2602, 2014

Spring into Action with a Personal Trainer at Hitch Fit

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The new season is approaching! Spring is usually the time when people start organizing and cleaning out their cluttered lives. Why not clean out your diet as well? Hitch Fit’s incredible programs are geared toward helping individuals find lives that are fit and healthy. With specialized programs for every individual’s goal, Hitch Fit is prepped to help you “spring” into action this season and get your daily life in a fit and healthy routine.

Lose Weight, […]

2402, 2014

Online Client Sheds 23 pounds and 13% Body Fat with Female Weight Loss Program!

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Another awesome transformation to share today! Dena is another mom who was inspired by Hitch Fit transformation Amy Gipson, so when she decided she was ready to commit to some positive lifestyle changes she tackled the Hitch Fit Lose Weight Feel Great 12 week female weight loss program. Dena did an incredible job, really embracing the lifestyle changes and making positive changes, she didn’t just change her body, she improved her confidence, her health and […]

2202, 2014

The Best Workout Clothes for your Body Type

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Fitness wear isn’t just about breathable material and non-constricting seams – it’s also about looking and feeling good while you sweat your butt off! Here are some great tips for dressing for your body type, including pre and post-Hitch Fit Program shapes!

The Pear:

This shape needs some light colors on the top and darker colors for your bottoms. Flared-leg yoga pants are the best choice for this body type as it lengthens and balances your shape. […]

2102, 2014

Do you ever see someone Healthy, Fit and Happy and wish that was YOU? Here are the 5 Questions you need to Ask yourself

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Do you ever see someone Healthy, Fit and Happy and wish that was YOU?  You want the Health and Fit Body but not the work that goes with it.  This carries over to many things in life, from building a successful business to creating a beautiful garden.  We want the finished product but not willing to do the work to get there.

These people you see are healthy and fit because they invest the time and […]

1902, 2014

5 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Iron Intake

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Iron is an essential nutrient for proper growth and development of the human body. There are many ways this nutrient is helpful to the human body, and here are five ways that Hitch Fit wants you to benefit from it!

Oxygen – Iron acts as an oxygen carrier, helping transport this vital element to each body cell. Oxygen is required by every cell in the body, and therefore, a lower amount of iron in the bloodstream […]

1502, 2014

Happiness: It’s for you too!

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Happiness is a choice each of us makes every minute of every day. Looking for some sure-fire ways to incorporate happiness into your life? This Hitch Fit blog post is for you!


Notice the capital letters in that heading. This is vital to your state of well-being and really key to adding a good dose of happy to your day. Think of something – anything – that makes you happy. When work struggles seem endless, […]

1202, 2014

Competition Could be Your Best Life Move

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Many of us think of competition as a formal event you need to prep for – like the Winter Olympics. While training is definitely needed for a competition of any kind, there are ways to incorporate this kind of mentality into your everyday life.

Why Should I?

Competition fosters a goal-oriented sense of being, meaning that an individual sets goals and attempts to achieve them. These can be work goals, nutrition goals, fitness goals and family goals. […]

802, 2014

Playing in the Sun as the Only Vitamin D Option?

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Vitamin D seems like the simplest vitamin to incorporate into your diet. The sunshine is the most effective and easiest way to ensure your body is on its way to health and strength. The most important way this vitamin assists is by helping your body to absorb calcium. Calcium doesn’t just enter the body and immediately go to work, it needs a little help – enter Vitamin D. Muscles utilize this vitamin as well as […]

502, 2014

Love and Health – The Power Combo

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, one can’t help but think about the power of love. Can there be a more enticing incentive to find love than simple companionship? Many researchers say yes! The health benefits of being in love are overwhelming assisting our lives in so many ways. Hitch Fit readers, get ready to find out why being in love this Valentine’s Day is the best choice for your healthy body.


Recent studies have shown […]

502, 2014

Hitch Fit Hits 5 Year Anniversary

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So proud to Announce that today Hits Hitch Fit’s 5 year Anniversary.  What an amazing road it has been so far.  We started Hitch Fit with the intension of helping as many people as we could and in 5 short years now have clients in over 63 countries Globally.  Last year alone we helped clients lose over 60,000 lbs of fat and just recently was reviewed by www.toptenreviews.com and ranked the #2 Online fitness program […]