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4 04, 2014

Take Health and Fitness to a Mobile Level

By |April 4th, 2014|Fitness|0 Comments

More and more Smartphone users are downloading apps that allow you to track all kinds of information for health and fitness! There are a myriad of apps available for just about anything you want to track. Pedometers Want to keep track of every step you take during the day? There’s an app for that! This not only lets you see just how much exercise you’re already getting in one day, but will inspire you to [...]

3 04, 2014

How To Tone Your Butt

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How To Tone Your Butt Sexy Fit and Toned Butt in 3 Simple Moves! Sexy Fit and Toned Butt with three simple at home exercises!    -Butt Blaster Exercises   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai0uhgQherA   For more Videos Subscribe to our channel- www.youtube.com/hitchfit

1 04, 2014

Mother of THREE Gets in Fitness Model Shape and Competes with WBFF!

By |April 1st, 2014|Before & Afters|0 Comments

Another awesome transformation to share today!! Teresa is a former Hitch Fit transformation who wanted to step on stage for her first time, and decided to do so at the WBFF Kansas City 2013!! At 49, this mother of 3 tackled a Hitch Fit Online Competition Prep program to get in Fitness Model Shape! She did an AMAZING job, such an inspiration!! She went from 21% body fat down to a lean 10% and rocked [...]

29 03, 2014

Advice for Running a Marathon

By |March 29th, 2014|Fitness|0 Comments

Running a marathon is no joke. It takes a lot of preparation and practice in order to even attempt this giant feat. There are many plans you can follow to prepare you over the next months for your adventure. The most important thing to focus on is what your end goal is. Whether you want to finish first, or 457th, the goals is to finish. Here are some great ways Hitch Fit can help you [...]

24 03, 2014

A Total Life And Body Transformation now Helping Others

By |March 24th, 2014|Before & Afters|1 Comment

My overall transformation began about 4 years ago, and I started working with Micah in late 2012. From the very beginning (4 years ago) -->  155lbs / 13% bf /  hip 34, waist 31 From the start of HitchFit (Nov 2012) --> 189lbs / 16% bf / hip 40, waist 34.5 Stepping on stage (June 2013)  -->  171lbs / 5% bf / hip 35, waist 29.5   Far beyond any mere aesthetic metamorphosis, this journey continues to [...]

22 03, 2014

Couch Potato Syndrome

By |March 22nd, 2014|Fitness|0 Comments

As spring approaches, some of us may have dwindling motivation despite the fact that Mother Earth is telling us it’s time to get up and go! The cold and snow have been quite a bother, and we really just want to veg out in front of the TV. We work hard, after all! Shouldn’t we be allowed some couch time? Sure! But… How Long Have you Been There? Has your couch become your new best [...]

20 03, 2014

Mother of THREE Gets in Bikini Model Shape and Competes For First Time!

By |March 20th, 2014|Before & Afters|0 Comments

I have a wonderful transformation story to share today. Esmin is a mother of three who I had such a great time working with. Esmin was not overweight when she began her Hitch Fit Transformation, but this cardio queen wasn't achieving the physical goals that she wanted with her body, and she had a dream of getting in Bikini Model Shape and competing on stage. So she signed up for the Hitch Fit Competition Prep, [...]

19 03, 2014

Hitch Fit’s 10 Simple Ways to Find Happiness

By |March 19th, 2014|Life Coaching|1 Comment

Happiness is everywhere, and everyone else seems to have it, right? You do too! The simplest things in life really can contribute to a happy life and joyful spirit.  If you’re having trouble determining just what those simple things are that you should be thinking about, check out this list! Skinny Dipping – Yes! This is especially liberating if you’ve been working on a Hitch Fit program for any length of time. Natural freedom awaits. [...]

15 03, 2014

Prepping: A major step in reaching your healthy fitness goals

By |March 15th, 2014|Nutrition|0 Comments

Despite many people’s best efforts to create and maintain a meal plan with specific nutritional goals, a grave mistake can come in the preparation for that plan. Setting up your next week’s worth of meals often includes snacks, not just meals, and these snacks are a vital part of sticking to your healthy goals. Accounting for snacking is essential in meal planning, and should be written out so that you have a better shot at [...]

12 03, 2014

Hitch Fit’s 7 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals

By |March 12th, 2014|Life Coaching|0 Comments

You eat the wrong foods, or are on a diet The wrong foods are those boxed, processed kinds with a shelf life and an ingredients list containing words you’d never be able to pronounce. Healthy, fresh food is your answer. Diets seem like a great idea – but really don’t work in the long run. Commit to natural, healthy, and fresh options You aren’t uncomfortable If you’re smiling all the way through a routine – [...]