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Lose Weight At Home – No Gym Necessary

Think you need a gym membership to get in great shape? Think again! There are plenty of options to Lose Weight At Home. Lose Weight at Home - No Gym Necessary Tune in [...]

Glutes Workout – Healthy Recipes and MORE – Hitch Fit Living May/June 2016 Issue

The May/June 2016 Issue of our FREE Fitness Magazine -  Hitch Fit Living! Check out this issue for a Killer Glutes Workout - Healthy Recipes - Inspiring Bride & Mother/Daughter Transformation - The Truth about [...]

6 Exercises Your Core Needs!

Your core is that middle section of your body that includes not just your abdominal muscles, but your back muscles as well! Strengthening this section of your body is vital to the success of any [...]

HIIT – Burn MORE Calories in LESS Time

HIIT - Burn MORE Calories in LESS Time! High Intensity Interval Training – also known as HIIT has been around for at last a century, but research studies provided a major boost in popularity over [...]

4 Signs Of Progress That Don’t Include The Scale

Think back to your first motivation for pursuing a happier, healthier lifestyle. Maybe it was to fit into the perfect dress for a wedding, or start a healthier journey for your family. Perhaps you just [...]

How To Choose The Right Athletic Shoe

The perfect fitness shoe is out there for you! While your fitness apparel doesn't need to be the latest name-brand attire, choosing a good shoe should be a priority. Foot problems can usually be boiled [...]

Fit Orbit Out of Business – Online Personal Training – Shocked

I just found out one of our biggest competitors Fit Orbit, recently shut the doors on their business.  In all Honesty I am shocked.  It's one of the few Online Personal Training Sites that it [...]

Fitness Magazine – Hitch Fit Living – November/December Issue!

The November/December 2015 Issue of Hitch Fit Living magazine is here! Inside you will find a load of new content from Hitch Fit!     Top 10 Tips for Healthy Holidays How to [...]

How To Stay Fit During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no joke – a woman’s body goes through quite a change in many aspects. The best way to make sure you bounce right back after having a baby is to stay fit during [...]

Hitch Fit Living Magazine – Inspiration Ideas and Incentive for your Healthy Lifestyle!

We are SO proud to launch the brand new Hitch Fit Living Magazine! Pages are packed with Inspiration, Incentive and Ideas for your Fit and Healthy Lifestyle! Subscription is FREE!  Simply enter your email to [...]

Fitness Fun and Games for the 4th of July!

Stay fit this 4th of July by embracing the fun! Get your friends and family together just like you always do – but this time implement some of the activities below to get the whole [...]

Top Fitness Apps To Keep You In Check

In today’s technologically advanced society, there’s an app for just about everything! Fitness is certainly no stranger to the app world. Whether you’re looking for playlists, calorie counters, or words of encouragement… “There’s an app [...]

How To Make Your Lunch Hour Work For You

Mystified by those co-workers who seem to fit in a powerhouse workout, shower, and eat in under 60 minutes? Wonder no more! Here are some great tips for attacking your fitness goals in the spare [...]

At Home Fitness Workout – Fast, Fun Full Body Routine!

At Home Fitness Workout - Try this Fast Fun Full Body Routine!  All you need for this workout (which can be done right in your home, or at the gym), are dumbbells and your body [...]

A Post-Holiday Gift For You

  Post -Holiday Gift Ready for a workout to blast away those calories you took in over the holidays? We’ve got a great one for you. In addition to burning fat, kick your motivation into [...]

December: The Muscle Building Month For You

With the post-Thanksgiving slump in effect, and impending mounds of Christmas cookies about to converge in the break room, it’s going to be difficult to maintain your usual diet and exercise routine this month! With [...]

Take Health and Fitness to a Mobile Level

More and more Smartphone users are downloading apps that allow you to track all kinds of information for health and fitness! There are a myriad of apps available for just about anything you want to [...]

Advice for Running a Marathon

Running a marathon is no joke. It takes a lot of preparation and practice in order to even attempt this giant feat. There are many plans you can follow to prepare you over the next [...]

Spring into Action with a Personal Trainer at Hitch Fit

The new season is approaching! Spring is usually the time when people start organizing and cleaning out their cluttered lives. Why not clean out your diet as well? Hitch Fit’s incredible programs are geared toward [...]

Using Icy Weather to Your Fitness Advantage

Winter Storm warnings are all over the country! With that in mind, you need some ideas to use this icy weather to your fitness advantage. Shake off the desperate desire to huddle up inside and [...]