2401, 2015

Booty Blasting Workout! – 4 GREAT GLUTE EXERCISES

For a booty blasting workout, easy to do at home, try these four GREAT GLUTE EXERCISES!


Can be done with body weight only or for greater challenge and resistance, hold an 8-20 pound dumbbell behind […]

201, 2015

7 Reasons You Need To Try Calisthenics

Calisthenics, while an impossible word to spell, is quite simple. If fact, you’ve probably already tried calisthenics. This form of exercise is body-weight training at its finest. Crunches, burpees, and push-ups are all part of […]

2712, 2014

A Post-Holiday Gift For You


Post -Holiday Gift

Ready for a workout to blast away those calories you took in over the holidays? We’ve got a great one for you. In addition to burning fat, kick your motivation into high gear […]

1612, 2014

Tips On Eyes and Fitness

We all know fitness is essential for a healthy body, but did you know that specific parts of your body are dependent upon your exercise routine? Today, we’re going to focus on the eyes! Eyes […]

1312, 2014

40 Best Ways to Burn 100 Calories

While exercise is not solely a pursuit of weight loss, it is certainly a good motivator! Get inspired to move your body with these 40 incredible ways to quickly burn 100 calories. Not only will […]

312, 2014

December: The Muscle Building Month For You

With the post-Thanksgiving slump in effect, and impending mounds of Christmas cookies about to converge in the break room, it’s going to be difficult to maintain your usual diet and exercise routine this month! With […]

711, 2014

Hitch Fit Helps You Jump Into Fall Fitness

Don’t make like a bear and head for hibernation the minute that weather finally turns icy. Fall is the perfect time to kick your fitness routine (or lack thereof) into high gear! Fall and winter […]

3110, 2014

Hitch Fit On The Best Benefits Of Exercise

We know that exercise has many benefits; muscle gain and fat loss, most prominently. But, there are so many other incredible benefits to be gained from physical fitness! Mental health, as well as physical health […]

1710, 2014

4 Secrets To Increasing Your Strength

Here at Hitch Fit, we help individuals lose weight, eat right, gain muscle, and become happy, healthy individuals. Today we’re going to talk about four tips to increasing your physical strength. No matter what program […]

2909, 2014

Quick Changes For Faster Fitness Results

Looking to obtain faster fitness results? As you go about your workout program, it pays to look for little ways that you can create change that will not only shock your body into seeing better […]

2409, 2014

Transitioning Your Fitness Goals

With the cooler winter months now ahead, many people may start to think about switching their fitness goals around – which was geared towards fat loss during the summer – to muscle building instead for […]

1709, 2014

Signs You May Need A Training Break

If you’ve been working hard in the gym and with your diet, making sure you never miss a beat, chances are you’ve had some pretty good success by now. This success may serve to further […]

1509, 2014

The Best Ways To Keep Yourself Accountable On Your Workout Program

Do you find that after you start up on a fresh new diet or workout program, it’s only two weeks in and you’ve fallen off the bandwagon already?


For many people, staying accountable is the hardest […]

1009, 2014

Outdoor Activities That’ll Burn Fat Quickly

With the fall season now underway, many of you may be feeling a little tentative about moving back into the gym.  You loved how you could take your workouts outdoors during the summer and now […]

809, 2014

How To Get Back Into Your Workouts After A Summer Away

If you’ve just taken the summer away from your workouts, either intentionally because you wanted to be outside more often or just because that’s how it ended up with how often you got away for […]

2306, 2014

4 Important Questions To Ask Before Starting A Workout Program

Before you dive in and get started with your workout program, there are some important things that you should be considering. Unless you are fully prepared to make the commitment to proper training and are […]

1806, 2014

3 Golden Rules For Getting Back On Track After A Fitness Set-Back

If you’ve just fallen off the bandwagon with your workout or diet plan, chances are you’re feeling pretty de-motivated. You feel like you’ll never accomplish success no matter what you try and you might even […]

2905, 2014

The Sneaky Mistake That’s Costing You Training Success

The Sneaky Mistake That’s Costing You Training Success

Workout hard at your gym workout program but still not seeing the results you desired? If you feel like you’re putting in max effort but are seeing anything […]

2805, 2014

3 Non-Crunch Moves For Firm Flat Abs

Ready to take your core training to the next level? One thing to keep in mind is that abdominal crunches are not always the best solution for firm, flat abs. In fact, more often than […]

1705, 2014

Top 5 Sexy Butt Exercises

In the land of skinny jeans and short shorts, it is almost a necessity to have a sexy butt to slip them over.  As much time as you spend perfecting your face, hair, and smile […]