of a body that you can achieve will help you stay motivated on your diet.  And the next time you think about whipping up a double fudge chocolate cake, just keep that picture in mind!

5.      Write in a Journal

There’s a reason athletes write down their goals and progression throughout training.  When you physically write down what your goals are, how you feel about them and how your progression is going, you are more likely to obtain your ideal body image!  Find a good time to journal—maybe at night before you go to bed.  Write a few paragraphs that cover the following:

  1. Your current weight
  2. Your goal weight
  3. A recap of the day (what you ate, what exercise you did)
  4. The mistakes you made throughout the day
  5. How you can move forward and obtain your goal

These journal entries will also help you provide a weekly recap to your personal trainer or Hitch Fit online personal trainer.

Keeping yourself motivated on a diet can be a task—but incorporate these 5 easy steps into your new healthy lifestyle and you’ll get a few steps closer to your weight loss goal.  Good luck and stay motivated!! You can do this!!