Aaron Did amazing.  In 12 weeks Couples Program Aaron Dropped 35 lbs of Fat, Dropped over 15% Bodyfat, Lost over 8″ on his belly.  I think what I saw most was just how happy and healthy he looked.  With him being a father he is a great role model for his son now!!  So Proud of you Buddy!!!
I dont even know where to begin.
8 years ago I took a job requiring me to commit to shift work.  For the last 4 years I have chosen to stay on 3rd shift, working overnight hours.  I used this as an excuse to not do anything.  I was tired all the time.  I ate whatever I wanted , whenever I wanted.  Sleep patterns are always off.  One of the things I used to tell everyone was that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I quit most of the physical activities and sports I was involved in, always blaming my backwards time schedule and “always being tired” as my reason for not doing anything.  I got addicted to television and DVR’ing hours worth of programming.  I enjoyed sitting on the couch with a pizza or a bowl of ice cream and called it “fun”.   Literally, my wife and I would sit on the couch with fast food or pizza or something completely terrible for you, and we would watch TV shows about weight loss.  We were toally oblivious to the fact that, we are those people, we just aren’t as far along in the weight gain as they are.  We have a son that is almost 4 already. I got him a soccer ball for Christmas. I realized I was setting a poor example for him one day when I asked him if he wanted to go outside and kick his new soccer ball around with me.  His answer was “no thanks, I just wanna watch more TV?”  It hit me that I was showing this child that being lazy and doing nothing was OK, and it’s not.
male, Couples Bootcamp, over 30 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost
Back in October, I was playing a baseball game in a men’s over 30 league, and I hit a line drive in a gap.  I ran hard to first, and as I rounded first I was short of breath and thought it was OK to stop at 2nd and settle for the double.  Until the dugout started yelling at me to stretch it out for a triple.  When I got to 3rd I was gasping for breath and couldn’t stand up straight.  The next batter hit a grounder to short that I should have scored on, but I stayed put on 3rd trying to catch my breath.   We lost that game by 2 runs.  I thought to myself I was getting too old to play baseball and fastpitch softball anymore.  I was 33 at the time and weighed 206 lbs.   The more I thought about that day, I realized I wasn’t too old and that I still have the fire to be a good ball player.  And yeah, I’m not 21 anymore, but I also had done nothing to get myself into any kind of shape for years and it was beyond obvious.  It was punching me in the face and laughing at me.
Aarons Video Testimonial!!
male, Couples Bootcamp, over 30 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost
male, Couples Bootcamp, over 30 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost
How did we get to Hitch Fit?  My wife and I were discussing Christmas gifts last fall, and we decided we didnt wanna trade gifts this year.  We have too much stuff as it is, and material things were just things we probably didnt need more of anyway.  We decided we wanted to get out more, do stuff, see things, go places we’ve never been…  and then we were watching TV again and not doing any of the things we talked about for so long.   Probably eating a pizza or ice cream or something too, who knows.   Then we saw some pictures on facebook of one of my wife’s friends, who had just completed HitchFit.  We looked at each other and said thats it…thats what we gotta do.  We had been talking about losing weight , getting in shape, and working out for a while, but we never acted on it.  Probably because we tried so many other things in the past that we failed.  So we asked this friend a few questions about the program, contacted Micah with a few more in depth questions, and decided now was the time to finally act on our word.  We were ready to work and get better.
Why HitchFit?  I have never had an issue with weight.   I was always really skinny as a kid, graduationg high school in 1996 weight about 155 lbs.   Here I was, 33 years old and weighing 206.  I had people telling me how nice it was to see me “finally filling out”  I wasnt filling out, I was getting fat.  I was lazy.  I quit sports, I was doing absolutely nothing but getting fat, and some people thought I looked great?  ..  what they didnt know was that I was feeling like a failure.  I failed myself, I failed my fastpitch teammates, I was failing my wife, and i was failing my son.  Thats how I felt.  I felt like a bad husband, a lazy father,  a bad teammate, and like I wasnt a very good friend.
I tried other workout programs in the past, you know the ones, the “buy this DVD and you’ll be amazing again”  Those programs didnt work for me.  There was no motivation.  It was the same thing over and over again.  HitchFit worked for me for several reason:
1.  I was older and more mature.  I told myself this wasnt something that I wanted to do.  This was something I needed to do.
2.  Personalization.  This isn’t a “pop in this DVD and you’ll be great again” program.  This program is specifically designed for each individual.  Its not a cookie cutter , one size fits all type of thing.  It is yours and yours only.
3.  Motivation.  The Facebook group was a way for me to connect and contact others, see and hear other people like me having the same struggles and successes I am having.
4.  I have a workout partner.  I realized why I was failing the other programs I was trying in the past.  I was doing them alone.  Having my wife do HitchFit with me made it easier to get up and get the work in everyday.  There really is strength in numbers.
Whats next for me?
I have a busy fastpitch softball schedule ahead, but I am shifting from transformation mode to maintenance mode.  I am still going to work out and do my cardio as time allows.  It wont be 5-6 days a week like I have been, but I will get 3-4 or maybe even 5 days a week of work in.  Mid August or September when my softball season is over I’m going to get back to the daily grind.  I’m thinking about the Fitness Model program is next on my list.
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