310, 2015

Will I be Successful at Hitch Fit? Find out What Grade you Get

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The Question Most Clients Ask themselves before starting is  Will I Be Successful with Hitch Fit? . Below we Break it down so you can decide for yourself.

Starting a Transformation can be very intimidating both Online and 1 on 1, it is why here at Hitch Fit we first try and get you mentally prepared so you are ready before you start. Our goal is to help you reach your goals and transform your life not […]

2809, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge Changed This Mother of Twins Body!

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Today’s transformation story is Holly! Holly is a mother of twins, yes TWINS… and her weight has fluctuated throughout her life. She, like so many women, was afraid of the weight room, thinking it would make her “bulky”, and also thought the key to fat loss was through extremely low calorie diets. She learned that both of those thought patterns are a myth when she came to Hitch Fit! She learned that she could eat […]

1409, 2015

Skinny Fat to Six Pack Abs for this Mother of FOUR!

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Mother of four. Those three words tell you all you need to know about the busyness of today’s awesome transformation Kristin! And let’s add to that that three of those kiddos are TRIPLETS!! Kristin wasn’t overweight in the beginning of her plan, though her scale weight was not high, her body fat was higher than she was comfortable with, and this was affecting her self-esteem and confidence levels. She knew she needed a plan of […]

909, 2015

Dad Bod to Fit in 12 Weeks

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Do I have an Awesome Transformation for you!!

Jeremy a Father wanted to get in shape, not only to transform his outside but internally to be more healthy in 12 weeks he Did AMAZING Dropping 20 lbs, 6 1/2 ” off his belly and Over 12%bodyfat Amazing Work!!! Jeremy went from the Dad Bod to Fit.

I have always had some extra fat around the belly and after working out and eating healthy consistently for the past […]

809, 2015

Hitch Fit Living Healthy Magazine – September/October 2015

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Check out the September/October 2015 issue of Hitch Fit Living Healthy Magazine!
Our cover girl for this issue is Hitch Fit TRANSFORMER Sara Sutherland and her beautiful daughter Elle, with image by JW Atherton www.JWathertonimages.com

This issue is packed with Fall Fitness Tips – Healthy Recipes – Workout Ideas – and of course… Hitch Fit Inspiring Transformations!


Subscription is FREE!! Simply click the issue below and add email for instant access. You will be notified immediately of all […]

409, 2015

Just What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

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Seems like quite a bit, right? 200 calories is the general suggestion for a snack size, but finding a snack that is right at or under that number is harder than you might think. When eating with nutrition in mind, snacks you choose may not always come in a bag with a nice little label telling you the nutritional facts. Many items you might choose come by the handful, like almonds, or in single serve […]

3108, 2015

Fitness For Moms! 10% Body Fat Loss!

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 Fitness For Moms! Find out How Cindy Lost 10% Body Fat and nearly 20 pounds!
I am so proud to share today’s Fitness Mom story with you! Cindy is a stay at home mom who had tried a lot of different methods to lose weight, but knew that she needed to learn something that was sustainable for her! After seeing Micah and I on Better Kansas City, she decided she needed to look a little closer […]

2408, 2015

25 Pound Weight Loss Success Story!

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25 Pound Weight Loss Success Story – Franca!
I LOVE sharing stories of clients who initially didn’t have confidence that they could be a successful Hitch Fit transformation…but they took that first step, discovered they were capable of FAR more than they imagined, and ended up not only losing weight and changing their body, but gaining confidence and changing their view on life! So that is why I am so happy to share Franca’s story with […]

1708, 2015

Over 40 Pound Weight Loss Transforms This Mother’s Life!

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Over 40 Pound Weight Loss Success Story – Lisa!
Total loss – 44 pounds – Size 14 to Size 2
I am so excited to share today’s transformation, Lisa, with you! Lisa actually went to school with Micah and with Hitch Fit Transformation turned Trainer Amy Gipson. When she saw Amy’s Online Weight Loss transformation story, she was inspired. But she wasn’t quite ready at that time to take on the challenge for herself. Fast forward a […]

1408, 2015

Where are they NOW? Hitch Fit Client Qualifies for Boston Marathon!

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Where are they NOW? 
Success Story Update – Jill – 50 and FIT – Qualifies for Boston Marathon!!
You may remember Hitch Fit superstar transformation Jill, this 50 years young runner shed the body fat, became leaner and stronger with her Hitch Fit Online Plan, she shed 27 pounds of fat and ran her FASTEST marathon ever!

Fast forward a few months later, and Jill is still going strong! She reached out to me  to share where she’s […]

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