Hitch Fit Superstar Brandi

Where Is She Now?

Remember Brandi?  Brandi Wisdom was one of Hitch Fit’s most successful clients, dropping over 34 pounds and 18.87% worth of body fat in just 5 months.  Her story has been one of Hitch Fit’s most inspirational of all time.  We are constantly contacted by people from across the country who say, “I want to do what Brandi did. I want to look like her.”

Can you blame them? After 5 months of dieting and intense exercise, Brandi became known as the girl that everyone wanted to be.  But, as the picture above shows, Brandi was not always the 120 pound WBFF bikini model that she became.  Two years and 5 months ago, Brandi was stuck in a rut.  She was a mother, wife and business owner who always put taking care of herself last.  It wasn’t long until Brandi realized that she was on the verge of depression—just because of the way she looked.  And that’s why she came to Hitch Fit.  Thirty-four lost pounds later, Brandi became a new, healthier person.

But with Brandi’s incredible transformation came what many Hitch Fit clients do not expect…the nonbelievers.“When you go through it, you get this amazing feedback after you tell your story. But you also get the naysayers,” says Brandi.  “They always ask ‘but what does she look like now?’”Well, naysayers…here’s our reply to that:

These photos of Brandi were taken just a week or so ago—that’s right—a little over two years after her Hitch Fit transformation.

“I want to show people that this is a lifestyle change,” said Brandi.  “Those Hitch Fit skeptics are out there, but they have no idea.  I laugh when people think it’s not really me in those pictures.  It’s true—you can change and keep the weight off! It’s all about a change in your mindset.”

So how has Brandi kept the weight off?  She reminds herself everyday of the picture at the top of this article—and tells herself that she can never let herself go like that again.

“I have a really hard time looking at my before picture,” admits Brandi.  “I don’t know that girl anymore!  I have made better choices in my life and practice portion control.  It’s really all about better decision making.  I cook healthy meals, I go running.  It’s a choice and I just don’t want to go back to the way I was.”

Before Hitch Fit, Brandi described herself as “lazy”, “distracted” and “nervous”.  After?  She used the words “encouraging”, “confident” and “grateful”.  Although Brandi lost over 30 pounds with Hitch Fit, what she gained is even more incredible.

“I gained a lot of self confidence,” she says. “I am a happier person.  I used to put on a mask every day, but deep down, I was so hurt that I didn’t feel good about myself.  I am a better mom, friend, wife and business owner because of Hitch Fit.  Everything else has changed because I am a more positive person.”

If Brandi had to do the Hitch Fit all over again, she wouldn’t change a thing—including the rigorous workouts she went through for 5 months.  Brandi was unique in the program because she didn’t struggle as much with the diet portion as many other clients do.  She struggled much more with the exercise portion.  Brandi often felt too out-of-shape to even walk into a gym and was afraid that people would laugh at her.  But as Brandi quickly realized, the only person who wasn’t confident in her exercise, was herself.  Five crazy months later, Brandi became the Hitch Fit rockstar we all know and love—oh, and she got 3rd place in the WBFF Bikini Model Competition.

“The Hitch Fit program is unique because it teaches a lifestyle change—not a quick fix,” says Brandi.  “It’s about changing your life.  I found that I was inspiring other people throughout the program and it suddenly started to become less about myself and more about others.  Just because of my story, other people have started Hitch Fit. The best part has been paying it forward and inspiring others.”