15 11, 2013

Fitness and NASCAR Racing

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How in the world can fitness be tied to NASCAR, you ask? Jimmie Johnson tells all to Sporting News on November 13th. This 38 year old is speeding ahead to match and beat legends like Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt with a sixth Cup title seemingly in his future. Johnson talked about the role of his fitness routine in his racing. He knows it will make him different than other drivers, and his crew chief [...]

11 11, 2013

5 Foods You May Think are Healthy

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With the influx of healthy individuals looking for great fast food options, there are some factors to still consider. These options may seem healthy – but really aren’t! Check out this list of “no-no’s”, and make sure you’re avoiding them in your Hitch Fit Lifestyle. Smoothies: Now, I know this seems ridiculous. Fruit and yogurt is the perfect combination for healthy eaters. However, many restaurants or even prepackaged frozen smoothie ingredients contain an inordinate amount [...]

7 11, 2013

Interval Training – The Shortest Distance Between You and the Hitch Fit Lifestyle

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Interval Training used to be “all the rage”, but over the years has lost its popularity. Rumblings have once again been heard, however, and Interval Training is back on the scene! No longer for just the elite athletes, interval training has caught the eyes of many average joes. What is it? Interval Training is a specific aerobic exercise that involves short bursts of high intensity activity, followed by lower intensity activity. For example, 2 minutes [...]

5 11, 2013

Vickie Sheds 29 pounds and 14% Body Fat with Hitch Fit at 59 Years of Age!!

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"Can Someone My Age Do This Program And Achieve Results??" This is the question that Vickie Sims posed to me when contemplating if she would do a Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Program. It's pretty obvious that the answer to that question is a resounding YES!!! I get so excited when I get to share a transformation like Vickie's. At 59 years of age, this mother and grandmother she decided she wanted to see some [...]

4 11, 2013

The Fitness Journal – A great way to eat and exercise!

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Let’s talk about journaling. Whether you journal your thoughts, or just what you’ve done that day, journaling can be a great way to help you succeed in your Hitch Fit goals! The greatest way to help you stick to a routine of healthy eating and activity is to require you to write about it! The Food Write down what you eat every day. Every little delicious morsel that enters your mouth needs to be put [...]

31 10, 2013

Lose Your Halloween Candy Weight Gain Fast

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Lose Your Halloween Candy Weight Gain Fast Trick or Treating may have invaded your house this year, or it might just influence the desks at your workplace. Either way, you need a game plan! Check out how many calories each piece of candy has,. Not only that, but how many minutes you’ll have to work out just to burn that one fun sized piece of deliciousness! From time to time we will all indulge but [...]

28 10, 2013

Fitness For Family; Fitness For Life

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Hitch Fit success stories, like Brandi (check out her story here), don’t just start out because they want a better body. Looks, as we all know too well, is never a lasting motivation for success in fitness. So why do these people turn to Hitch Fit for their fitness needs? Motivation It’s hard to motivate yourself, which is why many of our members contact us. They are looking for more than a fitness workout; they [...]

28 10, 2013

Pescatarian Mother of 2 Takes Fitness To the Next Level with Hitch Fit Online Personal Training!

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  I've got a fantastic Mom transformation to share today!! I always love it when people whom I've known in my life decide to go through a Hitch Fit transformation, Jessica, today's rock star Mom, is a friend from my days living in Utah, so I was so excited when she decided she wanted to step things up and take her fitness to a new level! Jessica is a mother of 2, and also the [...]

25 10, 2013

5 Secrets to Willpower

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Willpower is something that many people strive to obtain, but seem to fall short. What exactly does it take to maintain this elusive trait? Katie Morton’s soon-to-be-published book explains just how to obtain and keep willpower. Here, we share just a few: Know and declare what you want! This is clearly the first step in pursuing willpower. If you don’t know what you want, how can you maintain a steady march toward it? Set personal [...]

21 10, 2013

Mother of 3 (Including Twins!) Gets Amazing Abs with Hitch Fit Online Personal Training!

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Hey Moms! Check out today's transformation. Wow is the word that comes to mind when I think of Autumn. She's a mother of 3, a beautiful three year old daughter and TWINS who are 13 years old. So needless to say, she's got a lot on her plate!! She knew it was important for her to be healthy and fit for her children, to be confident in herself and set a great example for them [...]