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  • Jess - Before and After Front

    Mother Transforms her Life and Body in 12 weeks Losing Nearly 9″ on her Belly

    Jessica Started day 1 at 158.4 lbs a Bodyfat% in the High 30's, Hips 41 3/4" and Belly at 36" After 12 weeks she was a whole NEW WOMAN!! Now she is weighing 140.8lbs, Bodyfat % at 25%, Hips at 37", Belly at 27 1/4" Jessica Did the 12 week Couples...

  • Allison A. Before and After Front

    Online Client Allison (46) Hits the Weights, Gets Amazing Abs AND improves running!

    Today's transformation is the inspiring Allison! Allison is a runner, and at 46 years old she had just completed her first marathon, but was still have trouble getting her body where she wanted it to be visually. Like many runners she found that no...

  • Shellee A. Before and After Front

    Busy Mom Gets Achieves Her Goals and Gets Six Pack Abs!

    Shellee and her adorable daughter Shelbee!  Shellee is an amazing woman, so I'm delighted to share her story with you today! She is a woman of faith, a mother to a beautiful daughter Shelbee, and she is a go getter. She had goals that she wanted to...

  • Burt Front

    Burt Lost 40 lbs of Fat and Got Ripped 6 Pack abs in only 4 months

    In Only 4 months Burt Dropped 40 lbs of Fat, Close to 18% Bodyfat, 8" off his Belly and Became the Best Version of himself!!!  He used the Hitch Fit Online 16 week Lose Weight Feel Great Plan. Burts Testimonial Video     From...

  • Trisha S. Before and After Front

    Mom of 4 Sheds 16% Body Fat and Gets Shredded!

    I'm so thrilled to share Trisha's story with you today. This firecracker is a mother of 4 young children and she has been SO much fun to work with! Trisha started off with a Lose Weight Feel Great program, but part way through decided she wanted to...

  • Stacey A. Before and After Front

    Stacey Sheds 10% Body Fat Post Pregnancy with Hitch Fit!

    After being inspired by transformations of some of our Hitch Fit moms, Stacey decided it was her turn!! 6 Months after having her baby she decided to tackle the Hitch Fit "I Want My Body Back Program". She took the time for herself, made the healthy...

  • Janelle Before and After Front

    Online Client and Mom Sheds 10% Body Fat with Hitch Fit!

    Janelle and her adorable daughter Alyssa!  I've got another inspiring mom for you to meet today! Janelle is yet another Hitch Fit rock star who took charge of her choices and her life and created a healthier and more fit version of herself , her family...

  • Jody H. Front Before and after

    Mom of 2 Boys Sheds 16% Body Fat And Gets Her Mojo Back with Hitch Fit!

    I'm so proud of today's transformation Jody. This busy wife and mom of 2 boys really represents how much of your life can truly transform when you commit to the Hitch Fit process! She changed her mind about what she was capable of doing and realized...

  • Elizabeth Before and After Front

    42 Year Old Mom Gets Shredded Competes as WBFF Fitness Model!

    Today I have an incredible story to share! Elizabeth has already inspired SO many people with her very first Hitch Fit transformation where...

  • Lindsay A. Before and After Front

    Online Client Drops 11% Body Fat and Competes in WBFF Figure!

    Today's transformation is Lindsay, who has been such a fun client to work with! I've had the opportunity to work with Lindsay through two competition preps. She is determined, disciplined, and she is not afraid of working hard and pushing herself to...

  • Final Pants

    Jim Lost Close to 80 lbs of Fat and Looks Amazing at 43 years Old -Very inspiring

    What an amazing Transformation Jim went through.  Jims story connects with so many people out there , being a father, working a full time job , busy with life , the ups and downs but he had a goal and wow did he reach it.  He wanted to become the...

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