2703, 2015

From Couch Potato To Fitness Superstar

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Here are some fabulous tips for the individuals who really love their sitting down time, but want to change their habits.

Prepare yourself for success by packing your stuff the night before. Set out your gym clothes, pack up your work outfit, water bottle, breakfast, lunch, etc. Anything you need to do in the morning that will hinder your resolve to exercise should be packed up and ready to go the night before. By completing these […]

2303, 2015

The Mindless Snacker

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We’ve all been there. While completing mind-numbing desk work at the office or sitting around the house waiting for the kids to get home from school – the mindless snacker in all of us comes out. Whatever sweet or salty (or sweet and salty) snack is on hand goes straight from the package to your mouth. Portion control is non-existent! Whatever tiny treat you crave, even healthy items like almonds or watermelon, is not meant […]

2303, 2015

Gluten Free Weight Loss Plan Helps Runner Transform!

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Today’s transformation story is Elizabeth! She is a runner, who had learned of Hitch Fit a couple years ago when a friend of hers competed. This was something she wanted to do for herself , but she waited until the time was right and she was ready for the challenge! Elizabeth is no stranger to the gym, so having a personal trainer with her in person isn’t what she needed. So the Hitch Fit Online […]

1703, 2015

The Price is Right – “Aha” Moment that changed a life

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The Price is Right – “Aha” Moment that changed the life of Hitch Fit co-owner Diana Chaloux – LaCerte! 


March 17, 1998 is a day that I will never forget. It’s a day that changed my thought process and my life. I had an “aha” moment on that day, it was the first day that I really believed that a small town girl from Vermont could dream big and achieve those dreams. It’s the day that […]

1203, 2015

Does Waist Training Work?

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The New Fitness Trend that is flying around the internet now is what is called Waist Training.  Essentially this is a Corset , very similar to those used back in the Victorian Days.  Think of the Movies Gone with The Wind and Titanic.  Women for special occasions sucking into one of these things to get the visual Hour Glass Body.  The issue with this new trend is people are wearing them during workouts.  A few […]

1003, 2015

The Beach Body You Want

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Spring is coming, and for some of us is already here! The time is now to think about your beach-ready body. But hold up – this post isn’t about the best ab-crunching techniques; it’s time to start mentally preparing yourself for the body you (think you) want.

To start with, you need to find out what your end goal really is. Make sure it’s achievable! “Be a size 2” isn’t achievable for all body types – […]

903, 2015

Online Competition Prep Client Gets in Bikini Model Shape!

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I’m so excited to share Amelia’s story with you! I’ve known this little lady for a long time, as she’s the little sister of my college best friend! So it’s so awesome to be able to help her achieve her fitness goals. Amelia did a Lose Weight Feel Great program a couple years back, and did an incredible job.  This time around she was ready for an even greater challenge, and having grown up as […]

403, 2015

At Home Fitness Workout – Fast, Fun Full Body Routine!

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At Home Fitness Workout – Try this Fast Fun Full Body Routine! 
All you need for this workout (which can be done right in your home, or at the gym), are dumbbells and your body weight.
You can do this workout as a circuit, move from one exercise to the next!
Try it out and Pin it to Pinterest if you like it!

Exercise 1: Squat to Overhead Press – Combo Movement for legs and shoulders – Hold a […]

203, 2015

Online Fitness Training Plan Helps Mom of 2 Lose Weight!

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I am so proud of today’s transformation Jamie from Tennessee! Jamie is a 38 year old, working, mother of 2 (aka…a busy woman!!) who has tried a wide variety of things to get to her fitness goals and lose those last few pounds. She was looking for an Online Fitness Training Plan that included ALL the components for transformation, not just the workouts, not just a diet to follow, not just a cardio plan, she […]

2702, 2015

Combo Legs and Shoulders Workout Routine – At Home or the Gym!

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New Hitch Fit Pinnable Legs and Shoulders Workout Routine!
All you need for this simple At Home Workout (can also be done at the gym) are Dumbbells!
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Exercise 1: Dumbbell Squat with Overhead Press – Hold Dumbbells at shoulders, palms facing in (could do this with palms facing out and arms out to the sides). Keep feet shoulder width apart. Squat down. Keep weight on heels. Keep chest lifted. Try to get to […]