1408, 2015

How To Stay Fit During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is no joke – a woman’s body goes through quite a change in many aspects. The best way to make sure you bounce right back after having a baby is to stay fit during your pregnancy! While there are precautions you should take, staying fit during pregnancy is no different than staying fit when not pregnant!

#1: Stay The Course
If you had a fitness regiment before pregnancy, continue it during pregnancy!
Your body is strong, and […]

1208, 2015

3 Ways Jump Start Your Way To A Health And Fitness Lifestyle

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It’s so hard to get started, isn’t it? We have a great goal in mind, complete with healthy eating choices and a gym membership. But the motivation and that initial jump start just isn’t there. The best way to maintain a solid pursuit of your goals is to dive in immediately and do something. It doesn’t matter if you have every little detail and workout planned to the minute. All that matters is that you […]

1008, 2015

Australia Fitness Model Competes for first time!

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Australia Fitness Model competes for first time with Hitch Fit Competition Prep Plan! 
I am so proud of today’s transformation, Bec! She is one of our Hitch Fit Aussie clients who wanted to get in the best shape of her life and compete in a Bikini Fitness Model competition for her first time. She was inspired by Hitch Fit superstar, Michelle, a friend of hers in Australia!

She committed to the Hitch Fit Online Competition Prep Plan. […]

608, 2015

The Cure For The Common Headache

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You may not realize it, but exercising actually helps with curing a headache. Those head-splitting pains that just don’t seem to go away can easily be relieved by implementing some basic fitness tips into your daily life. While there are certainly types of headaches that are caused by exercise, this occurs in a very minimal portion of the population. Generally speaking, these fitness tips can significantly decrease the number or occurrences of headaches from your […]

308, 2015

Bikini Competition Prep Plan Client Competes for First Time!

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It is so much fun working with Competition Prep athletes! Women who have dreamed of stepping on stage, and are ready to take the steps to make that vision a reality! That is the case with today’s transformation, Brittany. I’m so proud of this little lady.  She wanted to challenge herself to compete in the WBFF Diva Bikini Model division. She was diligent, she was focused, and she worked hard. Each week she kept her eye […]

308, 2015

5 Strange Reasons You Aren’t Meeting Your Fitness Goals

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You have goals, and you’re working hard to complete every day. But, for some reason, you just can’t seem to hit the numbers you want! While numbers on a scale aren’t what being fit is all about, it certainly has its part. Here are a few reasons that, despite all your hard work, your body just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate:

You Aren’t Drinking Enough – Water isn’t just that liquid that’s consumed when coffee […]

2707, 2015

Gluten Free Fitness Plan Benefits This Online Client!

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Gluten Free Fitness Plan from Hitch Fit Benefits This Online Client! 
I’m so happy to share Mary’s story with you today! I think it’s most beneficial to others when people really open up and share the obstacles that they have had to overcome through their fitness journey’s, and that is what she has done. She has gluten sensitivity, and has battled through some injuries, personal losses, busy schedule and more to achieve her fitness goals. She […]

2007, 2015

Structure and Flexibility of Hitch Fit Plan Leads to Healthy Lifestyle

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Structure and Flexibility of Hitch Fit Online Plan Leads to Healthy Weight Loss & Lifestyle for Julie! 
Today’s transformation story is Julie. Her body has been on a roller coaster ride over the last few years, after competing and then rebounding multiple times, she reached a point where she knew she had to make this a healthy lifestyle, not just so that she would look good on the outside, and be at a place that was […]

1407, 2015

Strong is the New Skinny – Fox 4 News Feature

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We are so proud of Hitch Fit clients and superstars Vickie Sims, Shira Knoche and her daughter Sydney!

These three inspiring ladies were featured on Fox 4 News Kansas City this morning in a segment by Loren Halifax entitled “Strong is the new Skinny”.

Even though this segment talked about being strong vs. skinny,  we aren’t just focused on a visual look. When we talk about being “strong”, it’s so much more than the physical strength that is gained, these […]

1307, 2015

Fit Healthy Lifestyle Leads to 20 pound Weight Loss!

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Kylene’s new Fit Healthy Lifestyle with Hitch Fit led to a 20 pound weight loss!

I am so excited to share Kylenes Story with you.. This mother worked hard, ate right and the results show!!  What an Inspiration!!

Starting  Stats

. Weight: 162

. Hip Measurement- 38.75

. Waist Measurement- 37             

Ending Stats

Weight- 140.6Hip Measurement- 35

Waist Measurement- 31.25

 Mother Loses over 20 lbs and Now Living a Fit Healthy Lifestyle
Oh my goodness!  I don’t know where to start!  First off, thank you Micah […]

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