501, 2015

Sexy Body Transformation of Hitch Fit Owner Diana Chaloux LaCerte!

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  Hitch Fit owner and co-founder Diana Chaloux – LaCerte! 

Today’s transformation is….well, it’s me! It’s January 2015, and I realized that I’ve never shared my own transformation story here on Hitch Fit. And I think that it’s time. I know a lot of people see where I’m at now, and they think that I’ve always been fit or I’ve always been lean, and I’ve never had to deal with the struggles of losing weight, or emotional […]

201, 2015

7 Reasons You Need To Try Calisthenics

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Calisthenics, while an impossible word to spell, is quite simple. If fact, you’ve probably already tried calisthenics. This form of exercise is body-weight training at its finest. Crunches, burpees, and push-ups are all part of this set of exercises. Don’t pass these off as the generalist form of workout; simpler is better! Here are 7 reasons not to underestimate the value of body-weight training in your daily life.

No Equipment Necessary
We all love saving money; a […]

3012, 2014

40 Pound Weight Loss Achieved by Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Client!

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I am so proud of today’s transformation Shana! She had followed Hitch Fit for quite some time (having known Micah back in grade school!) and finally decided that she was going to get started on her own personal transformation after going through some challenging personal and health problems. She committed to the Hitch Fit Lose Weight Feel Great Online Personal Training Program and has now achieved a 40 Pound Weight Loss! Her after pictures in […]

2912, 2014

Welcome 2015: Tips For Your Best Resolutions List

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New Year’s Eve brings the ever-popular, seldom-accomplished resolutions list. Before you settle on your 2015 resolutions, check out our list of factors to consider:

Be Realistic

We all know those lofty goals just aren’t going to be accomplished! Start small, and take a bite of that ultimate goal as your resolution for this year. You are far more likely to strive for completion if it’s something you know you can handle.

Make A Pro-Con List

This oft-mocked tradition is […]

2712, 2014

A Post-Holiday Gift For You

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Post -Holiday Gift

Ready for a workout to blast away those calories you took in over the holidays? We’ve got a great one for you. In addition to burning fat, kick your motivation into high gear with this interval training workout made special for the New Year. Always make sure to start with a warm-up; whether it’s the one provided or your own routine.

Warm It Up

Start the day with a quick warm-up! Don’t go all out […]

2312, 2014

The Top 5 Motivational Tricks of Successful People

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The Top 5 Motivational Tricks of Successful People

Motivation is a necessary, and oft-missing, partner to the state of being fit. Happy, healthy living doesn’t come with the snap of two fingers. It takes work; that work sometimes needs a little push. Work on improving yourself in more than physical ways by integrating these habits of successful and motivated people.

Be Goal-Oriented
Without goals, we tend to flounder under pressure. Make sure you’ve got an end point in […]

2212, 2014

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Client, Mother of TWINS, Sheds The Last Few Pounds!

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Post pregnancy weight loss is a challenge for the majority of women, getting back to a pre pregnancy body while taking care of new little ones is not an easy thing! For today’s transformation Laura, she faced those same challenges, busy schedule including her job, and TWINS!! With a total of three children in the house, she was finding it a challenge to get her body fat back down to the place where she felt […]

2012, 2014

Hitch Fit on How to Set Realistic Goals

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Starting a new fitness or nutritional routine seems so easy and exciting. Finishing those goals, however, is a whole different ball game. It requires endurance, patience, and a commitment to keep going long after you’re tired or bored. The key to finishing something you’ve set out to do is to ensure the goal is realistic. Outlandish ambitions are given up on quickly, no matter how much you want to accomplish it. The best intention and […]

1612, 2014

Tips On Eyes and Fitness

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We all know fitness is essential for a healthy body, but did you know that specific parts of your body are dependent upon your exercise routine? Today, we’re going to focus on the eyes! Eyes are strained and affected by negative routines in your life, but can be easily corrected!


Being just plain tired can lead to eye strain. Continued use of your eyes while tired causes them to work harder, stay open longer than normal […]

1612, 2014

How to Get Fit and Healthy in your 40’s with Hitch Fit Training

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 45 Year Old Gets Super Fit and Healthy with Hitch Fit

Despite my starting picture not reflecting it, fitness is a hobby for me.  I knew I had not been eating as clean as I normally do, but the pictures really opened my eyes.  I was still working out, but admittedly, my intensity was inconsistent so it was definitely time to shake things up.

I had first heard about HitchFit through a local fitness magazine, but it […]