1901, 2015

Best Online Personal Training Program search leads to six pack abs!

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Today’s transformation story is Monica, one of our Online Personal Training clients from BRAZIL. Back in 2011 she searched the web for the “best online personal training program” and found Hitch Fit! I made a Hitch Fit Fitness Model Program for her all those years ago, but life got in the way and she full off track and wasn’t able to complete it. Fast forward to 2014, Monica was finally at a place in her […]

1901, 2015

Your Personal Pedestal

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What is your ultimate health and fitness goal? Not simple goals such as “I want to walk on my treadmill every day,” but your giant whale of a goal? Think about that seemingly impossible dream up there on a spotlighted pedestal. That’s a pretty gorgeous looking goal, isn’t it?

It’s within your grasp. All you have to do is take it off that pedestal, and bring it down to your level! With a little bit of […]

1601, 2015

5 Inspiring Fitness Quotes to Light Your Motivational Fire

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We all need a little inspiration! Some need it daily, and others just every once in awhile. It’s time to get on fire about your body’s health! Here are eight fantastic fitness quotes from famous individuals. Let them seep into your brain, and encourage you to take action.

“If I’d known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.” – Eubie Blake
A pianist as well as composer, Blake lived from 1887 […]

1201, 2015

Choosing The Best Rewards For Your Accomplishments

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Living a healthy and fit life is an accomplishment! Therefore, it’s only proper to celebrate it now and then. Rewards not only ensure you reach a specific point in your goal pursuit, but it also keeps up your motivation, giving you a happy spot in all that hard work. However, many of us make the mistake of choosing rewards that send us back down the path of sluggishness and poor diets. Check out these great […]

901, 2015

The Secret In The Pod: Why Edamame Is So Powerful

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Eda-what? This weird green bean is more than meets the eye. The classic soy appetizer at many sushi restaurants, Edamame, is a green soybean, and generally served boiled. Quite simple to prepare, the health benefits of this amazing legume are far more than simple. In just one serving of approximately ½ cup, you’ll find the following:

11 grams of protein
5 grams of fat
120 calories
15 milligrams of sodium
5 grams of polyunsaturated fat
5 grams of monounsaturated fat
13 grams […]

901, 2015

How a Mother of 4 lost Over 30 Pounds with the Hitch Fit Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Program

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Today’s transformation Amy is going to be a great inspiration to the moms out there who are wanting to get their body back post pregnancy! 6 months after the birth of her fourth child, Amy came to Hitch Fit ready to get back in shape. It’s not an easy thing when you have FOUR young children! Life is extremely busy! But Amy knew that her health and being a healthy example for her children was […]

501, 2015

How You Can Benefit From Time Management

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There are so many ways to waste time these days, isn’t there? Smart phones have taken time-wasting to an entirely new level. Texts, games, apps, and the like may seem to only take a few minutes here and there, but the reality is that the entire population is utilizing every free space of mind energy and time on their phones. Check out the local coffee shop. Sure, there are a few people chatting; give them […]

501, 2015

Sexy Body Transformation of Hitch Fit Owner Diana Chaloux LaCerte!

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  Hitch Fit owner and co-founder Diana Chaloux – LaCerte! 

Today’s transformation is….well, it’s me! It’s January 2015, and I realized that I’ve never shared my own transformation story here on Hitch Fit. And I think that it’s time. I know a lot of people see where I’m at now, and they think that I’ve always been fit or I’ve always been lean, and I’ve never had to deal with the struggles of losing weight, or emotional […]

201, 2015

7 Reasons You Need To Try Calisthenics

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Calisthenics, while an impossible word to spell, is quite simple. If fact, you’ve probably already tried calisthenics. This form of exercise is body-weight training at its finest. Crunches, burpees, and push-ups are all part of this set of exercises. Don’t pass these off as the generalist form of workout; simpler is better! Here are 7 reasons not to underestimate the value of body-weight training in your daily life.

No Equipment Necessary
We all love saving money; a […]

3012, 2014

40 Pound Weight Loss Achieved by Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Client!

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I am so proud of today’s transformation Shana! She had followed Hitch Fit for quite some time (having known Micah back in grade school!) and finally decided that she was going to get started on her own personal transformation after going through some challenging personal and health problems. She committed to the Hitch Fit Lose Weight Feel Great Online Personal Training Program and has now achieved a 40 Pound Weight Loss! Her after pictures in […]

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