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Will I be Successful at Hitch Fit? Find out What Grade you Get

The Question Most Clients Ask themselves before starting is  Will I Be Successful with Hitch Fit? Below we Break it down so you can decide for yourself. Starting a Transformation can be very intimidating both Online [...]

Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose For many of us, struggle seems to be a part of our daily routine. Much like our morning coffee, or daily Hitch Fit email of encouragement, tough days and troubling situations occur more frequently [...]

The Beach Body You Want

Beach Body Weight Loss Plans Spring is here! The time is now to think about your beach-ready body. But hold up – this post isn’t about the best ab-crunching techniques; it’s time to [...]

7 Ways To Bring Balance To Your Life

7 Ways To Bring Balance To Your Life Balance is quite a broad idea, so let’s break it down into some bite-sized pieces, shall we?  The balance we’re talking about today isn’t that of seasoned [...]

Hitch Fit: Why Accountability?

Accountability is essential for so many efforts in our daily lives. Whether you’re looking to quit smoking, save money, lower your caffeine intake, or read a book by a certain date, you need a bit [...]

Your Personal Pedestal

  What is your ultimate health and fitness goal? Not simple goals such as “I want to walk on my treadmill every day,” but your giant whale of a goal? Think about that seemingly impossible [...]

Choosing The Best Rewards For Your Accomplishments

Living a healthy and fit life is an accomplishment! Therefore, it’s only proper to celebrate it now and then. Rewards not only ensure you reach a specific point in your goal pursuit, but it also [...]

How You Can Benefit From Time Management

There are so many ways to waste time these days, isn’t there? Smart phones have taken time-wasting to an entirely new level. Texts, games, apps, and the like may seem to only take a few [...]

Get Serious About Fitness With The Best Online Trainers

The time has come to get serious about fitness! No more 20- minute exercises here, and short jaunts down the block there; this post is here to motivate you to make today the start of [...]

Top Ways To Be Your Own Guru

First, just what is a guru? The best definition is an influential teacher; one with the ability to force others to see their own strengths. Think Ghandi or even Yoda. The kinds of leaders that [...]

Competition Could be Your Best Life Move

Many of us think of competition as a formal event you need to prep for – like the Winter Olympics. While training is definitely needed for a competition of any kind, there are ways to [...]

5 Secrets to Willpower

Willpower is something that many people strive to obtain, but seem to fall short. What exactly does it take to maintain this elusive trait? Katie Morton’s soon-to-be-published book explains just how to obtain and keep [...]

My Last Days – The Story of Zach Sobiech and How he is Inspiring the World with How He Lived

Zach Sobiech Zach Sobiech's story was one I had not heard of until today and it really moved me.  He passed away yesterday of a terminal cancer but lived his life to the fullest. I [...]

If Money were no object what would you do with your Life?

What would you like to do if Money were no object. How would you spend your Life:) This video Will Change your Life if you fully take it in.. 9 months after getting my college [...]

Is It Just My Genetics?

“It is nearly impossible for me to gain any muscle!” “Why can’t I lose weight?” “Do I just have bad genes?” Sound familiar?  You may have heard a friend ask these questions before.  Maybe you’ve [...]

10 Secrets To Boost Your Self Esteem and Feel Sexy

10 Secrets To Boost Your Self Esteem and Feel Sexy Eating clean and exercising regularly is an essential part of achieving the body you want. But a part that often goes unmaintained is the mental [...]

How to Dress For Your New Body

After undergoing a major weight loss transformation, your old clothes just won’t fit you the same. They’ll be bagging, saggy, bunchy and just too big!  Plus, the styles and cuts that you used to wear when [...]

Where did the HITCH from Hitch Fit Come From?

Many People ask Where the Name HITCH came from?  Some of you know it from the Old Myspace days. It was a nickname given to me that I used on there . A few years [...]

Hitch Fit Beatboxing for Your Entertainment!!

Meet Esalaah (full name: Elijah Salaah).  He has been beatboxing his heart out for a little over 20 years and has become one of the best in the business.  But there’s more to Esalaah than [...]

Hitch Fit Gets By With a Little Help from Our Friends

The Beatles knew how important friendship and support were for success—just look at the famous song “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”.  And it’s true!  Having people around you to lean [...]