When Terra first came to Hitch Fit, I saw a woman who I knew had a spark inside of her, but that spark had dimmed due to circumstances that life had thrown at her. Throughout her transformation, it was wonderful to see not just the physical transformation that Terra went through, but more importantly, I could see her spark. She’s a strong tough business woman, not afraid of anything when it comes to her job, but when it came to making the physical changes that would make her feel better about herself and bring her confidence in all the other aspects of life, she told me that coming in to do this transformation was the “scariest thing” she’d ever done. During her first workouts, I could see that fear in her eyes, but as she got stronger, all of that changed, and on the day of her final photo shoot the woman who walked in filled with confidence and rocked her pictures was a completely different woman than day one! Terra got her groove back, and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

Terra’s first day we discovered that she was “skinny fat”, though she wasn’t visually overweight, her body fat was at a high 32.5%, weight wise she was at 148 pounds, and I fondly remember one of our first workouts when 5 pound dumbbells were a challenge on chest press! Over the course of her transformation Terra shed 12% body fat, and reached a much healthier 20.2% and weighed in at 130 pounds. The 20 pound dumbbells are now a breeze for her on the chest press as she is much stronger and has built some good muscle tissue along the way.

Terra’s Stats:
Beginning Weight: 148
Ending Weight: 130
Beginning Body Fat: 32.5%
Ending Body fat: 20.2%
Inches lost at Hips: 5 1/2
Inches lost at Waist and Bellybutton: 3

I had the unique opportunity with Terra to do a “Before” interview with her, she was brave enough to share her story on video Day 1, check out the video below which includes her first interview….and then her final interview on the day of her transformation photo shoot!


Terra’s Story:

“When I began the “transformation” journey  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  Dan, the President/CEO of my company (who has also successfully completed his first transformation and currently working on his second), shared that he was working with Micah and although this was a very unique program that I should checkout the Hitch Fit website.  He was so kind and delicate with his approach because he didn’t want to offend me by suggesting I needed to loose weight – conversely he was experiencing such great results, both mentally and physically, that he wanted others to experience it too.  I am so grateful – it has changed my life in so many wonderful ways!

Like many I had a casual work out routine, hitting the gym 2-4 times a week for cardio only and not pushing myself much at all . . . the weights were in the front of the gym and way too intimidating for me . . . which is why I could hardly lift the 5lb weights – I had absolutely no muscle!!  Based on the initial phone conversation with Diana – her initial diagnosis was that I was “skinny fat!”    From most people’s perspective I was slender and didn’t need to loose weight!  The consultation proved differently, I had 32.5% body fat – and very little lean muscle!  I needed Hitch Fit!!

And that’s how the journey began.  I still wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself in to.  All I knew was that no matter how bad it got, I was committed to the process . . . I wanted to challenge myself like never before.  I was pushing my body to a whole new level – but it wasn’t just my body that was experiencing a change, I was becoming mentally stronger.  It was quite the awakening!  I was feeling better physically, I had more energy and subconsciously, I was gaining more confidence in myself!  It wasn’t easy.  I struggled with food.  I stuck with my suggested meal plan, but I supplemented along the way . . .heed my advise, don’t do that!  Stick with the program 100% and you’ll get 100% results.  I was a slow learner in this category and wanted to prove the system wrong!  Once I quit fighting it, I was amazed at the results!!  I learned so much about nutrition, emotional and physical strength and self discipline.  I realized that your mind, body and spirit are powerful things and YOU are in control of them!  Diana and Micah were so supportive and knew exactly how to positively address the struggles I was having.

A few words to describe my path include: pain, sweat, tears (yes, a couple dropped along the way) pain, sweat, fatigue, did I say pain and sweat?  But cleverly weaved into the journey were Diana and Micah’s  unyielding support, their subtle ways to celebrate small accomplishments and milestones, their brief reminder that success lies within, maintaining that if you want something bad enough you need to own your mental and physical strength to obtain it.  They were the living example of willpower for me and shared my desire for success!

I’m a new person on this side of the transformation – and I’m looking forward to maintaining during the holidays and setting new goals soon!

Thank you Diana!!”

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