1003, 2014

Hitch Fit TRANSFORMER, Mother of TWO, Gets in Bikini Model Shape and Rocks the WBFF Stage!

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I’ve got an incredibly special transformation to share today!! This is a woman who is near and dear to our hearts, she has inspired SO many people and she’s just an incredible blessing to the Hitch Fit family. Amber Hanton, is a mother of two and the wife of Hitch Fit Gym head Transformation Trainer James Hanton. I remember meeting Amber years ago when James first joined the training team in Kansas City, she is […]

803, 2014

The Benefits of Blueberries

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Hitch Fit loves healthy and delicious food – and blueberries are at the top of the list! These little balls of nutrition are second only to strawberries in terms of berry popularity in the United States. They are consistently ranked as having one of the highest antioxidant capacities among things like fruit, vegetables, and even spices.

What’s so great about antioxidants, anyway?

After many years of research, the US has determined antioxidants are incredibly beneficial in a […]

503, 2014

10 Healthy Breakfast Options in Under 10 Minutes

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Breakfast tends to be that often-skipped meal as people are running out the door to work, or gathering up last-minute child homework assignments. But if you have ten minutes to spare in that morning routine – you’ve got a healthy breakfast!


This satisfying recovery breakfast is perfect for those returning from a morning run, or a prep for the upcoming day. Much like oatmeal, you can add dried fruit or nuts if you choose as well. […]

303, 2014

Online Personal Training Client from Canada gets in Bikini Model Shape!

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I’ve got a great transformation all the way from Canada to share today! Online Personal Training client Angela wanted to take her fitness levels from good to great when she first discovered Hitch Fit ! After following the weight loss success stories for months before deciding she was ready to tackle 12 weeks of transformation for herself! Angela chose a 12 Week Bikini Model Program and also needed it to be Gluten Free. She cut […]

103, 2014

Hitch Fit’s 5 Natural Ways to Fight a Cold

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With the changing of seasons comes the inevitable bout of cold and flu symptoms that sweep the city. Many of us immediately run to the store for the basic pills that will offer decongestion, pressure, and other types of symptom relief. However, there are many useful ways to naturally and organically help your body deal with the tiring symptoms that occur with the common cold. Check out this list, and try out these five great […]

2602, 2014

Major Setback didnt Hold Sean back from Losing 40lbs (Graphic Picture)

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Day 1- 

Weight -195 (at his biggest 215)

Belly Measurement- 38″


Final Stats

Weight -154

Belly- 27.5″


I started my life style change the end of August 2013. Certain things would make me notice the weight I was at. When I would get my hair cut I would look in the mirror and realize I didn’t like the person I was looking at. I started working out a little more than I usually had. I lost a few pounds here and […]

2602, 2014

Motivated Mother drops 50 lbs of Fat and has kept it off for 4 years

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Motivated Mother drops 50 lbs of Fat and has kept it off for 4 years

Brandi is one of Hitch Fit most popular and motivating transformations of all time. in 2010 she walked through the doors of Hitch Fit wanting to transform her life and body.  The reason her success happened is because she made every single change needed to succeed.  The most remarkable part of this whole story is that Brandi has now kept it […]

2602, 2014

Spring into Action with a Personal Trainer at Hitch Fit

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The new season is approaching! Spring is usually the time when people start organizing and cleaning out their cluttered lives. Why not clean out your diet as well? Hitch Fit’s incredible programs are geared toward helping individuals find lives that are fit and healthy. With specialized programs for every individual’s goal, Hitch Fit is prepped to help you “spring” into action this season and get your daily life in a fit and healthy routine.

Lose Weight, […]

2402, 2014

Online Client Sheds 23 pounds and 13% Body Fat with Female Weight Loss Program!

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Another awesome transformation to share today! Dena is another mom who was inspired by Hitch Fit transformation Amy Gipson, so when she decided she was ready to commit to some positive lifestyle changes she tackled the Hitch Fit Lose Weight Feel Great 12 week female weight loss program. Dena did an incredible job, really embracing the lifestyle changes and making positive changes, she didn’t just change her body, she improved her confidence, her health and […]

2202, 2014

The Best Workout Clothes for your Body Type

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Fitness wear isn’t just about breathable material and non-constricting seams – it’s also about looking and feeling good while you sweat your butt off! Here are some great tips for dressing for your body type, including pre and post-Hitch Fit Program shapes!

The Pear:

This shape needs some light colors on the top and darker colors for your bottoms. Flared-leg yoga pants are the best choice for this body type as it lengthens and balances your shape. […]