1105, 2013

Success Diet Story: Diabetes and Medication – Free at 43 – Mensfitness.com Feature

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A diabetic since a teenager, Timothy finds health and happiness through diet and exercise.
Name: Timothy Gee
Hometown: Grandview, Missouri
Age: 43
Height: 5’9”
Occupation: Institutional Custody Administrator

Weight Before: 260 pounds
Weight After: 190 pounds
Duration: 6 months

Mensfitness.com Feature: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/success-stories/success-story-diabetes-and-medication-free-at-43

Growing up, Timothy Gee was always on the heavier side. By the time […]

1005, 2013

Success Weight Loss Story: Police Officer Booking His Own Success – Mensfitness.com Feature

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This 43-year-old police detective commits to a new way of training and diet.
Name: Tim Smith

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Age: 43
Height: 5’7”

Occupation: Police Detective

Weight Before: 267 pounds
Weight After: 184 pounds
Duration: 10 months

Mensfitness.com Feature: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/success-stories/success-story-booking-his-own-success

As a police detective, Tim Smith knows that on any given day he could […]

1005, 2013

Success Story: Micah LaCerte From Skinny to World Fitness Champion – Mensfitness.com Feature

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This 33-year-old world champion overcomes adversity and transforms his body twice.
Name: Micah LaCerte
Age: 33
Height: 6’0”
Occupation: Body and Life Transformation Coach/Fitness Model

Weight Before: 137 pounds
Weight After: 207 pounds

Duration: 15 years
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Mensfitness.com Feature: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/success-stories/success-story-from-scrawny-to-sculpted

As a teenager, Micah LaCerte had a goal: He wanted to look like […]

905, 2013

Success Weight Loss Story: Making Time For Better Health – Mensfitness.com Feature

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This 37-year-old hospitalist sheds 40 pounds in three months.
Name: Burt Humburg
Hometown: Mason City, Iowa
Age: 37
Height: 6’1/2″
Occupation: Hospitalist

Weight Before: 248 pounds
Weight After: 208 pounds
Duration: 3 months

Mensfitness.com Feature: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/success-stories/success-story-making-time-for-better-health

When it comes to listening to the human body and truly understanding its various signals, you need a […]

705, 2013

How to Keep Daily Motivation

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Stay Motivated Daily


205, 2013

Online Personal Training Client Gets in HOT Bikini Model Shape!

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Today’s awesome transformation is Heather. Many of you will be able to relate to what her greatest challenge was…SUGAR!! She wasn’t overweight to begin with, however she wasn’t achieving her ultimate goals due to constantly giving in to sugar cravings. She committed to her Bikini […]

2904, 2013

Hitch Fit Client Update! Janelle Takes On Fitness Model Program!

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When Hitch Fit clients go through transformations, often people wonder what becomes of them! Today’s update is one of our Hitch Fit moms, Janelle! You may remember her first transformation where she shed 10% body fat! Click Here to see Janelle’s first transformation! Well she […]

2304, 2013

Mother of THREE with Hypothyroidism Sheds 12% Body Fat!

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Today’s awesome transformation story is Holly! This mother of THREE who also faces the challenge of Hypothyroidism kicked some serious butt during the course of her Hitch Fit transformation! What I love most is how she changed on the inside, she of course achieved an […]

1704, 2013

Mom of TWO gets Six Pack Abs Post Pregnancy with Fitness Model Program!

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I’ve got an AWESOME story to share today!! One that will make the moms especially say WOW!! Kristine is a mother of 2 who determined to get in the best shape of her life, and she did just that after the birth of her son […]

504, 2013

Hitch Fits New Book 365 Days of Inspiration

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Hitch Fits New Book 365 Days of Inspiration

Are you ready to lead your most fit and healthy life?

This book contains 365 days of inspirational daily readings to help you improve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.The goal is to get your mind focused in the right […]

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