• Workout Program

    4 Important Questions To Ask Before Starting A Workout Program

    Before you dive in and get started with your workout program, there are some important things that you should be considering. Unless you are fully prepared to make the commitment to proper training and are selecting a workout that works for you, the chances...

  • Fitness Set Back

    3 Golden Rules For Getting Back On Track After A Fitness Set-Back

    If you’ve just fallen off the bandwagon with your workout or diet plan, chances are you’re feeling pretty de-motivated. You feel like you’ll never accomplish success no matter what you try and you might even wonder if it’s worth it all. Falling...

  • Training success

    The Sneaky Mistake That’s Costing You Training Success

    The Sneaky Mistake That’s Costing You Training Success   Workout hard at your gym workout program but still not seeing the results you desired? If you feel like you’re putting in max effort but are seeing anything but max results, you really...

  • Flat Abs

    3 Non-Crunch Moves For Firm Flat Abs

    Ready to take your core training to the next level? One thing to keep in mind is that abdominal crunches are not always the best solution for firm, flat abs. In fact, more often than not, stepping away from abdominal exercises is going to be the superior...

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    Top 5 Sexy Butt Exercises

    In the land of skinny jeans and short shorts, it is almost a necessity to have a sexy butt to slip them over.  As much time as you spend perfecting your face, hair, and smile you might end up neglecting your booty.  You are definitely going to need...

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    Outdoor Workouts you can do with a Park Bench and Stairs

    Outdoor Workouts you can do with a Park Bench and Stairs!! With Spring here its time we can get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.  A good way of mixing things up is simply finding a set of stairs and a park bench to use in your workout.  Here...

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    Take Health and Fitness to a Mobile Level

    More and more Smartphone users are downloading apps that allow you to track all kinds of information for health and fitness! There are a myriad of apps available for just about anything you want to track. Pedometers Want to keep track of every step...

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    Try out these 3 Home Exercises to Get that Sexy, Fit and Toned Butt!!!

    Try out these 3 Home Exercises to Get that Sexy, Fit and Toned Butt!!!   For more Videos Subscribe to our channel-
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    Advice for Running a Marathon

    Running a marathon is no joke. It takes a lot of preparation and practice in order to even attempt this giant feat. There are many plans you can follow to prepare you over the next months for your adventure. The most important thing to focus on is what...

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    Best Fitness Tips

    Here they are! Compiled into one quick-reference blog are 10 great fitness tips to keep your body strong, healthy, and happy, no matter what fitness endeavor you’re a part of. Better muscle strength can be built when you alternate days. Don’t...

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    Couch Potato Syndrome

    As spring approaches, some of us may have dwindling motivation despite the fact that Mother Earth is telling us it’s time to get up and go! The cold and snow have been quite a bother, and we really just want to veg out in front of the TV. We work...