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5 02, 2014

Love and Health – The Power Combo

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, one can’t help but think about the power of love. Can there be a more enticing incentive to find love than simple companionship? Many researchers say yes! The health benefits of being in love are overwhelming assisting our lives in so many ways. Hitch Fit readers, get ready to find out why being in love this Valentine’s Day is the best choice for your healthy body. Healing Recent studies have [...]

5 02, 2014

Hitch Fit Hits 5 Year Anniversary

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So proud to Announce that today Hits Hitch Fit's 5 year Anniversary.  What an amazing road it has been so far.  We started Hitch Fit with the intension of helping as many people as we could and in 5 short years now have clients in over 63 countries Globally.  Last year alone we helped clients lose over 60,000 lbs of fat and just recently was reviewed by www.toptenreviews.com and ranked the #2 Online fitness program [...]

5 02, 2014

49 Year Old Female Builds 7+ lbs of Muscle and Feels Strong

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    Starting Results 121.7 lbs Hip 37 in Waist 28.5 in 16% body fat Ending Results 129.3 lbs Hip 37 inches Waist 29 inches Body fat 15%   INCREASE OF 7.68 lbs of Lean Muscle!!!   I am a 49 years old and loving how this newly adopted lifestyle is helping me redefine my aging process.  As a dietitian I understand how healthy lifestyles can keep folks healthy but this dedicated lifestyle of weight [...]

3 02, 2014

Post Pregnancy Online Personal Training Client Sheds the Fat at 42 Years of Age

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I've got another amazing mom transformation to share today, gosh I just love these stories!! Kim is actually a former Hitch Fit client who had completed a Lose Weight Feel Great program a couple years back. At 41, she and her husband were blessed with a brand new baby boy, Caden! Such an amazing new blessing! Several weeks post pregnancy Kim was ready to get her fitness levels back on track, not just to look [...]

1 02, 2014

Using Icy Weather to Your Fitness Advantage

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Winter Storm warnings are all over the country! With that in mind, you need some ideas to use this icy weather to your fitness advantage. Shake off the desperate desire to huddle up inside and take a cue from the list we have here for your outdoor options. Not only does this keep you in great fitness shape, it lets you take advantage of those vitamin D rays that are so hard to obtain in [...]

29 01, 2014

Milk: Does It really Do a Body Good?

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Today it seems, milk is adversely affecting more individuals than ever before. With the advanced medicinal technology we have to investigate all kinds of symptoms, the inability of the body to digest milk properly is climbing the charts. So does that mean milk should be cut out? Keep reading to find out why milk is necessary, but how it can easily be avoided if necessary. Why Dairy Isn’t All the Rage For many individuals, the [...]

27 01, 2014

46 Year Old Mother of 2 with Hypothyroidism sheds 30 Pounds and 13.5% Body Fat with Hitch Fit!

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I'm so excited to share Ann's story with you today! She's one of those women whose story will hit home with so many of you. At 46 years of age, she had gained weight after dealing with hypothyroid complications (Hashimoto's). She was frustrated and ready for change! This mother of 2 did her research and discovered a Hitch Fit transformation that was featured on Bodybuilding.com . After doing her due diligence Ann decided she was [...]

25 01, 2014

The Lies We Tell

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All of us do it. We tell ourselves lies. Whether they are good or bad – they’re still lies and can be holding you back from your goals. “I can’t do this” “It’s too much” “The end is too far away” “This isn’t worth it” “I can do this” “This is the perfect amount of pushups for me” “Tomorrow is my last day of situps” “I will be one day skinnier if I do today’s [...]

22 01, 2014

5 Tips for Staying Beautiful

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For business women, travelers, or even stay at home moms, beauty is something that seems to take up more time than it’s worth! Check out these 5 tips for staying beautiful without the mandatory hours in the mirror. Shower Hair Care It may seem like the best way to leave the house with ravishing hair is a flat-iron, curling iron or several different products. That’s not the case! Hair care starts in the shower. There [...]

20 01, 2014

Mother of FIVE, Grandmother of EIGHT Gets in Amazing Shape at age 56!

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I've got such an awesome story to share today. Sherry has been a total blast to work with and I really couldn't be more proud of her. Sherry, like many before her, first saw the Hitch Fit website and seeing all of the amazing transformations, she thought all these people must be so young and that this couldn't be a program for a 56 years of age Grandmother of 7 and Mother of 5! Well [...]