3008, 2013

6 Ways to Get your Protein at Breakfast

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6 Ways to Get your Power Breakfast Protein

Whether society says protein is good or bad, we all know that protein has qualities that every person – especially those striving to be Hitch Fit – needs. Building muscle is one thing, maintaining muscle is another, more important aspect of fitness. Simply working out is never enough to keep the muscles in your body strong and healthy. Your diet is a very important part of the equation.

Protein […]

2908, 2013

Online Fitness Model Client Sheds Fat and Gains Confidence!

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I’ve got a wonderful transformation story to share today!! Gina has been such a delight as a client, and it has been so much fun seeing not only the physical changes she has gone through, but also to see how much stronger and empowered she has become as a woman throughout this journey! Her confidence has grown, she believes in her ability to succeed now more than ever, and she’s out there inspiring others to […]

2908, 2013

Drown Your Pursuits – Why water is an integral part of a healthy happy life

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Ahhh, water. Nice, refreshing, clear and incredibly necessary liquid for your body. As 50-65% of your body is made up of water, it is obvious that your intake should include plenty of water. This liquid isn’t just good for keeping your body alive; there are other benefits to the intake levels of water you choose.

Body Fluids Don’t Balance Themselves! Saliva, digestion, circulation, absorption, transportation of nutrients and even the maintenance of body temperature all involve […]

2608, 2013

Keys To Sculpting a Happy, Healthy You!

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Fitness isn’t just about toning your core, or building muscle mass; it’s also about building a healthy lifestyle to further your level of happiness. Don’t spend your short life here in misery over missed opportunities to change your fitness and eating habits. The Hitch Fit team is here to help you meet and exceed any goals you may choose. Our amazing programs are here to help you change your entire life, not just the shape […]

2008, 2013

What does it mean to be FIT?

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Just What IS “Being Fit”, Anyway?

Fit can mean different things to different people. Is it muscle? How about the ability to run a 10K without breaking a sweat? Let’s take a look at the basics. Strength, flexibility and stamina are the 3 main areas that incorporate “being fit”. How can we gain these three elements, and how much is enough?


Strength is more than just a show of muscular power. While it does include things like […]

1908, 2013

Mom of 3 Sheds Body Fat and Gets in Awesome Shape with Online Training Program!

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I’ve got some great inspiration for the working moms out there! Today’s transformation is Jessi, when she saw so many awesome transformation coming from Hitch Fit, she knew she wanted to be one of them! She is a busy woman, working full time and mother of three little ones, but she found the time to take care of her own health and fitness and got in amazing shape. Jessi wasn’t “overweight” when she began her […]

1608, 2013

7 Beach Activities to Get Your Body Moving

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7 Beach Activities to Get Your Body Moving

As the summer comes to a close, you want to get that last minute beach trip started! Don’t leave out the possibility of getting a good workout in the process. Here are some ways we’ve been enjoying the summer sand while burning away the calories.

Cycling – Work on your calves and quadriceps with a bike trail along the beach. Whether there are carved-out trails made for biking or […]

1208, 2013

Client Update! Jacque gets in Bikini Model shape with Online Training Program

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Today I’ve got a client update for you! It’s always fun to see what happens to Hitch Fit clients after their transformations. We frequently see people get so excited about the results they’ve achieved that they want to go for even more! For some it is striving to get leaner, for others it may be building muscle and then leaning down, and yet others it may be stepping on stage to compete! Jacque had an […]

1208, 2013

Online Competition Prep Client Lands WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model Status!!

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Today’s I’ve got an awesome transformation story to share!!! Hitch Fit Online Competition Prep client Bethany Langston took the stage at the WBFF Dallas and landed her WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model status! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this stunning girl!! Congrats Bethany!

Bethany’s Stats:

Starting weight: 130

Ending weight: 118

Starting body fat: 18%

Ending body fat: 11.5%



Bethany’s Story:

“I first contacted Diana after an old client wanted to sponsor me in my next show.  They […]

808, 2013

The Buddy System, Find a Workout Partner to Intensify your Workout

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The Buddy System – Find a Workout Partner For Your Enjoyment!

While trying to start and maintain a buddy system may seem like the activity of 4-year-olds, it’s a great way to participate in your workout! There are many reasons to choose a workout partner – and you might just make a friend for life!


By asking a friend to join you for a weekly workout routine, you are taking the first step in ensuring you stick […]