1612, 2013

Chess Moves for Fitness Buffs

By |December 16th, 2013|Fitness|0 Comments

Chess? This subject seems a bit weird, I’m sure, but stick with me for just a few minutes. When you start out pursuing a fitness goal or routine, you make a plan right? Perhaps not a long drawn-out list and calendar, but an idea at the very least. Let’s flesh that out a bit:

The Board

Think of your overall goals as a chess board. In order to begin the game you must first take out the […]

1312, 2013

Superstitious Fitness

By |December 13th, 2013|Fitness|0 Comments

Being Friday the 13th and all, we couldn’t help but blog about the idea of superstition among athletes. Special routines, lucky underwear (what?) and even a quote or two before the next competition are all things that an athlete might rely on to keep them going!

That Lucky Charm

While fitness goals and competition prep is really all about diet and exercise, there are some upsides to having a lucky charm when the going gets tough. Motivation […]

912, 2013

Triathlons: The Cure for Chronic Pain?

By |December 9th, 2013|Fitness, News|0 Comments

It’s no mystery that athletes who continually push the boundaries of fitness are stronger than the rest of us. But does this mean they are able to tolerate higher levels of pain overall? This question has pried at the minds of researches for quite some time, and recently a study was conducted to determine just this curiosity.

Pain is Relative

The study conducted included a mere 36 participants, and included triathletes and non-triathletes. Experimenting with cold and […]

612, 2013

Fitness Modeling: What’s it all about?

By |December 6th, 2013|Fitness, Hitch Fit Athletes|1 Comment

More than Just a Runway

Fitness modeling isn’t just about the photos or the walk down an aisle for a few judges. This endeavor is a lifestyle, a career, and an entire life change. The focus isn’t on how large your muscles are or how good you can make a muscular body look in a bikini. Modeling of this type includes your life and background.

What’s on the inside

The “inside” speaks of your thoughts, dreams and goals […]

412, 2013

Rethinking your Fitness Goals

By |December 4th, 2013|Fitness|0 Comments

Feeling a bit uninspired to complete your workout this week? If you’ve been working toward a goal for any length of time, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your fitness pursuits. Think back to the day you made out your fitness goals. Were you intending to lose weight, prep for a competition, or simply gain some muscle mass? If you have reached or exceeded those goals, it’s time to look further ahead. Even if you have […]

212, 2013

James Michener Takes his Body to a Wbff Pro Level Stage with Hitch Fit Competition Prep Progam

By |December 2nd, 2013|Before & Afters, Hitch Fit Athletes|0 Comments


I started my fitness journey when I was young something I owe to my parents. They instilled in myself, and my two brothers the importance of Balance in Life. You work hard but include your Faith, Family, Friends and time for ones self doing what you love. I loved Sports, I loved working as hard as I could to develop skills that would make me improve at what ever sport I was playing at the […]

112, 2013

8 Tips for Winter Fitness

By |December 1st, 2013|Fitness|0 Comments

Many people think that running, biking or jogging in the winter may not be any different than the same activities in the summer; that assumption is incorrect. Although you are working your body same, you need to consider some extra precautions to keep your body safe.

Warm Clothing

For outdoor activities, the first step in dressing for winter fitness is with your apparel choices. Make sure your shirts are thicker, but made of breathable material like cotton. […]

2611, 2013

Motivation in Multiples: How Groups Can Boost Your Fitness Pursuits

By |November 26th, 2013|Couples Fitness, Fitness, Life Coaching|0 Comments

We have posted many a blog surrounding the topic of motivation. This may seem redundant, but once you start a specified fitness routine, you understand the need for motivational tactics! Today we’re discussing the value of multiples. Similar to our post on The Buddy System, the need to have a partner in your endeavors is paramount. Without somebody around to encourage you – or for you to encourage – your fitness goals can become mundane, […]

2611, 2013

Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Client Gets in HOT Fitness Model Shape!

By |November 26th, 2013|Before & Afters|1 Comment

I’ve got a wonderful transformation to share today!! Stacie wanted to go from good to GREAT as far as her fitness level was concerned (she’s got a wedding coming up!!) so she tackled the Hitch Fit Fitness Model Program to challenge herself and achieve her own set of Amazing Abs ! (She was inspired by Heather Weis’ story) . Stacie was dedicated and went from 18% down to a super lean 9.5%, she is what […]

2311, 2013

Hitch Fit in Haiti – Diana’s Recent Trip with Love in Motion

By |November 23rd, 2013|News|0 Comments


I recently returned from a trip to Haiti with a group called Love in Motion from Monadnock Bible Conference in Jaffrey, NH. This is my second trip to Haiti with this organization and both experiences have been so incredible! Love in Motion is  working hard to do great things in the country of Haiti. They work with orphanages and schools, building projects, community feeding projects, medical teams and more.

During this trip, which was a work […]

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