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28 05, 2015

Get Happy And Healthy

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Get Happy And Healthy By Releasing The Kid Inside You We’ve all seen the toddlers at the park. While you are out there running laps to achieve your healthy goals, those crazy kids are zipping from the swings to the play structure and back again. You shake your head, smile, and keep on trekking. What if you joined them? Don’t be so negative! Let me show you 4 ways kids are kicking your butt when [...]

26 05, 2015

Massive Arms Workout

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Massive Arms Workout How To Get Massive Arms How to Get Massive Arms Workout" with 480 reps!! Building muscle takes a ton of work and dedication as many of you know.  You have to make sure your nutrition is good but you also need to push your body to new limits!!! You will do these 6 exercises each exercise 4 sets of 20 with moderate to heavy weight. Rest between Sets is 1-2 minutes. Enjoy!!! [...]

25 05, 2015

Australia Fitness Model Client Drops Body Fat with Hitch Fit

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Australia Fitness Model Client, Brooke, Drops Body Fat with Hitch Fit Online Fitness Training Plan! So proud of Hitch Fit Online Personal Training client from Australia, Brooke!! Brooke first started working with Hitch Fit in 2014 when she went through a Fitness Model plan. She came back when she was ready to step on stage and compete! In 2015, she did the Competition Prep program, and took home a 3rd and 4th place finish in [...]

21 05, 2015

WBFF Central USA Fitness Show Athletes Guide 2015

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Hitch Fit is proud to present the WBFF Central USA Fitness Show Athletes Guide! The show will be held on Saturday, May 30th at the Midland Theater in Kansas City. In this athletes guide you will find pictures and features on many of the athletes stepping on stage, competing in the Diva Bikini Model, Diva Fitness Model, Male Fitness Model, Muscle Model and Transformation.  

18 05, 2015

Marine Gets Amazing 6 Pack Abs in only 3 Months with Hitch Fit Online Training

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  Jake Did Amazing.. I mean look at those 6 Pack Abs!!! In 12 Weeks we changed what he was doing from before and he put the work in, that mixed with a new way of eating got him in Amazing Shape.. Congrats Jake!! Back story:  An old marine that has always prided myself in being fit/ in shape.  I am a fitness enthusiast and have been working out for over 20 years.  Although I [...]

11 05, 2015

Hitch Fit Online Client Achieves a Toned Body and Becomes Super Healthy

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Megan Thilges Hitch Fit Story to Toned Body and Super Healthy Feb 2015 – May 2015 Totals lost: 26 pounds, 6.1% Body Fat, 3 inches waist and 3.75 inches hips Backstory: I hate to admit this (and I didn’t even mention it when I signed up), but I work in the health and fitness field where I manage employee wellness and run a small onsite fitness center for a local school district, so it is [...]

4 05, 2015

Gluten Free Weight Loss Plan Body Transformation!

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  Gluten Free Weight Loss Plan Body Transformation - Check out Rebekah's Awesome Story!  Gluten Free Weight Loss Plan Before and After Pictures - Rebekah I'm so happy to share Rebekah's story with you today! Her Gluten Free Weight Loss Plan Body Transformation is so inspiring! Rebekah has struggled with a lot of back issues (see how many in her testimonial below), as well as having Celiac disease. She started to gain weight [...]

27 04, 2015

40 Pound Weight Loss – Mom of Two Gets Back On Track!

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40 Pound Weight Loss - Before and After Pictures I've got an inspiring story to share today! A few weeks ago, Carolyn, a Hitch Fit Online Personal Training client who went through transformation 3 years ago, posted some really impressive before and after pictures on the Hitch Fit Inspirational Page. After shedding 30 pounds 3 years ago, the weight had slowly crept back on as she stopped exercising due to an injury and some [...]

20 04, 2015

Fitness Cover Model Body Transformation – Magnum Nutraceuticals President Markus Kaulius’s Amazing Journey

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I Had the Amazing Opportunity in working with Markus.. The guys kicked Major Butt.. Taking his Body from his start point to Fitness Model Cover Shape!!!  Check out this Hitch Fit Body Transformation!! My Name is Markus Kaulius and I am the Owner of Magnum Nutraceuticals.  As the Ceo of a company, my days are often long, stress Levels and high and time to make and eat proper meals is limited.  These are the excuses [...]

20 04, 2015

6 Ways To Get Happy In 10 Minutes Or Less

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6 Ways To Get Happy In 10 Minutes Or Less What if getting to your happy place only took you ten minutes? Happiness is sought after by every individual, virtually every day. There are self-help books, thousands of blogs, and hundreds of seminars dedicated to telling people how to be happy. Here’s the hard part – only you know what makes you happy. Unhappiness can be generalized, or specific to a certain time frame. Whatever [...]