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    Gluten-Free: The newest craze in health and fitness

    The most recent trend in fitness involves nutrition. Gluten, a protein composite found in wheat, rye and barley, is quite literally the “glue” holding ingredients together. Discovered as an alternative to meat, gluten has since become a source...

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    The 5 Best Fitness Trends of 2013

      Fitness kicks are the wave of every future, and this year is certainly no exception. There have been a multitude of fitness trends to hit gyms, clubs and even homes! 1.       Boot Camps This new fitness trend is the most exciting,...

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    How Being Sexy Makes Us Smarter

      The benefits of exercise include more than just body weight and size. These benefits also include mental acuity. The New England Journal of Medicine reported the effects of various recreational activities on mental capabilities as we age....

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    Healthy Breakfast Option EggPlant French Toast

    Try one of the Hitch Fit Living Cookbook Breakfast Recipes!!! Healthy Alternative to Regular French toast. EGGPLANT FRENCH TOAST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KN6NP_k-i8
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    Your Worst Fitness Enemy is You!

      “You are your own worst enemy” We know you’ve heard that phrase more times than you’ve ever wanted to. Unfortunately, no matter how cliché the idea is, it’s true! The only obstacle standing in the way of you reaching your fitness...

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    Choose Happiness through Healthy Living

      Healthy living is becoming much more popular in the United States, especially with the government becoming more involved in the portions and types of food that Americans consume. Healthy living isn’t just about giving your body what it...

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    Hitch Fit Superstar Amy Competes with WBFF and lands 3rd in Diva Bikini Model division!

    She's back again!! Yes, that's right, our very own Amy G, who has inspired SO many people in the last 2 years since her first transformation came out!! This time she decided she was ready to challenge herself to the next level and get ready for the...

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    Let Fall Be Your Best Season for Fitness

      The air is crisp, the leaves are falling; it’s Fall! This is the most invigorating time for exercise, since the air is cooler, and working out means a natural warm up. Grab a light jacket and head outside for some outdoor workout. Football...

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    Full Body Home Workouts – Kctv 5 News

    Had the awesome opportunity of Kctv 5 "Better Kc" to come into our home and we showed then a full body workout using things around the house like soup cans and laundry detergent!! Enjoy Home Workouts!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3hu2zg8vow
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    43 year old Mother Takes Back Control of her Body with Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Program!

    I have an awesome story to share today. This one is really going to touch your heart! Nicole went through 3 years of turmoil as far as her body, and her emotions were concerned. She and her husband suffered the terrible loss of a child during pregnancy,...

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    What Motivates You to Work Out?

    For some of us, articles like Shape’s 15 Fitness Muses to Inspire Your Workout is a really swift kick to the tush. For others, we are inspired to push our bodies to the limits with stories about individuals such as Zach Sobiech. There are days we...