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22 04, 2016

Toned Triceps Dumbbell Workout

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Toned Triceps Dumbbell Workout Hitch Fit Pinnable Workouts – Pin it if you like it!  Toned Triceps Dumbbell Workout – Try this at Home     If you need a simple and fast at home workout to Tone Your Triceps - This is IT! All you need for this simple at home workout are a set of dumbbells. Complete 3 sets of each exercise – do 12 – 15 repetitions for each set. Exercise 1: Triceps Kickback [...]

19 04, 2016

6 Exercises Your Core Needs!

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Your core is that middle section of your body that includes not just your abdominal muscles, but your back muscles as well! Strengthening this section of your body is vital to the success of any other fitness routine. Not only that, but it's vital to removing a greater number of calories, too! The core muscles are what help you lift that 24-pound toddler into his car seat, and carry bags of groceries up two flights [...]

11 04, 2016

Vegetarian Flight Attendant Gets Ripped in 12 Weeks

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This Flight Attendant Gets Ripped in 12 Weeks.  Alexis is very busy traveling all over the globe as a Flight Attendant which makes keeping workouts intense and nutrition on point even that much more difficult but he proved that it can be done.  His New Body looks Amazing!! In 12 weeks he dropped from 140 lbs. to 129.6 lbs but most impressive was his waist dropping from  33 1/2" to 30", his body fat percentage [...]

4 04, 2016

This 60 Year Old Grandmother Dropped 20 lbs and Inspires Her Students

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  I LOVE today’s transformation story!! When women who are over 60 come to us, wondering if it’s too late for them to get in great shape, to be strong and fit, and to look and feel great, we always say NO! It’s never to late to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes! Nancy is an excellent case and point! She found Hitch Fit after turning 60, she was unsure if this was doable for her, [...]

29 03, 2016

HIIT – Burn MORE Calories in LESS Time

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HIIT - Burn MORE Calories in LESS Time! High Intensity Interval Training – also known as HIIT has been around for at last a century, but research studies provided a major boost in popularity over the last decade as they demonstrated the effectiveness and efficiency of this training style. HIIT involves doing higher intensity rounds of exercise, that are anywhere from 5 seconds to 8 minutes in duration at 80 – 95% of maximum heart [...]

16 03, 2016

4 Signs Of Progress That Don’t Include The Scale

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Think back to your first motivation for pursuing a happier, healthier lifestyle. Maybe it was to fit into the perfect dress for a wedding, or start a healthier journey for your family. Perhaps you just needed to lose that baby weight (we know you guys have to lose all that weight you gained during her pregnancy, too!) Once you start your fitness journey, though, a new motivation tends to take over. The number on the [...]

8 03, 2016

Fit for the Wedding at 50!

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50 and Fit for her Wedding Day!   50 and Fit for the Wedding! I'm so proud of today's incredible transformation Rachel!  In June 2015, at 50 years of age, Rachel realized that she wasn't happy with where she was physically when she saw a picture of herself with friends. She knew she was ready for change, especially since she was preparing for her upcoming wedding (February 2016). Rachel started off with a [...]

3 03, 2016

Hitch Fit Living Magazine March/April 2016 Issue

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Hitch Fit Living - Health & Fitness Magazine - March/April 2016 Check it out below and Subscribe for FREE! This issue: Cover Models Rick & Vickie Sims - These FIT GRANDPARENTS lost 120 Pounds! Free Fitness Magazine - Hitch Fit Living - Healthy Living Magazine Ideas - Inspiration - Incentive for your Fit and Healthy Life! Recipe Ideas - Workouts - Motivation for Fitness - Inspiring Transformations and MORE!

29 02, 2016

Being Positive Equals Success

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Being Positive Equals Success How Being Positive = Success! Words are a powerful tool to have in your toolbox of life. Used properly, they can lead to great success, encouragement, friendship, and joy. Used improperly, however, and they can cause destruction, hate, unkindness, and belittlement. Striving to stay positive throughout your day should be a major goal. Not only will you be supporting others, but you will also support yourself! Speaking words out loud does [...]

28 02, 2016

See How This Couple Dropped 120 lbs – Fit Grandparents

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Rick and Vickie On Tv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeQrF7T8e68   Do I have an Amazing Inspiration Story for you!!  These grandparents dropped 120lbs combined to Get Healthy and Fit!! Vickies Story Fit Grandparents Here I was, 58 years old, at a place I thought I would never be – overweight, frustrated, raging hormones, depressed, not liking myself at all and I felt so alone all of the time.  For years I struggled with my looks and my feelings [...]