We understand how important health and fitness is not only to you as a individual but also within your relationship.  Instead of sitting on the couch watching tv all the time, how about going on bike rides, hiking, going to the gym together.  When both of you are in awesome shape , full of energy there are so many things that also become so much better in your relationship.  You get that flame back in every way, you are both motivated to be more, you become that POWER COUPLE.

It has been almost a year since Craig and Carol have finished up their transformation.  I keep in contact with them on a regular basis.  They are still going strong, both still in great shape.  Their weight and bodyfat are almost identical to when they left.


Hitch Fit is Excited to share our Newest Program , The Couples Bridal Bootcamp Program. It comes in 12 and 16 week Packages. See How Craig and Carol got amazing results through hardwork and nutrition.

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In only 3 months Craig changed into a new person inside out.. amazing!!!

Craig lost 37 lbs of fat, 15% body fat and reached his goal of getting rock hard 6 pack abs..

My name is Craig Schumer and I’m 32 years old. You probably wouldn’t know it from my before pictures but I have lead a pretty active lifestyle. I played soccer growing up and the gym has always been a big part of my life. For the past couple years my workouts have been focused primarily on strength. I wanted to move as much weight as I could every time I was in the gym. Heavy weight with low reps and I incorporated very little cardio into my workouts. Over the last two year I’ve seen some significant strength gains. However, I wasn’t getting the visual results I wanted. I was lifting harder then I ever had and thought I was making decent diet choices. I chalked it up to the fact that my body had slowed down with age. My time had past and I accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to have the lean physique anymore.

My wife (who looked fantastic) was also active at the gym but wasn’t happy with the results she was getting. She had been asking me for help with her workouts for quite some time. Although I know how to workout and I’m comfortable at the gym, I’m no trainer. I began looking for a way to help her and heard about Micah and his Hitch Fit program through some friends and family. After a few conversations with Micah, I didn’t know if I believed that I could get the results he talked about, but I definitely wanted to believe him. My wife and I felt like it was time to make some changes and we wanted to get the results that Micah saw were possible.

A lot of people focus on the external benefits of living healthy and being fit. I’m not going to lie to you – I set out to make these changes to look better and now I walk a little slower when I pass a mirror and I definitely have the shirt off when I mow the yard  but the way I look now is not the most significant of the benefits. There is no way to describe how pushing yourself, achieving your fitness goals and making healthy decisions will make you feel but it spills over into every part of your life. This experience has given my wife and I a shared passion that has brought us even closer and a new focus and energy to every part of our lives. We can’t thank Micah enough for seeing the possibility, inspiring us to make the change and giving us the tools to make us successful.

There is no magic pill to get results but there are a few things that I’ve learned through my transformation that have helped me.

Set specific goals, with a time frame and say it out loud –
I was around 230 lbs. and over 20% body fat. When Micah told me that he thought I could get below 10% and see my abs in 12 weeks I laughed and thought others would laugh as well. It’s easy to think about a goal but it becomes real when you say it out loud. In my opinion, this is the hardest first step due to the fear of failure that we all have. We’re scared to tell people around us what our goals are because we might not accomplish them. The truth is, when you set a goal and say it out loud you begin to develop your own support group and put positive pressure on yourself to stay focused.

Push outside your comfort zone –
Before this experience I would never have considered working with a personal trainer. It just wasn’t me. It sounds like common sense, but a lot of us don’t seem to realize that when you keep doing the same thing, you’re going to keep getting the same results. I know now that it sometimes takes someone else to see what is possible and it’s your personal trainers’ job to push you harder then you would on your own. When you train with a personal trainer you start to surprise yourself every time you go to the gym by doing one more rep, sprinting a little faster or running a little further then you did last week. I don’t mean to say that I will (or you should) work with a trainer the rest of my life. I’m at a point now where I feel like I push myself further every day and I’ve surrounded myself with positive pressure. However, I wouldn’t have gotten here with out Micah and I’m sure there will come a day that I get comfortable and need to be pushed again.

Write it down –
Keep a journal that includes your workouts, cardio and your daily diet. I thought I had a decent diet. Micah encouraged me to keep a journal. What I learned was that there was a significant difference between how I thought I was feeding my body and what was actually occurring. Losing weight and getting lean is depriving yourself. A journal helps you to identify what you need and then hold yourself accountable

Put the scale away –
By itself, your weight means absolutely nothing. A guy that weighs 200 pounds with 15% body fat is going to look completely different then a guy weighing 200 pounds with 5% body fat. Additionally, when I weigh myself first thing in the morning, eat a clean and healthy diet all day and then weigh myself before I go to bed, I typically gain 3 – 6 pounds. Our bodies weight changes all the time for a variety of reasons. If you’re constantly stepping on the scale you’re going to drive yourself crazy.



LOOK AT CAROL NOW!!!! In only 3 month Carol lost 13.6% bodyfat , shed away 21 lbs of fat. This is one of the Best Female Transformations I have ever been apart of. Carol accomplished this on a balance diet and a ton of hard work. These sorts of numbers are better then what most Men get in 12 weeks.. That is more than 1% bodyfat per week.. AMAZING!!!!

My name is Carol Schumer and I’m 31 years old. I’ve always considered myself to be an active person. I typically made it to the gym at least three times a week and like a lot of other women, my main focus was on cardio – only incorporating weight lifting from time to time. I knew weights were an important part of a workout, however I never felt confident that I was doing the right exercises to get the best use of my time. I often asked my husband for advice, but generally hadn’t found a workout program that really stuck with me. Needless to say I wasn’t making any progress and I was more or less stuck in a cardio rut.

It was around my birthday this year when began to take a positive turn. My husband and I made the decision to start the Hitch Fit program with Micah. We found out about Micah and his amazing transformations through family and friends. Needless to say we’d heard nothing but great things about him and were very pumped to get started. Having never worked with a personal trainer before, I was excited by the possibilities and a bit nervous about what would be expected of me. To be honest, part of me was a bit skeptical as to whether or not I could be successful with his program. For that reason, I decided it might be best to keep my little transformation under wraps for the time being.

My first workout with Micah was one that I will never forget. I’d thought that I had pushed myself in the past and knew my limits pretty well…I was absolutely mistaken. Within the first 30 minutes I had not only reached my limit, I was well past it. Micah pushed me to a point that I had never believed possible and I haven’t been the same since. It wasn’t until I began training with Micah that I realized I had just been going through the motions at the gym. I wasn’t challenging myself and had become too comfortable in my routine.

The feeling of accomplishment and the empowerment that you get when you break that mental boundary you’ve placed on your abilities is indescribable. I’ve realized that I was selling myself short and that I have another level of intensity that I hadn’t even known was there. Through this process I have truly changed as a person. The physical transformation is nice of course, but it is the mental aspect that is the most important and unexpected. I’m stronger, more focused and have a new found confidence in my abilities. The lessons I’ve learned through this experience extend far outside the walls of the gym and are relevant to my every day life. If I am successful in overcoming challenges I thought impossible at the gym, the challenges I’m faced with in everyday life no longer seem as difficult to overcome. In the end, you will only get as much out of this experience as you put into it. It takes a lot of hard work and it requires you to live outside of your comfort zone. It’s your life and your choice to take charge and make a positive change.

Soon After Their Transformation came out I got contacted by a Local Fitness Magaizne here in Kansas City and Craig and Carol were featured for their hard work

Stay Fit , Stay Healthy

Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux


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