2010, 2015

Bridal Bootcamp Gets this Mom of 3 in AMAZING Wedding Day Shape!

Bridal Bootcamp Plan Gets this Mother of Three in Amazing Wedding Day Shape!
I’m so happy to share today’s feature Jillian with you! This 35 years young mother of three was motivated to get in the […]

610, 2015

Health Challenges can’t stop this Australian Online Client


Today’s transformation story is Lisa. She is an online personal training client from Australia. I’m so glad that she was open to sharing her story, because it really is inspiring. She inspired ME throughout her […]

2809, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge Changed This Mother of Twins Body!

Today’s transformation story is Holly! Holly is a mother of twins, yes TWINS… and her weight has fluctuated throughout her life. She, like so many women, was afraid of the weight room, thinking it would […]

1409, 2015

Skinny Fat to Six Pack Abs for this Mother of FOUR!

Mother of four. Those three words tell you all you need to know about the busyness of today’s awesome transformation Kristin! And let’s add to that that three of those kiddos are TRIPLETS!! Kristin wasn’t […]

909, 2015

Dad Bod to Fit in 12 Weeks

Do I have an Awesome Transformation for you!!

Jeremy a Father wanted to get in shape, not only to transform his outside but internally to be more healthy in 12 weeks he Did AMAZING Dropping 20 […]

3108, 2015

Fitness For Moms! 10% Body Fat Loss!

 Fitness For Moms! Find out How Cindy Lost 10% Body Fat and nearly 20 pounds!
I am so proud to share today’s Fitness Mom story with you! Cindy is a stay at home mom who had […]

2408, 2015

25 Pound Weight Loss Success Story!

25 Pound Weight Loss Success Story – Franca!
I LOVE sharing stories of clients who initially didn’t have confidence that they could be a successful Hitch Fit transformation…but they took that first step, discovered they were […]

1708, 2015

Over 40 Pound Weight Loss Transforms This Mother’s Life!

Over 40 Pound Weight Loss Success Story – Lisa!
Total loss – 44 pounds – Size 14 to Size 2
I am so excited to share today’s transformation, Lisa, with you! Lisa actually went to school with […]

1408, 2015

Where are they NOW? Hitch Fit Client Qualifies for Boston Marathon!

Where are they NOW? 
Success Story Update – Jill – 50 and FIT – Qualifies for Boston Marathon!!
You may remember Hitch Fit superstar transformation Jill, this 50 years young runner shed the body fat, became leaner […]

1008, 2015

Australia Fitness Model Competes for first time!

Australia Fitness Model competes for first time with Hitch Fit Competition Prep Plan! 
I am so proud of today’s transformation, Bec! She is one of our Hitch Fit Aussie clients who wanted to get in the […]

308, 2015

Bikini Competition Prep Plan Client Competes for First Time!

It is so much fun working with Competition Prep athletes! Women who have dreamed of stepping on stage, and are ready to take the steps to make that vision a reality! That is the case with […]

2707, 2015

Gluten Free Fitness Plan Benefits This Online Client!

Gluten Free Fitness Plan from Hitch Fit Benefits This Online Client! 
I’m so happy to share Mary’s story with you today! I think it’s most beneficial to others when people really open up and share the […]

2007, 2015

Structure and Flexibility of Hitch Fit Plan Leads to Healthy Lifestyle

Structure and Flexibility of Hitch Fit Online Plan Leads to Healthy Weight Loss & Lifestyle for Julie! 
Today’s transformation story is Julie. Her body has been on a roller coaster ride over the last few years, […]

1307, 2015

Fit Healthy Lifestyle Leads to 20 pound Weight Loss!

Kylene’s new Fit Healthy Lifestyle with Hitch Fit led to a 20 pound weight loss!

I am so excited to share Kylenes Story with you.. This mother worked hard, ate right and the results show!!  What […]

807, 2015

JAW DROPPING 85 lb Post Pregnancy Weight Loss!

Sara and daughter Elle – Photo by Sarah Lyons of PictureGroove
To say that I’m proud of today’s AMAZING transformation is an understatement! Sara Sutherland is a Hitch Fit Transformation turned TRANSFORMER. Since her original transformation […]

2906, 2015

Break out of your Fitness RUT like this Hitch Fit Transformation!

Break out of your FITNESS RUT like this Hitch Fit Transformation! 

Breaking out of your FITNESS RUT is not always an easy thing to do! But when today’s awesome transformation, Laurel, saw the success of her […]

2206, 2015

Fit Over 50!! Hitch Fit Transformer Gets in BEST shape at age 59!

Fit over 50!! Hitch Fit Transformer Nancy Choquette Gets in Her BEST Shape at age 59! 
We LOVE us some Nancy Choquette at Hitch Fit! Nancy went through a Hitch Fit transformation a couple years ago […]

1506, 2015

Couples Fitness Plan Reignites Passion for Healthy Living!

Couples Fitness Plan Reignites Passion for Healthy Living for this Hitch Fit Online Client! 

Amy’s Stats: 
Starting weight: 132 lbs
Ending weight: 117
Starting waist measurement: 30 inches
Ending waist measurement: 27 inches
Starting hip measurement: 38.75 inches
Ending hip measurement 34.75 […]

806, 2015

Fit and Fabulous at 60! RAW – REAL – POWERFUL INSPIRATION

Fit and Fabulous at 60! RAW – REAL – POWERFUL INSPIRATION
Today’s transformation feature is an update on a Hitch Fit client that you may be familiar with. This is truly one of the […]

206, 2015

Vegan Weight Loss Plan Works for this Australia Mom Post Pregnancy!

Vegan Weight Loss Plan Works for this Australia Mom Post Pregnancy! 
I’m SO proud of today’s transformation, Manolita, one of our Australian Online Personal Training Clients! Getting back in shape Post Pregnancy is not an easy […]