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I met Heather for the first time in person when she showed up at Hitch Fit Gym to take her after pictures after completing her online Fitness Model program, I had one word, WOW!! Incredible abs is an understatement! She’s one of those clients that you have to do a double take at their before and afters because she doesn’t even look like the same girl! I get so excited when I see such an amazing transformation and am able to be a part of it! From day 1, Heather was committed, she knew what she wanted and she didn’t let anything stand in her way. She wanted to look like a fitness model, and she definitely got her wish! She worked incredibly hard over the course of her 12 week program, she was dedicated, and ended up transforming her body, dropping nearly 20 pounds and 8% body fat, unveiling some AMAZING abs!! Super proud of her hard work!! Congrats Heather!  Heather Did the Fitness Model Program
Heather’s Stats:
Beginning Weight: 148.5
Ending Weight: 129
Beginning Body Fat: 20%
Ending Body fat: 12%
Heather’s Story
“For many years I worked out very frequently and pretty hard. I was in good shape, had good muscle tone, and was able to get away with a “not so strict” diet. About a year and a half ago, I started to find working out becoming more of a chore and less of a passion. I found myself lacking motivation to go to the gym and when I was there my head just wasn’t in it. Then my portion sizes began to get bigger, I was eating out more, and eating more frequently. I started to pack on the fat! I began to get soft and lose my muscle tone and eventually the jean size went up! I lost confidence in myself and felt sluggish most of the time. I was tired of complaining about what I saw in the mirror and knew I was the only one that could change it. I hadn’t become overweight, but having no muscle tone wasn’t the me I wanted to look at. I needed to find my “mojo” and get my passion back for working out. After reading many of the before and afters on HitchFit, I was blown away by the transformations. I knew this is just what I needed!!! I felt I couldn’t make any more excuses when I read testimonials from people who had kids or 3 jobs and were still able to find the time and motivation. I could also see the passion Diana and Micah had for fitness and changing people’s lives, so I knew this wasn’t some scheme. These were real people with real transformations!

I chose the Fitness Model program because I wanted to challenge myself to the next level and get in the best shape of my life. I instantly began to feel better throughout the day and dropped pounds every time I stepped on the scale. The constant positive feedback I was getting from Diana just fueled my drive to do even better and push myself even harder. By checking in weekly with my results, it really held me accountable and kept me going strong. I didn’t want to disappoint Diana and make her think I wasn’t commited to this challenge. (not that she would have yelled at me or anything!) In 12 weeks, I dropped 8% body fat and almost 20 pounds. I have learned the staples of nutrition from this program and will continue to utilize the information to maintain a healthy “fit” lifestyle!! People close to me are now calling the gym an ADDICTION for me (meaning, I found my “mojo”!!!). I continue to push myself even harder and want to challenge myself to yet another level!!”

Heather’s Program Choice

Fitness Model Program

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