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20 04, 2015

Fitness Cover Model Body Transformation – Magnum Nutraceuticals President Markus Kaulius’s Amazing Journey

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I Had the Amazing Opportunity in working with Markus.. The guys kicked Major Butt.. Taking his Body from his start point to Fitness Model Cover Shape!!!  Check out this Hitch Fit Body Transformation!! My Name is Markus Kaulius and I am the Owner of Magnum Nutraceuticals.  As the Ceo of a company, my days are often long, stress Levels and high and time to make and eat proper meals is limited.  These are the excuses [...]

20 04, 2015

6 Ways To Get Happy In 10 Minutes Or Less

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What if getting to your happy place only took you ten minutes? Happiness is sought after by every individual, virtually every day. There are self-help books, thousands of blogs, and hundreds of seminars dedicated to telling people how to be happy. Here’s the hard part – only you know what makes you happy. Unhappiness can be generalized, or specific to a certain time frame. Whatever the case may be, you can get out of that [...]

13 04, 2015

WBFF Pro Diva Bikini Model & Hitch Fit Athlete Coryn Martin Places Top 5!

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WBFF Pro Diva Bikini Model & Hitch Fit Athlete Coryn Martin on Show day at the WBFF Montreal Pro/Am WBFF Pro Diva Bikini Model Coryn Martin has been a part of team Hitch Fit since 2012. She landed her WBFF Pro status that year at the WBFF Central US Championships in Kansas City! It has been so much fun watching Coryn grow and mature as a Pro athlete these last couple of years. She is [...]

13 04, 2015

8 Foods Women Should Eat To Balance Hormones

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You’ve heard countless times that if you put garbage in, you get garbage out; here’s some extra information to add to that classic line. What you eat helps or hinders your body’s ability to secrete hormones, and, like it or not, these bodily chemicals control metabolism, digestions, energy, mood, libido, and even how our skin looks. One hormone, endorphins, acts as a natural painkiller! If we aren’t eating the nutrients our bodies need, we cannot [...]

10 04, 2015

Hitch Fit On The Bad Workout

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Ready for some encouragement today? The only “bad workout” is the one you didn’t do! Whatever activity you accomplished today is the best workout you could accomplish. Way-laid fitness plans are generally the result of a diminished motivational center. Instead of focusing on how far you didn’t run in your session today, focus on how far you did. One mile of running or walking is one more mile than you’d done that day, so pat [...]

7 04, 2015

50 and FIT! Online Client Sheds FAT and Runs FASTEST Half Marathon of her life!

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Hey ladies who think you can't be 50 AND FIT..I've got an awesome and inspiring story for you today! So proud of Hitch Fit Online Fitness Training client Jill! Jill is a runner, this little lady had some big goals for running as she turned 50, she knew that the only way she was going to achieve those goals was to be leaner and faster! She signed up for the Hitch Fit Online Fitness Model Plan [...]

6 04, 2015

Clean Eating Is For You: Simple Substitutions For Eating Well

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Paleo is the new fad, and it’s not all bad! If you’re one of those individuals who has trouble sticking to a diet - then this post is for you. Switching your entire menu to strange, new foods is not always going to work for you. Other options, like calorie cutting, don’t always pan out either. Instead of focusing on the calorie number, focus on the nutrients behind those calories. For a different approach to [...]

3 04, 2015

How To Make Your Lunch Hour Work For You

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Mystified by those co-workers who seem to fit in a powerhouse workout, shower, and eat in under 60 minutes? Wonder no more! Here are some great tips for attacking your fitness goals in the spare time you didn’t even know you had. Get It Over And Done With The best way to make a lunchtime workout work for you is to focus on the intensity of your workout rather than length. Circuit training is always [...]

1 04, 2015

Overcome Your Fitness Challenges NOW!

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There are many reasons, legitimate and not, for not participating in some kind of healthy fitness. These obstacles are not just keeping you from being the weight you'd prefer - they are keeping you from happiness and healthier living! Here are just a few obstacles, and how you can overcome them. No Time We’ve all got crazy schedules, but there are plenty of ways to squeeze in a quick workout every day. You’ll not only [...]

30 03, 2015

Online Weight Loss Plan Client Loses Fat in 12 Weeks!

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I'm so proud of today's transformation story, Keri! She has a lot of things to be happy about in her life, but the one area that she was still struggling was with her weight and fitness. After seeing the success of her friend Kellye, another Hitch Fit Online Weight Loss Plan client, she decided she COULD do this for herself!! And she was absolutely right. That first step of believing in your capability to succeed [...]