1608, 2013

7 Beach Activities to Get Your Body Moving

By |August 16th, 2013|Fitness|0 Comments

7 Beach Activities to Get Your Body Moving

As the summer comes to a close, you want to get that last minute beach trip started! Don’t leave out the possibility of getting a good workout in the process. Here are some ways we’ve been enjoying the summer sand while burning away the calories.

Cycling – Work on your calves and quadriceps with a bike trail along the beach. Whether there are carved-out trails made for biking or […]

1208, 2013

Client Update! Jacque gets in Bikini Model shape with Online Training Program

By |August 12th, 2013|Before & Afters|0 Comments

Today I’ve got a client update for you! It’s always fun to see what happens to Hitch Fit clients after their transformations. We frequently see people get so excited about the results they’ve achieved that they want to go for even more! For some it is striving to get leaner, for others it may be building muscle and then leaning down, and yet others it may be stepping on stage to compete! Jacque had an […]

1208, 2013

Online Competition Prep Client Lands WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model Status!!

By |August 12th, 2013|Before & Afters|1 Comment


Today’s I’ve got an awesome transformation story to share!!! Hitch Fit Online Competition Prep client Bethany Langston took the stage at the WBFF Dallas and landed her WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model status! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this stunning girl!! Congrats Bethany!

Bethany’s Stats:

Starting weight: 130

Ending weight: 118

Starting body fat: 18%

Ending body fat: 11.5%



Bethany’s Story:

“I first contacted Diana after an old client wanted to sponsor me in my next show.  They […]

808, 2013

The Buddy System, Find a Workout Partner to Intensify your Workout

By |August 8th, 2013|Fitness|0 Comments


The Buddy System – Find a Workout Partner For Your Enjoyment!

While trying to start and maintain a buddy system may seem like the activity of 4-year-olds, it’s a great way to participate in your workout! There are many reasons to choose a workout partner – and you might just make a friend for life!


By asking a friend to join you for a weekly workout routine, you are taking the first step in ensuring you stick […]

508, 2013

53 Year Old Mother of 5 Gets in AMAZING shape with Hitch Fit Online Personal Training!

By |August 5th, 2013|Before & Afters|0 Comments

Today’s transformation is an incredible inspiration. I am SO proud of her!! I am always excited to share the stories of my gals who are in their 50’s and kick butt on their transformations, and Jenn did just that. At 53 years of age, this mother of five, who has been active her whole life, but found that as the years went by her body was changing in a way she was unhappy with, decided […]

208, 2013

5 Tips to Keep New Moms Happy and Healthy

By |August 2nd, 2013|Fitness|0 Comments

5 Tips to Keep New Moms Happy and Healthy
Once you’ve had the cute little miniature you, the thought of how to lose that baby weight stays in the cob-webbed corners of your mind. Then, one day, you realize you really need to get moving on a workout! Don’t just jump right back in to your normal hard-core workout. Your body has been through some major stress – give it time to warm up. By slowly […]

2607, 2013

Try out this Fit Healthy Hitch Fit Pasta Meal

By |July 26th, 2013|Nutrition|0 Comments

Pasta?! You’re adding carbohydrate-rich pasta to your diet? Yes!

Hitch Fit Healthy Pasta Dish 

These delicious noodles of all shapes and sizes have been associated with weight gain for years, but overall, it’s really about what you’re putting in your pasta. Thick creamy Alfredo sauces and meaty tomato sauces with mounds of cheese dumped on top are two classic pasta dishes. Healthy eating and pasta, however, can go hand in hand!

Start With Whole Grains

Whole grain pasta is […]

2307, 2013

Fitness’ role in Happiness & Health

By |July 23rd, 2013|Fitness|0 Comments

Exercise is proven again and again to give you that happy, peppy attitude you need in life. As we discovered in this article, happiness can indeed lead to healthy living! A positive outlook on life gives you the strength needed to make great decisions about your life. So, how does fitness factor in?
Fitness’ role in Happiness and Health


Your heart works hard! By exercising regularly, you can allow your body to maintain lower blood pressure, which […]

2207, 2013

Great Transformation: Online Competition Prep Client and Mother of 2 Gets in Bikini Model Shape Places 3rd with WBFF!

By |July 22nd, 2013|Before & Afters|0 Comments

Today’s transformation is a very special one to me! It’s not every day that you get to help your own sister go through a personal transformation, so when my sister Linda let Micah and I know at the end of 2012 that she wanted to step out of her comfort zone, see what level of condition she could get in, and step on stage to compete at the WBFF Central US Championsips 2013 here in […]

1707, 2013

Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Client Gets in AMAZING Fitness Model Shape at Age 50!!

By |July 17th, 2013|Before & Afters|0 Comments

Hey ladies in your 40’s and 50’s who think you can’t get in amazing shape!!!! Listen up!!! I’m so thrilled to share Mary Beth’s transformation story with you today!! So many women think that once they hit a certain age, it’s no longer possible for them to be in amazing shape. But it IS!! And it’s women like Mary Beth who prove that! We’ve been blessed to have severMaral transformations now from the same family, […]

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